There Is A Vitality

band recording

Last weekend a band was recording at our place (photo above), and one of the guys gave everyone a printed copy of a quote from Martha Graham. Martha Graham was a dancer and choreographer who lived throughout most of the 20th century.
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Ego Is Not A Dirty Word

Shirley Strachan of Skyhooks singing Ego Is Not A Dirty Word

Ego is not a dirty word
Ego is not a dirty word
Ego is not a dirty word
Don’t you believe what you’ve seen or you’ve heard

This is from the 1975 song Ego Is Not A Dirty Word, by popular Australian band Skyhooks.

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Immortality Of The Body

immortal body

Today I’m very pleased to bring you an article by internet marketer Kathy Dobson. I was most excited when I stumbled across it on an articles site about a week ago—as it happens, only hours after she uploaded it. More about Kathy at the end of the post! [Read more…]

Ice And Global Warming


photo from Greenland by kaet44

A little while ago I had a mini “Iceberg Series”, and I thought I’d finish it off with a post about REAL icebergs. The other posts in the iceberg series are On Overcoming Obstacles followed by Think And It Shall Be So.

Many people are concerned about global warming, polar ice and sea levels, so I thought I’d write about some of the things I discovered about these when I was writing books about climate for the 8 to 10 years age group, over last (Australian) summer.

I am not covering the causes and extent of climate change here—that is done very well elswhere. This is just about the ice.
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Love Song To Planet Earth


photo by alexdecarvalho

Thanks to everyone who contributed to my last post Insects Versus Mother Theresa—everything was said so well that I don’t need to repeat it. What a bunch of stars I had writing my post for me!
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Insects Versus Mother Theresa


photo by Hamed Saber


Who contributes the most to the world, humanity and everything…

A person who spends their whole life alone studying an obscure insect in the forest, and no-one ever finds out about it,


A metaphorical Mother Theresa?

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How To Be A Man And A Woman Both At The Same Time

Well blogosphere giant Steve Pavlina has written an article on How to be a Man and Hunter Nutall has given us How to be a Woman (which is interesting, as he is a man!)

So I thought I may as well jump on the bandwagon, and now present you with:

How to be a Man and a Woman Both At The Same Time

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