Life And Teaching Of The Masters Of The Far East

photo from Nepal by Marina & Enrique

[Update, May 13 – I believe now that these books are entirely fictional, and Spalding did not travel to India at the time described. To me, the message is authentic, as it is consistent with information from other sources.]

I’ve just re-read volume 1 from the set of 6 books, Life And Teaching Of The Masters Of The Far East, by Baird T Spalding, for the first time in 22 years, and was blown away by it.

Baird T Spalding was a geophysicist and mining engineer, born 1857, who travelled a lot doing geological surveys, and he and a party of fellow American scientists spent over 3 years traveling with immortal masters in India and thereabouts, from 1894.

I bought the set and read it in 1986 (in those days it was 5 books)—it was pretty standard reading for anyone interested in physical immortality. I enjoyed it, felt I understood it, lent the first volume to my breathwork buddy ‘D’, lost contact with ‘D’… and never got the book back!

Because the series has been invariably sold as a 5 (or 6) volume set, I felt less than enthusiastic about buying it again—I already owned the rest of the set. I have leafed through the other volumes occasionally over the years, but somehow couldn’t get into them. But then I discovered recently you can buy the separate volumes on Amazon—and Bingo, I am the proud owner of a new volume 1 with a different cover from the rest. And as I said, I have just read it and been blown away.

The story

book-set.jpgThe books are kind of like a cross between a boys-own adventure and a spiritual guide. In volume 1, Spalding and his group are taken by three guides Emil, Jast and Neprow for treks around and through the Himalayas and its foothills, staying for short or longer periods in various villages and temples along the way. This book covers the first year of their travels.

They discover fairly early on that their guides could travel large distances in only a few minutes by disappearing and re-appearing somewhere else, and were creating their food out of thin air. In the course of the book they observe people walking on water, walking through fire, and rooms being kept warm and lit with no discernible power source. They also learn that their guides and their many friends, who they also meet, are immortal and mostly several hundred years old, while looking like healthy young people (except more interesting).

The guides and their friends are extremely warm, friendly and loving, and they go to great lengths to explain that they are regular humans who are doing things all humans are capable of doing.

Spalding and the books

spalding.jpgSpalding kept handwritten notes of his travels, and friends asked him for copies, so he typed up what became volume 1, and carried these typed copies around to give people. In 1924 a woman printed 1000 copies to give to her friends, and within 60 days, orders for over 20,000 copies were placed.

After the success of volume 1, Spalding went ahead and wrote more of his materials up to become volumes 2 (1927) and 3 (1935), about his second and third years with the immortals. He was 70 in 1927.

After this Spalding wrote and spoke extensively about the teachings of the immortals. Volume 4 (1948) consists of some of his writings about these teachings, and volume 5 (1955) was published 2 years after his death in 1953, and contains material from lectures he gave in the last 2 years of his life.

Very little has been known about Spalding’s life—he apparently kept people’s focus well and truly on the message he conveyed. So it was very exciting for people who loved his books when someone went though “ten dusty cartons” in the publisher’s warehouse and found “unpublished Spalding manuscripts and papers, magazine articles, personal letters, photographs, and other biographical materials”, some of which have been compiled into volume 6, published in 1997. I’m quoting from the DeVorss website (the publisher).

Eternal life

The message in the books is very clear—we are immortal beings who have nothing to gain by dying, and everything to gain by reaching for full expression (my description). Of course, it is ironic that Spalding himself died, aged 95, as have quite a few other people who have spread the ideas of physical immortality.

Maybe these people saw a truth, but at the time they lived, humanity’s group mind had not evolved to the point where enough people love life so much they don’t want to leave, and are willing to heal themselves of anything, so that it becomes easy for everyone to slip into physical immortality. The immortals in these books have done it anyway.

Is it true?

Detractors of Spalding say all sorts of things about him—personally, I think that if information resonates as truth, or as useful, then it is true, or useful. Spalding’s story resonates as truth to me. He wrote at the start of one of his books: “In this I sincerely and with all respect remind the reader that the more receptive one is, the more one receives.”

The books and me (and you)

To me this series of books covers similar territory to other books I have been re-reading regularly over the years (The Door of Everything, Ken Carey’s books), but because I haven’t ever read this ‘Life and Teaching’ book again since the first time, I can see a huge difference in how I perceive it now to how I perceived it then.

I understood the message of the books back in 1986, and felt inspired by it, but I was too “buried” to really take it in. While I had so many “problems”, the information seemed nice and fun, but not immediately useful. I notice that I am far more alert and clear about it’s message now, and find it very relevant to me and the people around me, today.

I’d really recommend these books to anyone who has been even slightly intrigued about physical immortality—or volume 1, anyway! I think it explains the physical immortality outlook very well, and certainly more completely than I have on this blog. Much of it is couched in religious terms, which I find doesn’t interfere with the message, but some might.

Here’s a link so you can look at it (and some reviews) on Amazon: Life and Teaching of the Masters of the Far East, Vol. 1

And ‘D’, if you discover this post when you are Googling away looking to buy your missing volumes on the internet, do drop me an email (or leave a comment, wouldn’t that be funny!)

Speaking of comments, I’d love to hear what you think. You are welcome to leave a comment if you are not a blogger—if anyone who has read Spalding’s books is reading this, it would be great to hear your thoughts about them.

97 thoughts on “Life And Teaching Of The Masters Of The Far East

  1. Dot

    Hi Robin,

    Thanks for posting about this. I’ve never heard of these books, which sounds fascinating. I was sure your perspective would have changed after 22 years, as I read the beginning of this post. Ever since I read about Tibetan monks being able to sleep outdoors and be warm during a snowstorm while covered only with a sheet, and also about evidence that Jesus Christ spent some time with them, I’ve been very interested. I’m hoping the books aren’t too expensive, so I can get them, but if not, I’ll get one at a time and see what I think.

    Dots last blog post..Feelings About Spring

  2. Dot

    For your American readers, I wanted to let them and you know that I’ve found individual volumes on and eBay for anywhere from $1.50 to $12.00, plus postage. Some don’t indicate the volume number so they aren’t very helpful.

    Dots last blog post..Feelings About Spring

  3. Ribbon

    Hiya Robin 🙂
    It’s late for me and I’m a little sleepy, but before I rest my eyes I wanted to read your latest post.
    Glad I have. I haven’t heard of these books before either.
    I think that life experience is the extent of our imagination and therefore if someone has taken the time to share their experience or imagination then it’s a truth.
    Don’t know if I’ll ever get around to reading these books in recent days, but I like to know that there available for me.
    Keep bloggin’ … I like what you share.
    Thanks Ribbon

  4. XUP

    Hi, I found your blog through the Urban Panther’s. Interesting stuff. I’ve always loved the idea of sticking around for a long, long time and have always thought that our mental state has so much to do with our physiological state. I’m going to have to go back and read through more of your posts to see exactly what your thinking is on all this. Nice to meet you!

    XUPs last blog post..Down There

  5. Tess The Bold Life

    Wow those books and Spaulding sound amazing.

    About the quote,“In this I sincerely and with all respect remind the reader that the more receptive one is, the more one receives.” I’ve never looked at information that way or even ideas. Or else it just hit me at a deeper level today. Thanks for sharing and causing us to stretch and open our minds, Robin.

  6. Lisa (mommymystic)

    Robin, I have not read these books, but in others I have read – Yogananda, and Alexandra David-Neel particularly – they talk about some physical immortals, mostly spiritual teachers they met who had specific missions that required them to stay in a body so long. This idea of physical immortality is new to me, I will have to check out past posts you have done on this. Since I believe in reincarnation, I tend to view your statement regarding Spalding’s message, “we are immortal beings who have nothing to gain by dying, and everything to gain by reaching for full expression” in those terms – that we never do really ‘die’ as in entirely ceasing to exist, we just change ‘clothes’, so to speak…

    Lisa (mommymystic)s last blog post..2nd Chakra Series – Motherhood and Creating

  7. Donna Warrington

    Sounds very interesting, I will have to check these books out. Thanks for posting…

  8. Vered - MomGrind

    “Of course, it is ironic that Spalding himself died, aged 95, as have quite a few other people who have spread the ideas of physical immortality.” Well… I’m not sure you want me to say what I think about it, but I’m sure you can guess.

