My Last Blog Post

Hi all – I’ve decided to wrap up this blog.

I’ve thought for some time I might be able to keep doing occasional posts, but I don’t think that will work—not for me, anyway.

The main reason is to do with focus—I find when I am writing posts, and even commenting on other blogs, that I’m constantly running the words through my mind. I’ve been known to go for a walk around the block and on returning enthusiastically add a comma to what I had just written before the walk—the perfect comma.

This is fine when the project is what you want to be doing with your life, but that’s no longer the case for my blog and me.

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Happy Birthday, Let’s Live Forever!

first birthday
This is me eyeing off my first birthday cake—nothing’s changed—beside the apple tree, with the house, wash house and a shed in the background (June 1954).

Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday dear Let’s Live Forever…

(pregnant pause)
Happy Birthday to you

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Bloggers’ Chorus Post-Christmas Post

‘Tis the silly season, so I thought I’d bring you some light entertainmant in the form of…

The Bloggers’ Chorus!
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Bloggers’ Recording Project Has Arrived!



I am very proud and honoured to present to you recorded messages from bloggers from around the world.

I introduced this project in my post Bloggers Recording Project, in November. Sixteen bloggers have answered the call, and I and my partner Frank have done recordings, too. [Read more…]

An Unusual Experiment

ExpMantis.jpgFor the past 3 weeks, Darren of ProBlogger has had a video interview on his blog of Steve Pavlina and two others bloggers, giving some tips for being successful bloggers. The post is 3 Successful Bloggers Share their Blog Tips [VIDEO].

Steve’s tip is to do “wild, whacky and unusual” experiments on yourself, and report how things are going—this will keep the readers hooked. He talks about how he did a polyphasic sleep experiment, where he slept for 20 minutes at a time around the clock, and about how he ate nothing but raw food last January.

As it happens, Steve was in the middle of his raw food experiment when I discovered him. He kept putting up photos of his meals on his blog… endless photos of raw food on dinner plates.
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Bloggers’ Recording Project


photo by kthypryn

To all my blogging friends… I want to hear your voices!

In a recent email conversation I had with Harmony from Golden Zen I said something like “I want to hear your funny accent!” And she said something along the lines of “I’ve got a funny accent?” To which I replied that all North Americans have funny accents, don’t they?
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Galaxy For Blog Action


Image from Galaxy, by Camilla Eriksson at Care2

In a convoluted way this post is my contribution to Blog Action Day.
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Letting Creativity Just Slip In


photo by Random Tree

I had a conversation with my mother the other night about the creative process, and I thought ah-hah!… I could write about this.

She was saying how she came up with a poem about apples a few years ago, while driving through apple orchards and then on homewards (she lives in the country). As she kept driving the poem came bit by bit… she said that the words “just slipped in”.

I thought that was a great way of putting it, and it’s how it happens with me, too. Then I was thinking about how I set things up to allow those words and ideas to “just slip in”. Being still or meditative in some way is necessary, but I’ve also noticed that if I provide a structure for my creative product, the goods are more likely to come to me.

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This Blogging Life!


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What’s In A Name?

trees.jpgWell this blog has a new name today—I like the ring of this one better. The old one was ‘Why Live Forever?’

I was staying with my mother in the country for four days last week, without any internet. Although I was gnashing my teeth slightly at the prospect of not being able to get on with my blog, I thought the change of perspective might be a good thing too.
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