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To all my blogging friends… I want to hear your voices!

In a recent email conversation I had with Harmony from Golden Zen I said something like “I want to hear your funny accent!” And she said something along the lines of “I’ve got a funny accent?” To which I replied that all North Americans have funny accents, don’t they?

After I first found out about blogging, late last year, I soon came across Darren Rowse’s blog ProBlogger. I had a look at it, watched some video, and thought “some American guy making money” and went on to something else—no offense meant to American guys who make money, here, I just didn’t relate (or understand blogs yet). The thing is, I didn’t pick up his accent! Even though it turns out he lives in the exact same city as me… Melbourne, Australia. (And these days I love reading ProBlogger, by the way.)

My guess is I didn’t pick up his accent because it’s the same as mine! (I think that’s how it works.)

Blogging Without A Blog

Now the latest is that Barbara from over at Blogging Without A Blog has featured me, and Kelly from SHE-POWER, in her post NSNBOTWs – 2 Gals From Down Under! (NSNBOTW standing for Not So New Blog Of The Week.)

Barbara’s blogless blog is a great meeting place for bloggers—her community is terrific. She has gone to great lengths to support other bloggers, by presenting information and discussions, and by introducing new bloggers to everyone in her New Blog Of The Week series.

I’d suggest to bloggers that you head over there for some action, and if you aren’t a blogger, you will find lots of great blogs to check out in the discussion section. And if you are a new blogger looking for some good ol’ community comfort (and attention), you might even get lucky and be nominated NBOTW!

I’m really thrilled to be highlighted in this series… so thanks Barbara and congratulations Kelly! Kelly has a great blog and I’m honoured to “appear” with her! For me the experience has really enhanced the community feeling that I have experienced from blogging.

Which brings me to accents—what would Kelly’s and my international visitors make of our “down under” voices? And what would it be like to hear the voices of people I feel I have got to know online? From all around the world? Not just to hear their accents, but to hear the warmth and character of their voices?

Recording Project

So all of this has lead one way or another to… the Bloggers’ Recording Project!

If you would like to participate, email me a recording of youself introducing you and your blog, and saying a few other words. I will string these recordings together into one or two “tracks”, which I will put in a mid-December post, for everyone’s listening pleasure.


1. I’d love to include a recording from anyone who has ever left a comment on this blog, up till now.

2. Send your recording by email to robin[@]letsliveforever[.]net
You attach the file (e.g. MP3) to the email the same way you do any attachment.

3. I would like recordings in by December 17, please, so I can start editing.

4. Any file format will do—we are sound engineers… we can cope! I’m thinking it shouldn’t be too hard to find a way of recording your voice. If you are really stuck, most digital cameras have video recording on them—you could send me a video and I’ll get the sound off it (I won’t show it).

5. If you have any technical questions, ask in the comments below or email me.

6. I will be posting the finished recording in December, so your message could include a Christmas or holiday greeting.

7. As an example, my recording will be something like: “Hello everyone, my name’s Robin, my blog is let’s live forever and I’m in Australia. Merry Christmas everyone!” Feel free to be a tad more creative than that, and to speak for a little longer.

Methods bloggers have used so far:

I will add to this as I receive recordings

  • One person has put a video (camera pointed at the wall above them) on YouTube, emailed me the link to it, and I have lifted the sound off it. If anyone else would like to do this, I could email you as soon as I have got the sound and you could delete it.
  • So far people have emailed me WAV files, WMA files, MP3 files and a MOV file (attached the file to the message)
  • For microphones, people have used their Skype headset, and the built-in microphone on their laptop.
  • Extra hints:

  • My Microsoft Word for Mac, that is 4 years old now, has a recording function when a document is in Notebook Layout view. I recorded myself and exported the AAC file to the desktop. Word on PCs would do this too, I imagine (plug in a microphone)
  • For PC users, this tutorial might help you set up your computer’s audio.
  • * * *

    So bloggers clear your throats and let us hear your voices. I want to hear your funny accents!

    38 thoughts on “Bloggers’ Recording Project

    1. Cath Lawson

      Hi Robin – this is an awesome idea and it sounds like a lot of fun – especially as you have visitors from all over the world. You can definitely count me in.

      Silly question I know – but do folk from different parts of Australia have different accents, or are they pretty much the same?