    Can we continue to be friends even though we have such deep disagreement on an issue that’s so important to you? I really like you. I hope we can.

    Vered – MomGrinds last blog post..Fear of Rape

  9. Marelisa

    Hi Robin: It sounds like Spalding had a fantastic experience with his travels. I like how you say that the guides appeared to be young people, but much more interesting 🙂 I was just updating my squidoo lens on how to keep your brain young, and scientists are discovering how malleable the brain actually is, when previously it was thought the brain was pretty much hardwired. So we’re chaging our concepts on how we age everyday.

  10. Akemi - Yes to Me

    Does this book talk about HOW we can live forever?
    I think we are pretty much done with the “Hey it’s possible to live forever!” level. I’d be interested in how we can live forever. I wouldn’t be surprised if there are many path to this heaven.

  11. Evelyn Lim

    I am currently reading the book Journey of Souls by Michael Newton. It’s been on my to-read list for a looong time and I finally managed to get my hands on it. I am not sure about physical immortality yet; but the findings in the book resonated so well with me about us as spirits and that we never really die, that they are now forgone conclusions for me. Somehow, I am still preferring not to live in my current physical life forever. It’s not that I am not having fun now but I sense there is more out there for me to experience and know about.

    Evelyn Lims last blog post..From Outer to Inner Space

  12. Christina Bledsoe

    Well I was going to credit the blog I found you on, but I have been to so many, I turned my head for a minute and I forgot – I’m pretty sure I came in from Blunt Delivery’s site. I agree that these books sound fascinating, really, thanks for the info I will check these out as soon as I can and have a few friends who I know would be interested too. Thanks again.

    Christina Bledsoes last blog post..Who Will Be American Idol’s Top Two?

  13. Robin

    @Dot – I think you would like them, Dot. Thanks for the price info!
    @Ribbon – hiya to you too – hope you had a nice sleep over there in the west. I’d like to go on and read the next book now – but I might not have time, so I know how you feel.
    @XUP – hi there and welcome to this blog! Lovely to hear your thoughts about this topic – and I look forward to visiting your blog!
    @Tess – Hi there Tess – that line jumped out at me, too – I thought it was pretty funny! People can be so receptive amd open they lose the ability to be discerning, though – finding the right balance is the key, I suppose.
    @Lisa – hi there Lisa – the Yogananda book is another one I might write about some time (it’s on my Resources page). I certainly think that spirit/soul never dies – and we are heading for self-realisation where we can manifest a physical body at any time – people on the birth-death cycle can’t do that. I think life brings us the new experiences we need to evolve (change clothes), while going down the aging and death route just slows our progress. Thanks for your comment!
    @Donna – Hi Donna and welcome! I’m glad you find this interesting.
    @Vered – hi Vered – I really like you too! – of course. If you feel uncomfortable about these sorts of posts, please don’t feel you need to leave comments on them (it must be tiring saying you’ve “read them but don’t agree”) – none of my offline friends except for Frank are into physical immortality, and if I mention it now and then they look at me sideways – though lately they have been more likely to say my blog is quite interesting but then they don’t ever look at it again.
    @Marelisa – hi Mare – yes the books and films that are coming out are all reinforcing that idea – things are all quite malleable. Thanks for the info!
    @Akemi – Hi Akemi – I think there would be about as many different answers to that question as there are people! I might do a sort of tongue in cheek post on how to become immortal, with my thoughts on this some time, but I do think you and most other people who find themselves reading this blog would have enough understanding of healing methods to know that once we change our beliefs about the inevitability of death, we can achieve immortality by healing ourselves.
    @Evelyn – that we are spirits that never die is a given to me, too. I think there is certainly far more out there for us to experience, on all sorts of levels. The immortals people write about, including the ones in Spaldings books, can raise their vibrations to higher states, taking their bodies with them, and lower them to become visible on the physical level, at will.
    @Christina – hi there and welcome to this blog! I’m very glad you find this topic interesting – and I haven’t ever heard of Blunt Delivery! I’m looking forward to dropping over to your blog.

  14. Davina

    Hi Robin. As always an interesting topic. I enjoy stretching the imagination. I do know there is more to our physical bodies than meets the eye.

    I’ve done a fire walk and participated in a vision quest once. I stayed in a tent for 3 days with no water or food. All I had with me was a cotton wrap. No sleeping bag either. On the first night I was chilly and on the second night quite comfortable. However, after the quest I found out that the temperature on the second night was much lower than on the first night. I thought that was interesting. But, my days of vision questing are done… I think.

    As for living forever, my brain just doesn’t want to go there. I believe in the immortality of the soul, but not the physical body. I’m just too content with the way things are.

    Davinas last blog post..Positively Breathing — A Series Intro

  15. Frank

    Hi Darling,

    So looking forward to reading this book, now that you have finished it.

    Love Frankie xx

  16. Giovanna Garcia

    I haven’t read these books, but they do sound like something I may be interested in.
    Giovanna Garcia
    Imperfect Action is better than No Action

  17. Robin

    @Davina – how interesting about your experiences – we have vision quest here, too. I think that being in present time is the best approach to life, so your satisfaction with things as they are sounds quite wonderful to me.
    @Frankie – hi Seetheart – I know you would really like it.
    @Mama Zen – I hope you find them useful – enjoyed your playdate piece!
    @Giovanna – hi Giovanna – I hope you enjoy them if you get to read them – probably vol 1 is enough for most people to get the idea.

  18. Barbara Swafford

    Hi Robin,

    That’s what I like about your posts, you make me stretch my mind.

    I also like the part where you said you read the books years earlier but they didn’t resonate with you like they are now. Isn’t that funny how that works? I’ve done the same and it’s like the light bulb goes off. Finally!. 🙂

    Barbara Swaffords last blog post..Are Introverts Better Bloggers

  19. Reader

    I’ve read all Spalding six volumes – and the book written about him by Bruton and pretty much anything else ever written on him. I’m in the process of writing a biography on him and several other New Thought authors.

    Baird was a troubled but brilliant man. Unfortunately all of the spiritual content in his books is 100% fictional. There was no trip to India in 1894, no Spalding Foundation, no Master Emil. He did however sell over a million books, making him and his publisher quite wealthy.

    Sorry to burst your bubble!

  20. Jannie Funster

    Well, I can’t believe the sheltered life I’ve been living. Never heard of this Spalding man. Did he make the sports balls and equipment too?

    I do have pancakes in a squeeze can, that almost qualifies as creating food out of thin air, doesn’t it?! 🙂

    As per Tess above, “In this I sincerely and with all respect remind the reader that the more receptive one is, the more one receives…” that resonates with me for sure!

    It is interesting how our perspective changes on reading things, as per Barbara above, over time. Amazing the new levels we get to on this life journey.

    I hope your journey today is a happy one indeed.

    And say hi from me to Frank, the the Humphead Maori Wrasse fan, okay! 🙂

  21. Robin

    @Barbara – hi there Barbara! It is funny how that happens – things go in at a whole new level.

    @Reader – it doesn’t resonate as truth with you then?
    If Spalding dreamed the whole thing up, it would still resonate as truth to me – and thank you for giving me the opportunity to say this. The other books I mentioned in this post have a similar content, and they are definitely channelled books – I have been putting quotes and excerpts from these books on this blog for a while, as I felt they had a truth to offer. Many other books also have the same message as is found in these books of Spalding’s – if you like the message, you like it, I guess, and if you don’t, you don’t. I do think my readers are sophisticated enough to see all this for themselves.

    [Update, May 13 – Reader, I now believe the books are, as you say, fictional. I do believe the message they convey is an authentic one. Cheers! – and thanks for the input.]

  22. Vikum

    Hi Robin,
    Thanks for telling us about Spalding.Haven’t heard about him before and seems like this series is wonderful.I’m gonna read them in the first chance that I get.

  23. Robin

    @Jannie – oh you tennis nut you – of COURSE you have been making pancakes out of thin air – shall alert Maori Wrasse Man of his greetings.
    @Vikum – hi Vikum – I’m thinking the first volume might be enough to get the idea, unless one is very keen on the writing. I’d be interested to hear what you think!

