Bloggers’ Chorus Post-Christmas Post

‘Tis the silly season, so I thought I’d bring you some light entertainmant in the form of…

The Bloggers’ Chorus!

This follows on from my recent post Bloggers’ Recording Project Has Arrived!, in case you missed it. Click the play button and enjoy (or cringe) – it goes for 1 minute and 20 seconds.

(note: you would probably need a good set of speakers on your computer, or good headphones, to hear the individual voices)

Our Christmas

Frank and I had a nice Christmas. We spent 3 days in central Victoria, about two hours’ drive out of Melbourne. We had Christmas dinner with family and friends… it was a hot roast dinner, with a desert of hot plum pudding with brandy sauce and ice cream, inside with air conditioning, with hot weather outside.

I’m thinking Christmas in Australia might be more of a break than it is in the northern hemisphere, because it is our summer holidays as well—everything closes down, so it’s a good time to stop everything (like blogging, for example). I don’t know.

On the way home, we drove up to the top of Mount Alexander… the local mountain, which has the transmission towers on it. Here’s a photo of me looking out at the view (them’s great rocks):



How did you get on over Christmas? Did you survive alright?

17 thoughts on “Bloggers’ Chorus Post-Christmas Post

  1. Lance

    Merry Christmas Robin! I love the picture, what a wonderful view! Very cool that you had the opportunity to spend time with family and friends – that’s what is important! My Christmas was wonderful , as well (except more snowy!!). I did enjoy a few days off from everything, away in the quiet countryside with family – a good time to reconnect.

    Lances last blog post..Sunday Thought For The Day

  2. Vered - MomGrind

    I’m technically on a blogging break so I’m not supposed to be here. 😉 But the kids are playing nicely with each other for a change so I’m peeking.

    Still a week of winter break ahead of us before school resumes. Last week we went on a ski trip which is always fun. Hanukkah ended last night – we had a bunch of friends over which was nice. These are our closest friends, they’re just like family to us. It feels good to be with people that accept you just the way you are.

    Happy New Year!

    Vered – MomGrinds last blog post..Last-Minute Holiday Shopping? May I Suggest The Perfect Gift

  3. Atif

    Merry Christmas.

    I had gone for a Christmas party to a nearby city. It was fun. Was there all night, got back by 6 AM. They had a Christmas dinner over there and then dancing 🙂

  4. Davina

    Hi Robin. Wow, what a view! My Christmas was definitely more snowy and colder than yours. My next post later this week tells the story, with photos of lots of snowmen. Glad you had a good visit with your family. I tried to listen to this clip but everyone appears to be speaking at the same time.

    Davinas last blog post..New Blog: Loving Pulse Turns Shades Of Crimson

  5. Marelisa

    Hi Robin: What a fun chorus! I watched the movie “Australia” on Saturday and absolutely loved it. I wanted to visit Australia before, but that item has now moved up several notches on my life list. (Yes, I realize Hugh Jackman won’t be there 🙂 ). I’m glad you had a good Christmas Robin, so did I. Happy New Year!

  6. Robin

    @Lance – glad you had a good Christmas, Lance – it’s hard for me to imagine being in snow (apart from skiing)
    @Jannie – that’s a good way of putting it – it did feel majestic. Hope you are enjoying that nap!
    @Vered – I have to laugh at your “technically on a blogging break” – I had a few peeks while I was on mine. It was quite good, because I knew what I needed to do straight away whan I started again. I’m glad you enjoyed your ski trip.
    @Atif – Hi there and welcome! Must have been good if you stayed to 6 a.m.!
    @Davina – oh dear – maybe my joke isn’t working – I’ve added a note that you would need to listen on a good sound system – otherwise it would sound like mush, I suppose. Looking forward to the snowmen!
    @Marelisa – Thanks about the chorus! I don’t know the movie “Australia” – I wonder if it is anything like my life – those things often aren’t! I could try to find Hugh for you!

  7. Evelyn Lim

    I like the picture that you posted. The view sure looks fantastic!

    I have decided to give myself an extended break, after flying home from my vacation. It’s nice to come over to your site and find out that all my favorite bloggers are well and have been having a wonderful time over Christmas.

    Evelyn Lims last blog post..Law of Attraction Blog Highlights 2008

  8. Ching Ya

    Sure is a nice way to spend your Christmas. Most importantly to be with your loved ones and share the joy and happiness together. =) Nice view indeed.

    I spent mine by going on a 1 week trip to Korea with my husband. Met some nice people on the tour and enjoyed every single bit of it. Will blog about it soon. Let me greet you a Happy New Year, 1 day ahead. God bless you and family always. Enjoy!

    Ching Yas last blog post..One More Chance With The Tree?

  9. Robin

    @Evelyn – great to see you back, Evelyn! I hope you had a good time skiing.
    @Dot – well maybe you and the others should organise a tour bus! Frank and I might need to build some flats in the backyard to fit everyone in.
    @Tammy – love your new cricket avatar – I did think it was funny when you come in!
    @Ching Ya – hello there and welcome! Korea would have been interesting!

  10. sharon

    Hey hey Robin, season’s greetings! Hey I wanted to go for that recording, but I have missed out because I have been so busy offline. What an interesting piece of music, now I can put the voices to all these faces hey. Thank you and that picture is just beeeaaautifulll.

    sharons last blog post..The Top Ten Posts and Thank You!

  11. Patricia

    he he, loved it…and what a chorus it is…
    Happy New Year and welcome back from what looks like a glorious warm vacation..

    I live not far from Davina and wow did we have a huge snow storm
    now a rain storm…we were stuck at home but had a marvelous time with the kiddos and crafts We gave away our Christmas and just lit Hanukkah candles and enjoyed the break from the commercial side of things…we celebrate it all here…I loved the deep conversations with grown children the best…

    Patricias last blog post..Sparkling Tour with Bubbly Celebrations in Mind

  12. Robin

    @Sharon – great to hear from you Sharon – I hope you enjoyed being busy!
    @Patricia – That snow looked amazing – it’s hard to conceive of it here. Glad you had a nice holiday period – it sounds good.
    @Stacey – I’m glad you liked the party concept – we were playing it like that during the production process, and I thought it sounded like a party.
    @Chris – Oh you DON”T (sound like that)

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