    2. Lance

      I’m agreeing with Cath – awesome idea Robin! I’ll get you something – this will be fun to listen to… All these people I know by their writing, but no idea what they “sound” like. Super cool!

      Oh, and congratulations on NSNBOTW – you and Kelly both are excellent choices – Barbara did good!!

      Lances last blog post..Thanks For The Cookie

    3. Marelisa

      Hi Robin: Congratulations to you and Kelly for being recognized over at BWAB! This is a great idea, whether I participate depends on how successful I am in finding a way to record my voice and sending it over e-mail. I’ll start thinking of ways to do this 🙂

      Marelisas last blog post..Solve Everyday Problems Creatively

    4. Davina

      Hi Robin. Fantastic idea! I’m in. I can’t wait to hear everyone. Urban Panther, do you have an mp3 player, or know someone who does? You can record on it and then download the file.

      @Tom, I’ll be waiting for your velvet tone 🙂

    5. Robin

      @Cath – glad you like it! (I was a bit worried no-one would.) Looking forward to hearing your voice! Australians do have different accents – ranging from a more “country” sound, to “posh”. Accents in South Australia (the state) tend to be more “English” than in northern Australia. And New Zealand is different again.
      @Lance – Great! And thanks!
      @Urban Panther – oh Panther – please reconsider. I’ve extended the deadline – can’t you find a way? I’m sure I’m not the only one who would love to hear you speaking.
      @Tom – Ah Mr Velvet – I can’t wait!
      @Stacey – ha ha – sounds like the Australian accent. I hope everyone realises I was joking about the funny accents – I’m sure your voice is lovely! (whatever the accent)
      @Marelisa – Thanks! I’m sure you will solve this problem creatively!
      @Vered – Oh Vered – please reconsider (and I was joking about the accents, you know.) The personality always comes through whatever the accent is – I’m sure I’m not the only one who would love to hear a holiday message from you! You are a Gemini… Geminis are charming speakers.
      @Davina – thanks. I thought your voice was gorgeous on your video on your post – looking forward to hearing your recording!
      @Evelyn – ha ha ha ha – I’m laughing so much I can’t write anything sensible. No cheating! (and I’ve extended the deadline, so I hope that helps)

    6. Kelly@SHE-POWER

      Vered, don’t worry you’re not the only one who hates how you sound on a recording. Every time I have been videotaped I have heard myself and thought, “Could I possibly sound so shrill? Surely it’s the recording” . Nevertheless I am willing to embarrass myself and have a go. MusicMan will have something to record my voice I’m sure. All that equipment he has downstairs in the piano room has to serve me in some way, I’m sure.

      Will talk to the man and get back to you. And Robin, I too was thrilled we were showcased together on Barbara’s awesome blog. Can’t wait to hear everyone’s voices for this recording. This is a bloody great idea – you’re so creative 🙂

      Kelly x

    7. Barbara Swafford

      HI Robin – I’m so happy you’re enjoying being named in the NBOTW series. Even though you’ve been blogging for some time, I think your great work may be overlooked. Hopefully now more people will find you.

      I’ll see if I can find a way to record my voice. I’m looking around my office and am not sure I have a way, but I’ll keep digging. Brilliant idea!

      Barbara Swaffords last blog post..Casual Friday – The Floor Is Yours

    8. Jannie

      Firstly, I did not know until I read this illuminating post that Darren Rowse is in Australia, your home town! That is just too funny. I too assumed he was here in the U.S..

      I will be charmed to participate in your accent fun-tivity. And I’m lucky to have a digital recording system at home, one that I did shed more than a few tears trying to figure out but bob’s your-uncle and we’re fine and dandy now, Mate!

      Jannies last blog post..And “The Real Jannie” is…?

    9. Robin

      @Kelly – good on ya!
      @Diana – hi there and welcome! You have got me wondering about what to do, now, because I was planning to include people who have commented before – but if you are really keen, then fine!
      @Barbara – thankyou Barbara! I really appreciate you saying that – and I am looking forward to your recording!
      @Vered – I’d love to hear your greeting, but I would not want you to do something you felt uncomfortable about, either. Your intuition knows what to do, I am sure! (heh)
      @Jannie – great! I thought you might have a recording setup, you being a musician and all.