  24. Lance

    Hi Robin,
    I agree with many other here – that you’re helping to stretch my mind. And that’s a very good thing. What I do believe is that we can heal ourselves of much even just through our thoughts. And I think this goes a long way toward this idea of physical immortality – of living a long and productive life. I’m going to look this book up -thanks!

    Lances last blog post..Sunday Thought For The Day

  25. Robin

    @Rui – greetings to you in Brazil! Thanks for your comment.
    @Lance – hi there Lance – I really appreciate you dropping in – it makes a difference to me that you and the others are willing to even read this stuff I’m putting on this blog. Thanks!
    @Tom – and thanks to you too. You ask an interesting question – the books are presented as nonfiction, but the passages of spiritual information from the immortals (they get longer in the second book which I am reading at the moment) would have been impossible to write down without the help of a tape recorder, I’d imagine, so this information was perhaps “received” in an alternative manner. I’m finding myself skipping over parts of these passages in the second book.

  26. Patricia

    Books sound interesting enough to make me add them to my list of reads and check out my friend who has read them all. I love to think about new ideas and check them out. I had not heard about this series, but I am sure I would believe every word as I read them and then discern what they meant to me after.

    I loved reading the fictional book about my home town – The Highest Tide by Jim Lynch…we have a spiritual channel er here in town and she became part of the story…very interesting how we connect to what might be thought about different stories.
    Thank you

    Patricias last blog post..Examining the Role and the Rules

  27. Robin

    @Tom – that quote is funny – I just looked him up on Wikipedia. Thanks!
    @Patricia – I’m reading the second book and it’s a bit more full of long teachings than the first book, which I skip over a bit. You have a friend who has read them? I’d be interested to know what they thought! I’m like you describe – I just read it and take it in and switch on the objective switch at some other point of the process (except for the astronomy bits which are clearly wrong – but then they could be communicating something other than scientific fact). Thanks for the input!

  28. Natural

    i too have never heard of these book, you’re quite good at finding the unknown to me authors and opening up a new prospective on life.

    “the information seemed nice and fun, but not immediately useful.”

    it’s great when we finally reach this point. information becomes useful and not just words. that’s great robin, i like that a lot. i try to strive for that and not just have head knowledge but allow it to penetrate my heart, thoughts and actions. what’s the point of reading something if the information is never applied? when it is applied it becomes useful. i love that so much.

    Naturals last blog post..Mirror, Mirror on the Blog….

  29. Jorge Velarde

    I can see so many people starting to be tired of living after 35-40, and I realize I was on the same boat once, but now I love life, my life so intensely I am passionate to live longer and healthier. Now I know it all comes down to one thing, being grateful! I have healed from my negative symptoms and now I feel like when I was 20 and look like when I was 30 (I am 47) Never be pessimistic or sad or envy anyone thats ungratefulness, that destroys you, makes you sick and shortens your lifespan. I believe inmortality in the flesh can be attained by reaching a state of absolute grace or love or whatever you want to call it, becoming love oneself.

  30. Monish

    Hi Robin,

    i have read this book … volume one … its really amazing … and i really look forward to meet a few immortal yogis in this life … and Live for atleast 300 years my self … 🙂 thats the target i have set for my self for now : )

    in fact i feel i will be meeting a immortal yogi …. in this year in october here in India … when i meet one … i will let you know what i learned from them … if they permit me i will record their teachings also : )



  31. Robin

    @Natural – “i try to strive for that and not just have head knowledge but allow it to penetrate my heart, thoughts and actions” – I like that, Val
    @Jorge – hi there and welcome to this blog! Thanks for your comment – gratitude and loving ourselves can move mountains, can’t they?!
    @Monish – welcome to you, to this blog, too! I hope all goes well with your expedition in India, and that’s very interesting that you see yourself living for 300 years!

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  33. Reader

    Thanks for continuing the conversation Robin.

    I noticed you added the disclaimer that you no longer believe the books to be true a couple of weeks ago. I am interested to learn at what point during reading the six books would you have started thinking that, assuming no external input?

    Vol 5 & 6 are mainly filler, so I’m guessing it was somewhere earlier but would love to hear your thoughts.

    What I find interesting about Spalding is his life story. I’ve spent a lot of time researching him and have spoken to people who met him. As is often the case, the truth about Spalding, what he spent his life doing and where the material for the books came from is far stranger than his fictional writings.

    If you find the spiritual content interesting, I suggest checking into the New Thought school of writing from the turn of the century (see Most of the inspiration for Spalding’s ‘magical autobiography’ was drawn from that genre. Unfortunately the teacher who I think may have inspired him the most was only published in a long vanished magazine. I included my email address if you’d like more info.

  34. Robin

    Hi there Reader – I wrote the disclaimer in because I discovered that a person I trust is saying that Spalding didn’t go to India at that time, and made it all up. I think it is very obvious that Spalding received the information in an “alternative” manner – whether by imagining it in his bedroom, or something a little more elevated – but as I said before, I am interested in the message, not the messenger. While I was reading the first volume, I was accepting the story as true, while being open as to whether it actually was or wasn’t (the best way I can describe how I approach things like this, for now).

    If I come across more information that I think fits with this post, I will update the post, but in general, I am not interested in keeping up a conversation about Spalding’s life or imagination, either in this comments section or by email. I have so many other things to do!

  35. Adelheid (Heidi)

    Hi Robin, I have read these book over and over again. They have profoundly effected me, and do every time I open their pages. I have had wish to form a group locally, incase sharing about these books whould be of use, or interest to others. I assume just bringing together interested folk my bring a sharing of resources (books) and ideas. When I would ponder over their authenticity, the fact that I am so moved and motivated by these books held such weight. I practice Reiki, and have had a gift since I was a child, where energy whould flow through me in a powerful way. It would help my dog stop in having s seizure, if I was around when one came on, and I envoked the energy. I constantly have this energy flowing through me when reading theses books. I think it a sign. When something resonates as truth as strongly as these book do for me, I can not help but follow my inner guidance.

    I wish there was an existing sight, where those effected as powerfully by these books, as I, could share together. Life giving energy of the cosmos manifests in such vast diverseness, that what is said in these books can come in so many other ways. I’ve faith in the multi means of life giving expression to provide, in whatever way is good for another. But it is joy, and nourishing, to see share about them so wisely.

  36. Robin

    Hi there Heidi – it’s great to hear from someone who loves the books! I’m the same as you – if I am moved and motivated by these books then their authenticity is no more than a curiosity. Thanks for your kind words!

  37. Jon Le' Reese

    Hello yes… I’d like to say that after one has gained the knowlege from the Masters of the Far East, One knows it’s only One! I AM GOD! BeHold God see GOD in all, as all through all….. Keep God in your eyes, know that God is all there is….. EVERYTHING!! I know that time is now that mankind will cease to exist the way we have here now!
    Trust in your Christ! Crown yourself! Take command of your kingdom!
    I believe that Life and Teaching of the Masters of the Far East is the breakthrough mankind needed!!!
    Thank you Robin…
    Sincere Love Jon Le’Reese
    A servant of the All Universal Mind Substance!

  38. aerothaiger

    Just want to share with you this link to Baird T. Spalding’s biography that I found on the net:

    Just want to note that I have no idea how authenticating this information is. Readers will have to make their own judgement.

  39. pondini

    After reading Rick Strassman’s book ‘DMT: The spirit molecule’ -a book I highly recommend- I actually considered that there might be some truth to the Buddhist theories of life and death. Prior to this I was Agnostic, with no hope in sight for the answers many of us seek. But the limited reading I’ve done on Buddhism does imply that it’s practitioners could -if extremely focused- heat rooms and live far-extended lives.

    Maybe the anomalies described in Spalding’s books are at least possible, and the good news for the faithful is ‘String Theory’ insists that ANYTHING you can imagine has a probability of happening. The more creative conceptions such as someone ‘walking on water’ might take 500 million years to happen, but there is a possibility it will happen, given enough time. String Theory has also proven that the orbit of an atom’s electron is altered simply by observing the electron, proving that our consciousness’ directly effect things at the atomic level.

    In my opinion, our only realistically plausible shot at living forever is to use some sort of meditation in conjunction with a healthy lifestyle to provoke endogenous cellular regeneration at the atomic level. If memory serves, Michio Kaku wrote in his book ‘Physics of the impossible’ that it will eventually be possible to regenerate cells through the use of ‘Nano Bots’ but that’s very far off in the future. So unless you are hoping for spontaneous eternal life via String Theory probability I’d get straight to work on physical and mental health to extend your lifespan.

