What If? The Movie – Clip 2

clip-2.jpgTwo days ago I was very pleased to present a short clip from the new movie What If? The Movie. This full-length movie has just been released this week, on DVD and for viewing online.

In today’s clip, Dr Joe Dispenza, a neuroscientist and chiropractor, talks about how the things we think can influence our bodies.
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Feelings Are There To Be Felt


photo by Capture Queen

I loved a comment on my previous post from Maya over at Completely Coastal. She said, in part, “I think that positive thinking alone doesn’t create the desired outcome/reality if the negative energy (feeling) is not felt and released, “Feeling is Healing” comes to mind.”

I think she’s quite right!

After my little Iceberg Series (which may yet have another installment), I wanted to write a post about how feelings work together with thoughts—working with thoughts alone can be, so, icy. But I was feeling a tad underqualified… I’m far from having sorted my own feelings. Then I thought… well, no-one else really has either, so I’ll give it a go.
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Think And It Shall Be So


illustration by David Fierstein

I like to work with the idea that we create our reality with our thoughts. This is what makes the most sense to me, and is the way of looking at things that I find most useful.

This post extends my previous one, On Overcoming Obstacles. Perhaps I could call these posts “The Iceberg Series”! A part of this theory is that the mind is analogous to an iceberg… a small part is on the surface and accessible, and most of it is submerged.

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On Overcoming Obstacles


I think it’s odd how the overcoming of obstacles is SO admired. We create our own obstacles with our mind, don’t we? So why is overcoming something we have created ourselves so admired?

My understanding is that the mind is analogous to an iceberg… 90% of it is submerged. So while we may want, say, prosperity… thoughts in our unconscious mind may well be creating the opposite. Or say we want an easy life… thoughts in our unconscious mind may start putting all sorts of obstacles in our path.

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Is Living Like Today Might Be Your Last A Good Idea?


photo by brightroyalty

I was saddened and alarmed a few years ago to hear a good friend of mine announce cheerfully she was making a practice of thinking “Today might be my last day—I might die tomorrow.” This helped her to “make the most of the day”, she said.
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Is Death Natural?

lotus.jpgMany people say old-age and death are natural… that these are the birth-death cycle of nature in action.

Perhaps this outlook comes from people thinking there are no alternatives to death.

People with a positive outlook on life will be inclined to think the set-up they see in the world around them must somehow be “right”, so it’s natural they will have a philosophy that death is natural and a “part of life”. I certainly thought this myself before I came across the idea of physical immortality.

Once people believe death is natural, they will look for all sorts of things that could be good about it. Why wouldn’t they! Like death means going to be with God, experiencing peace and love, experiencing great mystery, going to a “better place” and experiencing more than “just this life”. And it’s wrong to be “too wrapped up in this material world” anyway.

There are whole established spiritual traditions that teach it’s a worthy thing to feel good about our bodies dying, allowing us to go to a “better place” (or whatever).
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The Money-Go-Round

merryGoRound.jpgMoney goes around and around and around and around and around. It does. Therefore there is an infinite amount of money in the world.

So if we want some/lots of it, we have to be able to let it circulate in our direction.

I went to a prosperity workshop once where we did the following exercise: we were asked to take a sum of money out of our wallets that we were comfortable with losing, then all stand up and walk around the room, and give the money away. Then sit down when we were ready to. There were about 100 of us.

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Staying Young

seedling.jpgNone of us would want to stay alive forever if we were old and sick and in pain and lonely and depressed and all that. I would assume.

So how can we stay young and healthy indefinitely? I’m 54 myself, so I haven’t exactly proved one can live indefinitely, but I’ll have a go at putting together some thoughts about staying young that I have picked up from my own life and around the place. Here are some things we can do:

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