    10. Patricia

      I do not know how to record my voice – I seem to have nothing that will do that, and I have not figured out my dragon dictate yet – not even out of the package? Hmm…I will consult my techie…I have a cell phone I could leave a message on your cell phone?…I just don’t know…
      Congrats on the NSNBOTW again…
      I sounds like fun…great idea.
      My cousin is an advocate for the aboriginal people in Australia and she shared with me your blog earlier this year, then I saw you writing on other blogs so subscribed…I am getting better at making comments now that I am learning about blogging by having one of my own.

      Patricias last blog post..Factoid Friday: A Thank You Note to Lambie

    11. Tammy Warren

      Hey Robin,

      I guess I could chime in with the Southern Slang. Ya’ll could hear a true southerner say “ya’ll”…this is a great idea. I would love to hear the voices of everyone! It places a voice behind the words.

      Congrats to you on the NSNBOTW. It was great to see you and Kelly there together.

      Tammy Warrens last blog post..The Troubles with Goals

    12. Dot

      Robin, that’s a great idea, especially since I know a lot of your readers and would love to hear how they sound. I’ll send you a recording of my New Yawk combined with Washington DC accent(s). Dragon Dictate doesn’t understand me, so I must not talk like most people.

      @Vered – You’re so strong, and yet so shy. I can relate to that. I would love to hear the voice that goes with the person, though.

      Dots last blog post..Featured Reader

    13. Jenny Mannion

      Hi Robin,
      Sounds GREAT! A HUGE fear I recently overcame was watching myself on video. Mind you, I haven’t found the courage to pull up my you tube videos on the big screen TV but I can sit through it to edit it and not grimace and have to leave the room (a HUGE improvement). I am sure there is regular recording software somewhere on my PC and I will investigate and look forward to participating. GREAT idea! I am so happy Barbara chose you and Kelly! 🙂 Two AWESOME writers and people!

    14. Evita

      Robin that is indeed such an awesome idea!! Thank you so much for letting me know about it!!!!

      I will get my husband’s technical skills all over this!

      And yeah you are so right, everyone has their own accent and we as bloggers from around the world really will probably never hear each other’s voices so this is really, really neat!

      By the way congrats on the fabulous feature!

    15. Robin

      @Patricia – I hope you find a way – you could record onto a cassette and airmail it to me if you like! That’s awesome about your cousin – I wonder who she is!
      @Tammy – yes please do! And thanks.
      @Dot – Great! – and thanks for the congrats
      @Jenny – I think most people are daunted at hearing their voices – until they get used to it. Remember you can send me a highly compressed video if its the only way (you could point it at the cat!)
      @Karl – hi there Karl and thanks for dropping in – maybe next years’!
      @Evita – fantastic – and thanks!

    16. Robin

      Patricia – I’ll email you my address later this afternoon – I’m just setting up a laptop for my mother to use, at the moment.

    17. Pink Ink

      I don’t have a way of sharing mine…

      …but my husband says I have different accents for different people. With him and the kids, I’m totally Americanized; when I’m with my mom my Filipino accent comes back.

      Pink Inks last blog post..When It’s Dark

    18. Robin

      @Pink Ink – oh dear – unfortunately I can’t make many suggestions because I don’t have a PC, so I don’t know much about them (I use a mac). That’s interesting about your accents!
      @Patricia – you have had my email by now – which says great!
      @Seamus – yes Seamus, maaaaaate (I love your blog, BTW)

    19. NaTuRaL

      Robin this is a GREAT idea, I will record my voice and funny accent, but believe me I sound nothing like I do on my recorded voice, so I’ll just have to come to Australia so you can hear my real voice.

    20. Robin

      @Shannon – great Shannon – I’m looking forward to receiving it
      @Natural – ha ha ha ha – when are you coming?
      @Aldon – hi there and welcome! – I’ll check out your radio show
      @Ross – welcome to you too! Thanks for the recording – are you getting flooded out, up there?

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    22. Ricardo Bueno

      Hey Robin,

      You know what would be really cool? You could start using eyejot in some of your email communications between fellow bloggers and friends 🙂
      ( is basically a free email service wherein you’re able to send recorded videos via email. It’s pretty easy. The free version allows up to 1-min of recording time. I use it… Sent some to Meleah, and a few others who have commented here).

      Have a great Sunday!!!

      Ricardo Buenos last blog post..Failure Makes Us Stronger!

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