    Living forever does sound intriguing, but the entire notion looses it’s luster when I think of all the ignorance and obtuseness that exists in this world today. Personally, I think making this world a better place to live should take priority over living forever.

    Be well.

    BTW, I’m sure all of you will enjoy the film ‘The man from Earth.’

  40. Robin

    @Jon – Hi there Jon – interesting comment! I’m glad to hear that these books spoke to you.
    @aerothaiger – thanks for the info – there are some interesting things in there.
    @Reader – your site is very interesting! (funny to see Spalding visiting my comments section).
    @pondini – thanks for your comment! I think that if people were self-realised and not victims of aging and death, than the world would indeed be a better place to live in. Here’s to possibilities! – someone else mentioned that film to me recently.

  41. Rogerscott

    I read these books in highschool after a brother went to India. I asked a systems analyst friend of ours if he thought they could be true. And he made it an assignment (he was also a tutor of mine) to analyze them. So we set up a side by side table for every term and look at how they were used or definitions to detect consistancy throughout.

    We found there is an internal consistency of definition and concept or principle of a belief being enunciated.

    It may have been a pastiche or conglomeration of different writers who agreed with the author’s tenets (we weren’t analyzing for plagiarism), but the message is internally coherent. So the provisional conclusions in this first stage analysis was:

    • a spiritual body was being discussed as if real.
    • That this body has several layers and they are not all fully co-ordinated or communicating consciously.
    • That the innermost body is possessed by all and can be expressed by subduing the outer mind to the principles of the innermost.
    • That if this principle can be released even the flesh can be immortalized or ‘transmuted’.
    • That this is a three step process of merging each body into the higher body or transeferring the motivating center from one to another or the ‘I am’ or ego into a functional plane of use.
    • The idea of use is consistently propounded as arising from recognition, attention and activation.

    The author seems to distinguish between faith in a dogma against faith as a component of intelligence and expression. It seemed to be the most consistent aspect of the writings that faith is centered within and not without and upon something immediate and highly practical.

    It was also obvious the author took pains to remove from the message constructed into being compulsory, because the term ’selection’ is also reiterated at specific nodes in this work. Not only that, but he specifically mentions the ‘fact versus’ fiction aspect and the subject of plagiarism at the very outset.

    My feel is that this wasn’t someone looking to create a cult, but to voice a personal opinion or a slant on things. He took pains to mention Siddhas, and that is a definite and real body of knowledge and persons in Indian History.

    We did see in the first volume some very impressive presages regarding stem cells and the regeneration of the body which only in the last 50 years has been born out and especially in the last 20 years with regard to ‘totipotent’ cells or ’stem’ cells, which the author introduced in the very first book.

    One of his characters talks about the planets, but fails to mention Pluto. Now Pluto has officially been removed from the list of planets. His planetary evolution seems to be based on work by Alfven.

    This was a very creative guy. And knowledgeable about a lot of interesting things.

    The core message however is still, it seems to me, to be simply an alternative way of comprehending the life and teaching of Jesus and the Siddha or Advaita of India. The fact that this urge away from idolizing Jesus to adopting the ideal of independence by reliance on one’s spirit seems uniquely American.

    A subordinate conclusion was that these books were a kind of answer against Blavatsky’s fictionalizings of Buddhism and Siddhaism both.

  42. Jo Ann

    I have read these books several times over the years and each time I gain new insight into the reality of my own personal life. I am so glad to find a place where others are reading or have read the same books. Would love to hear from anyone and wish we had a chat room where we could go in and discuss…

  43. Robin

    @Rogerscott – hi there and welcome to this blog! Thanks for your contribution – I think these books do put us in touch with our true power very nicely.
    @Jo Ann – Hi there Jo Ann and welcome to this blog! I find books like these give me new insights each time I read them, too. Maybe you could start a thread about them at or some other forum?

  44. Kathy Dobson

    I’d like to respond to Vered’s comment above. We will never know if these people staged their death or not…and Immortalist has a choice of staying or leaving.
    What about Enoch of old who not only rose to heaven with his body in tact, but the whole city went with him…with their bodies.
    This man was as human as you and I are…for me that only meant that “if he can do it…we can too.” That’s how my mind thinks!
    But, I do appreciate where you’re coming from and if this material is ever to be yours internally…you will have a moment of “knowing”…
    Otherwise, continue to be “true to yourself”…it’s the only way to be!
    .-= Kathy Dobson´s last blog ..Tweet Dynamite…Grab it at a Discount =-.

  45. D

    Was “google”ing and found this. Thought I would leave a comment. The message in these books are awesome, and yes, I am missing some volumes. The MIND is all powerful. The human conundrum is what to do with this power. Many people have wisely taken this power away from themselves by allowing themselves to “forget”. Almost all people are good by nature, and by not allowing themselves major influence maintain that minor, but significant, lean towards good. They demonstrate this by keeping themselves from this power preventing themselves from moving. This has its hazards, and must end eventually, as they are deceiving themselves, but it is like denial, a protective measure. The deceiver is of our own making. And is actually the servant of Good, albeit in his own way, for he is a creation of the good. In this way evil is expressed to cause good. I would be truly frightened if someone came along with this level of “enlightenment and power” that believed, what most would call evil, could be good when expressed in the direct actions. This is what gives me nightmares. Let us all be happy that this is not the case. Love and Peace to ALL.

  46. Janni Lloyd

    Hi Robin,
    Wonderful discussion about these very interesting books. It’s a while since I last read them. I’ve always known they were fiction, however they vibrated some channelled truth in my heart.
    Lynn Petersen and Theresa Lalonde over in Orange County have recently been running a study group around these books – I’ll let them know about this discussion.
    lots of love Janni
    .-= Janni Lloyd´s last blog ..Why would you want to die? =-.

  47. William Bagley

    I came to the same conclusion about THE LIFE AND TEACHING OF THE MASTERS OF THE FAR EAST: (1) that they were fiction and (2) that they did resonate with some good messages. I had a friend who used the “force field” method that Jesus uses in the book to stop the robbers and the person who was trying to beat him up simply went unconscious and collapsed on the floor. There were 50 witnesses to this event. I have been practicing the Psychic Heat Yoga of Tibetan Buddhism (Tumo Practice) and was able to generate enough heat to walk around in a wind breaker in an Oregon Coast Winter (with some light snow on the ground or cold rain). When I was doing Shikan Taza, Sota Zen meditation (after breath awareness practice), I was measured to have raised my external skin temperature about 28 degrees. This was part of a preliminary study I did in graduate school in Psycho-physiology. I have been fascinated by the mind/heart/body connection and noticed a number of others on your blog who are also interested. I just wanted to mention some things that I have been able to verify in my own experience.
    .-= William Bagley´s last blog ..Practical Physical Immortality =-.

  48. Taya

    Hi Robin,
    I read the volumes during my college years. Was very touched by them, never forgot them. Today for some reason I wanted to find them again, googled, and found your page in the process. Nice.

    I wonder if Carlos Castaneda read Spalding.
    .-= Taya´s last blog ..Size =-.

  49. Lynn Walker

    I discovered these books and read them all this year! I must admit, although my ego questioned whether or not these were “real” experiences, my spiritual self accepts them as completely true. For most of my life, I have always “known” what is truth and what is not and these all speak truth on a deeper level. My energy seems to increase and my intuitive abilities do as well when I read these or the writings “Unveiled Mysteries” by Guy Ballard.

  50. Frenk

    Found this article via Google.

    I have this books for a long time. When I found them in our dutch library I was having a depression and I can tell you, reading it didn’t help at all in that part of my life. My depression turned in to a psychose very fast.

    Now some years later I am reading the books again, at least some parts that trigger my curiosity. But with care. Things that don’t feel right, I wont’t take for real.

    I think it’s funny that a book what claimes to be the big TRUTH, is based on fiction. When I read the books for the first time (I think I was about 19 years old) I really believed everything in the books.

    I think that positive thinking and acting is allways good, and that’s a good message in the book. But I believe that there is a dangerous aspact in spaldings books to.

