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Happy Birthday, Let’s Live Forever!

first birthday
This is me eyeing off my first birthday cake—nothing’s changed—beside the apple tree, with the house, wash house and a shed in the background (June 1954).

Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday dear Let’s Live Forever…

(pregnant pause)
Happy Birthday to you

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Bloggers’ Recording Project


photo by kthypryn

To all my blogging friends… I want to hear your voices!

In a recent email conversation I had with Harmony from Golden Zen I said something like “I want to hear your funny accent!” And she said something along the lines of “I’ve got a funny accent?” To which I replied that all North Americans have funny accents, don’t they?
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What’s In A Name?

trees.jpgWell this blog has a new name today—I like the ring of this one better. The old one was ‘Why Live Forever?’

I was staying with my mother in the country for four days last week, without any internet. Although I was gnashing my teeth slightly at the prospect of not being able to get on with my blog, I thought the change of perspective might be a good thing too.
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This Blogging Thing

I had to laugh… five minutes after I posted my last post, I went out to the letter box and got the local paper, and THIS was the front cover:


I had been tossing up between using the photo of the cherries and a photo of a baby, on the last post, and settled on the cherries. I got my baby anyway! Isn’t he gorgeous!
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