About physical immortality

Many people who encounter this blog/website think it’s about living on and on forever in the same ol’ human body (that they don’t really like anyway) with the same ol’ lifestyle (which they probably also don’t really like), and they wonder, rather reasonably, why anyone would want to do such a thing.

That’s not what this blog is about.

The word ‘immortality’ means NOT DYING. And ‘physical immortality’ means no death of the physical body. It doesn’t mean being stuck with a malfunctioning body/life forever, it simply means not dying.

Where we take things from there depends on our outlook. If we see life as expanding forever upwards then not dying can mean evolving to states of consciousness not possible to imagine the way we are now. We glimpse exciting possibilities such as being immersed in total love and connection, having luminous bodies of light and being able to dematerialise them altogether if we wish, and travel throughout the stars and through realms beyond the physical.

If we believe life can only be the same hum-drum we are used to, and bound to lead downward eventually, then not dying would be just a prison sentence. Then death becomes kind of glorified – it’s seen as a chance for a new beginning and some fresh perspective, a chance for our spirit to become “free” (as if it wasn’t free already) and a chance to be with God (as if we weren’t already).

Unfortunately, death doesn’t really give us a new beginning, or extra freedom, or bring us any closer to God than we already are… it just gives us a bit of a rest. After the rest we continue onto the next life with all the same issues and problems… we recreate them all so we have another chance to work through them and turn things around.

The tragedy is that many people look to death becoming, at some point in the future, a way out of the life they have created, instead of choosing to change their perspective and look to healing. The tragedy being that this has a deadening effect on them throughout their life, it slows their progress towards self-realisation, and it causes unnecessary pain and suffering for themselves and their loved ones. There’s a better way!

Being in present time

Another thing visitors to this site have a problem with is the word ‘forever’ in the site’s name. It’s not a perfect word for the task – when I named the site it was tricky coming up with something that worked (I wanted to avoid the words ‘death’ and ‘dying’).

When you see yourself as immortal (ie not dying and being free to evolve in ways you can’t even imagine) a funny thing happens – you let go of thinking about the future much (no planning for nursing homes) and come into present time very nicely.

‘Forever’ in this context does not mean thinking about endless eons stretching out before you – it is impossible to even imagine that, you are so into present time. It just implies there’s an infinite supply of whatever you want.

Ken Carey

I’ll close with my favourite quote from Ken Carey’s book The Starseed Transmissions (well, the book was written by Raphael).

You want to stay on Earth because it is the most beautiful spring morning of all your history, and you are in love – in love with the spirit that sings in your heart, in love with the glorious planet that clothes you in her matter.

If anyone should be interested in hearing how I first came across the idea of physical immortality, I tell the story here: How I Found Immortality

Cheers – Robin

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