    So be carefull with reading this if your in a unstable state of mind. Don’t think your a bad or uncomplete person because you can’t do or achive the things writen in this book.

    Sorry for my bad english guys.

    Ow yeah here’s a funny movie I found on youtube:

    So bad that nothing of all the miracles in this or any other book are ever recorded on camera.. 😉

  51. LFerguson

    I first bought and read these books back in 1977 after being highly recommended by Helen Bangs , Founder of the Institute of Psi Biotics. I have spoken to her recently and she assures me that Spalding did in fact travel to India during this time and they are in fact true accounts of those events.
    Helen is probably one of the foremost authorities on this subject. She is a personal friend of Max Freedom Long and has worked with the Huna philosophies for years. She has inside information into these areas and I believe and trust her.
    She has been researching these events and has stated openly that these events did in fact take place and these books are a genuine account of the events that took place.
    Spalding was NOT into writing fiction. But he did keep journals fo all his work, in the same manner that Admiral Richard E Byrd did of the same time period.

  52. Kathy

    I first read the 5 journals in the early 70’s… They gave me great insight and lots of working info for helping me in my life.

    I have read the journals almost every year since then and had to buy another set due to wear. I then heard about the 6th journal and bought a new set with new covers that contained the 6th journal.

    Each time I read the journals I pick up something new. I believe that I was not ready for what ever I pick up now at that time in the past.

    I now have journals # 1 and 2 on my Kindle.

    I had emailed DeVorss Publishers in Sept 2010 and asked them if they were going to Kindle ready the journals and she said they were working on them and they would be ready in 2011.

    I will contiue to read the journals each year for forever.

    They have helped me in so many areas of my life and given me great teachings.

  53. Thomas James Segel

    “For the Dream of Peace”
    By: Thomas J. Segel

    The sky so blue, the sea so green.
    A more lovely sight is seldom seen.
    The wind blows and carries my mind away.
    To a distant land, and another day.

    I see a village by the shore.
    A thatch-roofed hut and an open door.
    The nets are strung on a beam outside.
    They are being sewn with strings of hide.

    I can hear the pounding drum.
    Calling in each and every one.
    From their work and from their play.
    For this was a special day.

    The yield of the sea had been kind.
    There was food for all to find.
    And offered for a special feast.
    To ride the wind, to tame the beast.

    All who came did dance and eat.
    Some sat down by the Master’s feet.
    To listen to the words he spoke.
    Within their hearts the silence broke.

    I am here to reveal to you.
    The causes of the things you do.
    To plant within your heart a seed.
    To fill even your deepest need.

    To share the mystery of love.
    To show you dreams from up above.
    To lift your heart and make you whole.
    To begin the stirring of your soul.

    Be still and know the silence now.
    A small still voice will tell you how.
    To kindle the fire that dwells within.
    Which is the place you must begin.

    In silence your soul will speak.
    Of the things that men do seek.
    Softly spoken and seldom heard.
    Comes the most enchanting word.

    I am who you are.
    Together we are a rising star.
    To shine above for all to see.
    To find who they must really be.

    The journey of your soul must start.
    In the essence of your heart.
    For it is that precious seed.
    That overpowers hate and greed.

    To build anew compassion’s fire.
    To make love your heart’s desire.
    Let your heart direct your course.
    Yielding to its tender force.

    Standing naked at love’s door.
    Cross the threshold with nothing more.
    For only love may enter in.
    Then from the heart flow out again.

    Filled with joy and filled with pain.
    The journey of your soul remains.
    A mystery in your conscious mind.
    Bound by space, locked in time.

    In love is found the key.
    To open up eternity.
    For love cannot be bound.
    Within it is the freedom found.
    To lift your heart and make you high.
    The answer to the question why.

    And to love what would you give.
    For it allows your soul to live.
    Asking nothing in return.
    Hoping every heart will learn.

    Love needs nothing but itself to grow.
    Once the heart is full, it overflows.
    To spill out across the skies.
    To open up the blinded eyes.
    To remind the heart of man.
    So that you may take a stand.

    And do all that must be done.
    For you are the only one.
    Who can make the change today.
    Within your heart you’ll find the way.

    Again he lifted high his voice.
    And said that peace must be the choice.
    Too long has war been on the land.
    Too long has man been killing man.

    What causes the killing need.
    That comes from fear and comes from greed.
    You have forgotten where you come from.
    The journey back is hard for some.

    To hear the calling of your soul.
    To remember the things you know.
    That have always been a part of you.

    It is part of the job at hand.
    To raise the consciousness of man.
    To stop the war that wages within.
    The only place you can begin.

    When peace is found one heart at a time.
    The nations will follow down the line.
    For when you realize you are your brother.
    You can no longer hurt one another.

    Peace will come from the inside out.
    Then no longer will you shout.
    Filled with hurt and filled with pain.
    For only peace will then remain.

    In passing time, all wounds will heal.
    And you will know then what is real.
    Peace may shape the destiny of man.
    Then once again rule the land.

    But it is you who must choose.
    Will humanity win or lose.
    The changes must start today.
    Within your heart you’ll find the way.

    The words I speak draw you near.
    It is the truth you long to hear.
    Truth is a gem among the coal.
    It is the food that feeds the soul.

    Forged again in passion’s fire.
    And becomes the soul’s desire.
    It is in truth that love can grow.
    It is in truth that peace we know.

    It is life and love you give.
    When within the truth you live.
    In truth awakening begins.
    In truth the light may enter in.
    May the light fill your soul.
    May the higher calling be your goal.

    By now many people had come.
    Brought by the pounding of the drum.
    To the Master they pressed near.
    He climbed a hill so all could hear.

    As he lifted up his hand.
    A stillness fell upon the land.
    You have all become my heart.
    More words to you will I impart.

    The deepness of the truth you feel.
    Bears witness to what is real.
    And what you know within your soul.
    Shows forth in the brightness of your being.

    When enlightened is the path you walk.
    Joy is found in the way you talk.
    What causes this enlightening.
    From what does this joy now spring.
    Again the trail will lead within.
    To the place you must begin.

    For only in silent thought.
    Is the power of creation caught.
    From there it is the light does flow.
    And in your heart you will know.

    The light is meant to share with all.
    And any who will hear the call.
    Knowing when the call is heard.
    That you will receive the word.
    The word is love, peace, truth, and joy.
    Found in the heart of girl and boy.

    As my gaze falls upon the sea.
    I know this joy is meant to be.
    Now others pay while I go free.
    For the doors are open to me.

    I behold the wonder of it all.
    And listen to my spirit call.
    In recent dreams and ancient time.
    Live eternal thoughts sublime.

    In the shadowed light I seek.
    The meaning of the words I speak.
    Found in the heart of all.
    Indwelling in the trees so tall.

    Heard in the muted breath.
    Intertwined in life and death.
    Reaching for the faded thing.
    Listening to freedom ring
    And sound aloud for all mankind.
    Marking well for all who find.
    That simple peace within your heart.
    Again the place that you must start.

    So, beloved, take the chance.
    Join me in the sacred dance.
    Rise and let your spirit fly.
    Racing through the windswept sky.
    That you may touch the silver strand.
    Tied to us by God’s own hand.

    As the sun sets upon the shore.
    The knowledge of your heart will soar.
    Awake again in mystic dreams.
    The knowledge of eternal things.
    Found at the point of peace within.
    Again the place you must begin.

    And the truth that you do find.
    Must be shared with human kind.
    We stand in the temple of the sun.
    With no place for us to run.

    We must be at peace in our home.
    We will never be alone.
    All creation reaches out.
    It shows us without a doubt.

    That we will never cease to be.
    It is the same for you and me.
    Eternal dreams are now.
    In your heart you know how.

    Though we stand on the line.
    The wind blows the sand of time.
    From here and now to evermore.
    So together let’s step through the door.

    To make the world a better place.
    At this point in time and space.
    When you realize that we are one.
    The people, the planet, and the setting sun.

    Be then mindful of what you do.
    For what touches one touches all of you.
    To the Earth you must be kind.
    Learning well from what you find.

    In each treasure you behold.
    Is a sacred story told.
    Of awesome wonder, bold delight.
    The precious gift, the clearest sight.
    Is there for any who will see.
    And in the knowing you will be.

    Darkness settled on the land.
    In the torch light he did stand.
    The people hungered for his words.
    And cherished the treasures heard.

    Old and young, big and small.
    Silence was upon them all.
    The Master called a young one near.
    Then said to all that would hear.

    If you could look through this one’s eyes.
    You would see the truth and hear the cries.
    Of all of those yet to come.
    You would do what must be done.

    Your thoughts are of yesterday.
    But tomorrow’s child will lead the way.
    And follow him you must.
    If in love and peace you trust.

    We stand upon common ground.
    Together our lives are bound.
    By the one within us all.
    Hoping we will hear the call.

    Whispered from that timeless place.
    Found upon the child’s face.
    In the touch of a stranger’s hand.
    Compassion in a foreign land.

    The song that causes the heart to sing.
    The tenderness that love does bring.
    Helping the helpless child.
    The gentle spirit, meek and mild.

    Let this moment fill your soul.
    Listen to the things you know.
    Take another by the hand.
    Help someone to understand.
    What has been given, give away.
    Let us start a brand new day.

    It is you I treasure in my heart.
    What draws you here marks the start.
    Of changes in your world today.
    Within your heart you’ll find the way.

    The moon had risen in the sky.
    The people stood with a watchful eye.
    One said Master, tell us more.
    How may we pass through the door?

    With his words he firmly said.
    From the darkness you were led.
    Now for you the time has come.
    To share the light with everyone.

    Let your highest thought be love.
    The kind that flows from up above.
    Let your clearest word be spoken.
    Healing hearts that have been broken.

    Let every heart beat as one.
    Under the temple of the sun.
    Let everyone become his brother.
    In the heart of God there is no other.

    Let compassion fill your soul.
    Teaching well from what you know.
    Let peace be the path you walk.
    Showing forth in how you talk.

    Let your truth light the way.
    Breaking darkness of the day.
    Let everyone do his part.
    To heal our planet from the heart.

    Let everyone hear the voice within.
    Which will direct you home again.
    It was now the second day of the feast.
    Of riding the wind, of taming the beast.

    The people watched for the Master to come.
    While they danced to the sound of the drum.
    He was the treasure of their land.
    For he helped them to understand.

    Though alone, he was never apart.
    For he was held dearly in each one’s heart.
    He arrived on the fourth hour of the day.
    All of the people made clear his way.

    For him was made a special seat.
    Built with love to the flow of the beat.
    In their midst he sat above them all.
    With outstretched arms, let his spirit call.
    To any there that would hear.
    So he could once again draw them near.

    As silence fell upon that place.
    He began to speak with heavenly grace.
    My eyes have seen the love you hold.
    From my heart another story told.

    In dreams of this boundless sea.
    Timeless visions come to me.
    We are but a vapor in the wind.
    But our soul continues without end.

    So that when a life falls away.
    It is to begin a brand new day.
    The sorrow belongs to those left behind.
    The departed enters a joy hard to find.
    So let your sorrow be brief.
    May you feel joy and not grief.

    The love that has passed between is forever.
    Deep within your heart you will never.
    Have to say good-bye, but farewell.
    In another place, another time.
    Locked inside an ancient rhyme.
    You shall see each other again.
    It is only the soul that knows when.

    I feel the Earth breathe with the surge of the sea.
    I am filled with the power it gives to me.
    I once again dwell in that timeless place.
    I feel the love of the gentle race.
    That lives within every heart.
    Again the place that you must start.

    The message I give is clear.
    He who has ears, let him hear.
    He who has eyes, let him see.
    The wondrous glory meant to be.

    Thus were the words he spoke at the feast.
    It was he who rode the wind and tamed the beast.
    For all who heard let their spirits fly.
    On mystic winds of eternal sky.
    Within each heart the beast was tamed.
    So no one would ever be the blame.

    And so it is that this story is told.
    To any who will hear and take hold.
    Of the truth contained within.
    Again the place you must begin.

    Thomas James Segel

    I a m reading the set and am truely amazed by what I am finding there. I have always believed that there exists a universal mind where all knowledge lives. I go there when I write and this is a work that comes from there, because I am not that guy:

  54. SUSAN






  55. Jason

    I have vol 1-4 dated (1964 vol 1, 1944 vol 2 , 1935 vol. 3 and 1948 vol 4 all hardback Brown leather looking) I was not aware that there were two more books but I find these 4 amazing and very informative fact or slight fiction matters little to me the message is very true “We fully realize you have come to us with minds more or less skeptical.We trust you will live with us and know us as we really are. Our work and results accomplished, we leave you to accept or reject, as you will” (From Vol 1 Chapter 2 last paragraph page 18 in my books) a person with a closed mind will not get much from these but if you have a open mind the “lessons” are there for you to learn just be open to them and always remember when the student is ready the master will appear Good luck to you all on your journey of discovery and peace be with you always

  56. Roi

    After twenty years I’ve studied the set again . Anything I study I make my own index so I may easily find things of interest . My index has almost doubled now. It’s none of my business what any one else thinks of this information . If one wants to put some of that knowledge to work get the CD set titled “Your Wish Is Your Command “. Listen Several times quickly since 60% of what you hear is gone within 24 hours. The proof is in your results !

  57. sivan

    The book is truth for the people in the west and their scientific minds. well, people can’t beleive right away as you need proof. Westerners are lucky in enjoying a good standard of living but everything they accumulate or do takes them to death. Its the same in India but we are lucky to have so much proof around us that if a person needs to search it is the easiest place on the planet to find the truth. That reminds I am headed back home.

  58. Bill Gluth

    Great books. Well worth the read, again and again. Great stories. Whether the incidents described are true or not, who cares. The wisdom in the pages can advance the learning of the soul in a deep way. They resonate with truth when it comes to life’s true meaning. And if the reader is like me, interested in Ascension in this lifetime as opposed to dying yet again, the evolutionary lessons buried in the manuals will inspire and instruct.

  59. Gordon Powell

    I don’t know if you’re still around. I read these books when I was 17 in 1975. I had the set for several years until things happened. I also read Seth, Kahlil Gibran, dweller on two planets, and others. Later I read, and do read the KJV. I’d love to have a dialogue with you. Please email me if that can happen.

    Btw, I also had an encounter with Michael Ellegion if you know who that is. I look forward to knowing you.

  60. Etty Eustatia - Erasmus

    Curacao 20 th july 2011

    Dear readers of — the Masters of the Far East,
    For me it’s the most important and fascinating book I ever read in my life ( in dutch: de Meesters van het Verre Oosten ); my father ( 1912 – 1998 )recomended it to his daughers in the late 60- ties; I have read it several times and every time I understood it better. The first time I read it, was in the early 90-ties; now I am almost 70 years old. Now that I just finished “The forgotten years of Jesus in India and Tibet ” from Paul Oyen, a Dutch author I ‘ll read ” The Masters of the Far East ” again, because the real Messages of Jesus, I read in the book I just mentioned, are so positive especially His attitude towards women during His life-time. This is not the attitude of Rome at all during centuries! The Real Jesus is the Guide of my Life and not not the pope of Rome anymore. Etty Eustatia-Erasmus

  61. john dodgin

    Are you kidding me? I have read the series and it is great. But the book to put in your pocket is India tour lessons on life and teachings of the masters of the far east. It is the condensed version and the most precise. It’s not about living for ever in your body. Your body is only an expression of you who is God being you. You ARE the light. If you read this you will have a most profound experience.

  62. Shirley

    I have had my books for over 40 years and every time I read them I seem to receive more information. The comment that they are not true is ridiculous. Although, if you think about it, a lot of people did not believe Jesus either. What I am looking for is the camera they mention that shows the diseeased area of the body and the healthy area. It is on page 102 of the 5th volume but I know that somewhere in this series, they mention that the camera was a Bell & Howell and used in a Quebec University. Can anyone point me in the right direction? What happened to it I wonder or did it go the same way as medical cures that suddenly disappear because it would hurt certain industries. Please comment

  63. Kancho Deena Naidu

    I have read these wonderful books by Baird T Spalding. There is no doubt in my mind that much of what he says is true. I have had direct experiences both being the observer as well as in the experience itself. I have never asked for this to happen, it just happened. Why me I got no idea, much of which I keep very much to myself. I have no mental illness or any family history of mental illness. For those who are keen a good book to read is the ‘Souls Journey’ by Peter Richelieu. There is much more to this life than what meets the eye. When our spiritual frequency changes and our understanding deepens or when we are ready these experiences will come about. As it is said the key to spiritual freedom is vibration. Increase your vibrations through selfless service deeds, believe in the Oneness of life and life will never be the same.
    It will not be fair to take up any more of your time reading my comment, feel free to contact me through my web if you like to learn of my experiences. Kind regards Kancho Deena.

  64. Altaeagle

    My father had the four-volume hardbound set of these books that he must have purchased in about 1950. They were important to him. He talked with me about them and the truth with which they spoke. After I inherited them, I read sections of them, but never straight through. I loaned the set to a friend, and like you, I never got them back. I tried several times to contact him and request their return, but could never make the connection. I recently learned that he died at the end of August. I’m now in the process of trying tocontact his family in hope of getting them back. Meanwhile, I’m planning to order another, more recent set.

  65. Kancho Deena Naidu

    I sat meditating in a holy place in India many years ago. I heard a voice within my being which clearly instructed me to get my pad and pen and start writing. I am no writer by any means and what unfolded was clearly a miracle in my life. The very first word I was asked to write was goodness. Words came into my mind and then through my pen it flowed like a river down stream. Each day I would meditate in this holy place and immediately after start writing. I completed my first book called “Discovering Martial Arts” and many more since then. My book called ” We Are God” took just 21 days. During this period I was running two businesses at the same time. My thoughts are if we tune into the highest vibration then all things are possible. I think the message in the books ” Masters of the Far East ” is that, tune in then all things are possible.
    Kind regards
    Kancho Deena Naidu

  66. bob Dawson

    Hello Robin and others.

    Spalding and the Masters books are so wonderful. I heard of them when I was a community leader for the Bruno Groening circle in NYC.

    Wishing everyone continuing insight.
    Thank you,
    bob dawson in NYC

  67. Carole

    I do not agree with your comments concerning these books. I had an awakening approximately 12 years ago. I experienced telepathy, visions, astral travel, ( the name given in this world when one aligns with their spiritual self). Also, conversations with Jesus and such—I have never heard of these books until approximately 7 years into my awakening. When I read these books—Jesus’s words were exactly the same as he said to me, via spiritual communication as were written in these books. Also, there were other experiences I have had that were detailed in these books. I do have to disagree with your opinion that these writings are not true. For myself, I have found them quite true—Namaste

  68. Lyn

    If you would like to enjoy these books for free, go to Pamela Parnell’s website where you can find most of the Life and Teaching books. Copy them to your computer, in case she closes her sight for any reason.
    Om Namah Shivaya

  69. Denny Schmidt

    Well Robin
    I’m just now reading them for the first time, however I’m not new to this type of teaching so the words are familiar to me. Yet there are some very interesting exercises in the first volume on Pages 30 & 31 that do wonders for the daily uplifting of the human mind/soul interface.

    Keep up the work follow the leads you get and never ever give up the quest

  70. Robin

    Hi Danny – it’s such a long time since I even logged in to this website (to approve your comment) it’s kinda nice. Thanks for your comment 🙂 – Robin

  71. Morgan

    Hi robin,
    I also agree like many others on this site,
    Reading the book (in france, it’s in one book)
    really opens the mind.
    And we do receive.
    The first time I read it, maybe 10years or so ago,
    I took a year reading and re-reading it bit by bit until the end.
    Taking in more and more each time I re-read a passage.
    I think the greatness of all masters, buddhas is in all of us.
    And we see sorrow when we feel far from our true selves.
    I’d like to re-read it some time for another uplifting and body, emotionnal, mind
    and spirit warming experience.
    Everyone dies or let´s themself die one day or another.
    But then no one is ever dead. It simply depends on your view of what is.

    I’d just like to add breifly to who it may interest,
    Babaji is somewhere around two thousand years old.
    There are great evolutionnary benefits available from practising
    I did an initiation course recently.
    And the way sunyogi umasankar speaks of his and others personnal
    experiences, i think most likely would interest the ones who are interested
    in spiritual evolution.
    Tap in ” sunyogi umasankar” on you tube if you’d like an insight.
    Receiving directly from the sun is receiving directly from the source.
    I ‘m looking foreward to less clouds.
    Imagine waking in the open, beautiful and close to silent nature; and starting
    the day with chi-kong, yoga postures, meditation, then half an hour or more at sunrise
    of sunyoga.
    A beautiful and productive way of starting and ending the day.
    I’ve been told by different people that it is important to follow an initiation course. There´s one in india at the moment in lachipur near calcutta. And surely more afterwards, around the world.
    He has already been to many countries in europe.
    In iran and serbia many people attained saddhana if I remember correctly.

    Hope you find this interesting.
    I wish you a great day. It was nice to read your blog.
    I hope this message isn’t too long.

    Yogi bhagan’s teachings:
    What do you mean by grace? To act as God on Earth. Simple. Your actions, your deeds, must prove that you are God on Earth. But you must not say it; you must not play it, you must not pronounce it or announce it—just live it.

  72. Morgan

    Hi robin, I didn’t actually remember correctly,
    It is samadhi that many people attained in iran and serbia.
    I have not always got the best of memories unfortunately.
    I hope you find what you want.
    Have a nice sunny day.

  73. Louise B

    I found these books, or they found me, a few years ago. After studying many non-dual teachers including Dr. David R. Hawkins, M.D., Ph.D. who used kinesiology to test the level of consciousness and truth of ideas, books, etc. I was watching one of his lecture DVD’s and someone brings Book 1 of the Life and Teaching of the Masters of the Far East and Hawkins calibrated it at 600, which is very high. It resonnates as truth, to my linear mind, it was “out there” however, now, i dwell more in the non-linear and resonnate more and more with these teachings.

  74. Mike

    I have read the volumes many many times. In fact, every evening before sleep. Over 25 years ago I was set to meet with Emil however, for reasons I do not wish to discuss it did not occur. Nevertheless, in my lifetime I have had a number of experiences with the Masters as well as others (my spiritual guides & other). I say this somewhat embarrassed because one would think based on my experiences that I would be free from any bondage as creator of my experiences.

    Not to digress, Is have had physical discussions, photos, gifts presented to me which I still maintain, kisses, viewed them, physical touch’s and all so many more experiences including one on one discussions. early on I didn’t know what to ask but later on I had prepared my questions in advance. I have earned this (their words) and my hope is that by reaching out I have done you well.

    In the end, what can I provide you with that may assist you in some way. In my hours of face to face discussions I leave you with this. There is but one GOD. Life is eternal and this is not our only life. We seek to constantly serve. Interesting enough the afterlife is also based on faith and good works. It never stops! Life here is more painful here than in the afterlife but much more can be gained to move on than on the other side by a factor of least 10 to 1. I did meet the Christ. He is at another level and not what I had expected but, what holds true is “come as a child” “with the faith of a mustard seed”. What I have come to understand is to become the CHRIST. In 2011, I met with Emil. LOVE

  75. Ronald Price

    Dear Robin. About 1989 I met a lovely lady about 80 .She insisted on giving me the original books ..the 5 ,of Life and Teachings of the Masters of the Far East .I told her I had been reading them for years, in part…but never had read one volume completely through. The old originals she gave me ,each had Baird Spaldings picture in the front pages.

    I had experienced some unforgettable encounters that were similar to activities in Life and Teachings and personally believe and know there is no reason to make up these events. I believe there is every reason to “be” and “live” …believe , that which we are able to. If anyone is interested ,I would share one encounter or miracle that occurred to two of us in Rishi Kesh, India (1980)or an encounter , if that’s the word for it…in Sante Fe, New Mexico (about 1975)in which I met two different individuals I have come to believe were Masters.

    Back to the lady who insisted on giving me the 5 Volumes. She knew Baird Spalding and John DeVorss and said they and her Husband worked and traveled and lectured together. The Masters had told Baird they were allowed to publish 5 Volumes..everything else they had learned throughout their travel had to be told in person, to live audiences. So the three of them Spalding, DeVorss and Boyce created 200 locations in cities across the U.S. to lecture. because of their extensive travel , her husband was rarely home so Pauli was left to do all the home chores like pay the bills, repair the roof etc. I do not remember her husbands name.

    I have taught school over a period of 35 years, went from Private to Major in the US Army and during those years always looked for instruction in Higher Consciousness. I have been a participant in several miracles and have always felt like I would live to be 110. However, the Hunzas and the Los Viejos of South America live well up to 130 as their stories and photos show.

    As you know, we call events miracles only because they seem so out of place with daily events..however I believe they occur all the time and we just happen to recognize…re…cognize what happened afterwards or a third party says “that sounds like a miracle”. My first miracle was being born at 2 pounds 4 oz and living to tell about it ,after a long incubator life.

    In Volume 6 they tell how someone at DeVorss Publishing Company was looking for more office space and began cleaning out areas and found photographs, letters,memos etc. sent by Spalding from Tibet, China, Persia, India and decided to do Volume VI. I am guessing John DeVorss had already passed on or he probably would have prevented Volume VI.

    I believe anyone who has run across these volumes or had an interest in them realizes at inner levels their truth, value and worth…no matter what anyone else has to comment from the outer Consciousness. I do not have a URL.



  77. Keerthi

    I believe the teachings of Emil are good, he gace us direct message and shown the possibility of Immortality . He quoted examples of Jesus,Sidha etc..

  78. Keerthi

    These are good one and the Highest Knowledge in whole universe is RAMTHA Knowledge,its the ultimate one.We are all great beings.

  79. jk

    Dear Robin…
    I have always wanted to know more about Spalding and did not find much searching just his name… Just typed in the name of the books Life and Teachings, etc. and wala found your blog… Just finished thoroughly enjoying all the written comments of reader’s pros and cons.…

    I am just finishing re-reading Vol.s. I & II, and, once again, cannot put them down, and look forward to the rest…. These books so totally resonate and confirm with my ‘Knowingness’ of ‘ Universal Truth… and what we as Spiritual Beings are capable of.. We are all God Beings, connected as One..
    Thank you soooo much for your blog..

  80. Michelle

    Hello, I have know of these books since I was in grade school by way of my grandmother. I have her set that was bought in the mid sixties. Grandma loved these books and would talk about the author and his writing. I will enjoy reading the set and believe I will know many of the stories that were written.


  81. JohnnyQuest

    Okay, so I think it is really fascinating that a lot of folks have debunked the credibility of Baird Spaulding ever going to India to experience the adventures in which he writes. I really don’t know the veracity of such a claims. However, I do think this adds an element which is inherent in all spiritual truth- doubt. I think this doubt plays an essential part in our spiritual development. So there is a bit of a mystery here. In the dark cavern of doubt cast over the narrative, we ourselves may come to doubt the TRUTH that we, ourselves KNOW and ARE. We may find our petty nature pitted against our greater nature. What I think is so interesting is that even if you or I had an extraordinary experience, we, ourselves may very well end up doubting it, especially after the passage of time. I do believe it is called walking through the fire. Your truth is pitted against your doubt and your life hangs in the balance. Perhaps not life or death, but certainly a life worth living vs. a life of a sleepwalking death. So many people live mundane lives that are “true” in every way. Every moment is documented from birth, through school, marriage, taxes and death, yet no real TRUTH was revealed therein, and yet could it be, one could create what appears to be a complete “fiction” that reveals THE TRUTH?

  82. Liara Covert

    There is a saying, when the student is ready, a master appears. The human mind is conditioned to work toward what you think you want in order to distract you from who you are. Working toward the achievement of immortality is but one example. You will only see and know what you are willing to accept as a possible reality. This is a state beyond believing or disbelieving in time. Whenever you doubt anything outside yourself, you are doubting yourself and projecting it. At some point, you have to wake up and recognize you have a problem inside. As Michael A. Singer says in The Untethered Soul, ‘Most people try to fix their inner problems by getting better at external games they have played.” The mind is always to change something outside in order to resolve inner problems.When you feel whole and complete within yourself, no problems exist to solve. Success means you never have to think about your psyche. Ask yourself who wants to be immortal. When conscious, the shifts of energy in the heart instantly tells you what you are and are not. My 11th book is called Mastering Time (book 1 of 3).

  83. Manj

    I’m experiencing happy tears having come across your blog, Robin, and in reading some of these comments.

    Sir Spaulding didn’t die though did he? He only just took off his “coat,” and when we think of him, smiling, holding our hearts, perhaps it was first he, who was thinking of us.

    Thank You Robin, and all the wonderful people who’ve contributed to these comments. Impeccable timing, as my heart explodes in joy.

    With great love,
    Manj Carthigaser

  84. Sheila J Higgins

    I read these books of and on for 20 years they are by far my favorites. As a professional psychic I found them to be true and they helped me a great deal in my personal life.

    I believe Baird really wanted people to focus on what was written and not him personally.Meditation on what was written helped me gain wonderful insights into many of the chapters. I always recommended them to clients looking for truth and spiritual truths.

  85. Francis RHODDE

    Life of the masters….

    there is a proof of the coming of baird thomas spalding in India…..

    in the ashram of Jast (krupa rao) in cocanada…..

    attention of people is not good (god)

  86. Rebecca Tamboli

    [Honestly, can’t you use paragraphs? How is anyone meant to read this? – R]
    We cannot justify the authenticity of the books by his death. His books speak of thought, and we need to be released from thought and brought completely to the present in order to fully comprehend the message. The present moment as described as NOW. It’s not easy, and just because you’re exposed to Divinity doesn’t mean you absorb it to its fullest extent. I find it fascinating that his books speaks of cell memory, when that was recently discovered and not discovered during the time he lived. There are many other factors in the book that science is now discovering, so it is obvious there’s truth within this. As a follower of Christ, I believe there is a deeper message intertwined between Eastern philosophy and Christ. They believed in Christ, as spoken volume one. I do not claim to know anything about this, nor understand it to its full potential. However, I have had these books for years and have not come to even begin to understand them until I had a break in thought. I’ve also come to learn about cell memory and how death is a combination of thought, DNA, cell memory… in addition to life circumstance in a broken world… etc. However, thought absolutely contributes…. and if we were able to modify our thought to embrace the positive and Divinity Within, our cell memory, DNA, etc, would change. It speaks about this, and is being proven by science currently. I absolutely believe he traveled with these people, because the knowledge is not possible during that time, yet quantum physics and so much more is proving these phenomena. I also believe, because love is the contributing factor of their mission…..what Christ taught was there soul mission. Yet, Christianity…as a religion…would struggle to embrace this, because it’s hard for people to understand these masters work through the visible and invisible, the subjective and objective, etc. People would struggle in understanding this because the majority of humanity sees themselves through thought and their five senses, and that is the world they embrace. Many seek God as just an outward source and don’t find themselves worthy…..when he is omnicent, absolutely right within, and absolutely loves us. Religions would also struggle with how they speak of us changing our thoughts to things like saying to ourselves “I am God”. I even struggle with this, but I think I understand. When you read this, the point is that we are one with God… we are children of God …we are related to God and made in His image….just how Christ spoke of it. That “civilization’ spoke about in the books by the masters was of God mind, perfect, with all positive words in their language, and lived one with God. When you are ‘one’ with something, you are that something. But it’s deeper, because while I’m human and my children are human …they are still separate from me. That’s my take on that, although I am still seeking to understand this. But this is my overall take on these books during this time in my journey, but again I truly don’t claim to know anything. I just really want to know! Anyways, Volume 5 claims all documentation was lost, and I have been pondering this. Where is it? Yet, if his actual work was made public, would did not disrupt the mission of these masters? If this was proven, would it not be chaos with the religions created in the world? I truly wish I could understand this, but I thought I would at least share my take for now.

  87. Doreen Kemp

    I absolutely love these books. I started to read them about 15 years ago but I think I was not quite ready for them yet. Now I started a book study group and we get together once a week and read the books. We have been doing this for a couple of years now and everyone in the group has found them pretty fascinating. They have changed my life and how I view life.
    I had 2 sets of these books and lost both Volumn 1s. I just received another book set today from Amazon. I will not let them out of my hands.
    Every time I read these books they appear to be new again. Each time I discover more about who I am and why I am here. I learn at deeper and deeper levels each time. Wow, they are powerful. Whether they are true or not does not matter to me.
    I am so happy to see others readying and learning from them.
    Doreen Kemp

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