My Last Blog Post

Hi all – I’ve decided to wrap up this blog.

I’ve thought for some time I might be able to keep doing occasional posts, but I don’t think that will work—not for me, anyway.

The main reason is to do with focus—I find when I am writing posts, and even commenting on other blogs, that I’m constantly running the words through my mind. I’ve been known to go for a walk around the block and on returning enthusiastically add a comma to what I had just written before the walk—the perfect comma.

This is fine when the project is what you want to be doing with your life, but that’s no longer the case for my blog and me.

Mainly I want to focus a lot more on our musical endeavours, and to that end I’ve done some considerable tweaking of our sound-engineering website and have been building up some of our other profiles. Because, you see, in the past few months our sound business has been taking off. We have been busy, and we love it, and we want more of it.

I’ve also recently done a couple of websites for very good friends of ours. One is a site for a Melbourne artist and photographer. You might want to check out Wayne’s gallery.

Since my last blog post in November we also did a weekend music and arts festival—we were in charge of sound on the main stage. This meant planning the sound equipment, doing a large slice of the sound engineering, and dealing with “issues”. It was intense and we loved it.

The site was really pretty—here are some pics:

our hut in the middle, with jam space complete with drums that set up next door, on the right


the chai tent (source of morning coffee)

Physical immortality

I just want to say that I have never seen myself as a “teacher” of physical immortality, mainly because I think it will happen to everyone anyway, whether I do this blog or not. I just intensely wanted a blog and thought this might be an unusual topic – to me I was an opportunist riding a wave – heh. The wave will have to happen with me focusing on a different wave (I always did see physical immortality as a context).

One annoying thing is that subscribers for LLF is the highest ever, lately. But maybe this is to do with the way it gets calculated—my subscribers have gone up before when I haven’t done a post for ages.

The future for LLF

I’m going to leave little LLF up on the internet, and will probably gradually convert him into a static website.

I eventually did get to buy the dot com version of letsliveforever—maybe I’ll think of some hugely lucrative project for that domain name. And maybe I can plaster LLF with ads and make heaps of money from the huge amount of search traffic he gets – LOL


Thank you to my blogging friends—you have no idea how much I have appreciated your friendship (well actually, I suspect you do). I won’t list you here, because I’ll end up leaving someone out, and we can’t have that! You know who you are. Thank you.

And good luck to you all with your projects!

I know I’ll be keeping in touch with many of you via email and Facebook—I’ll probably delete my Twitter account because I can’t stand Twitter!

To those of you who have been reading this blog but I haven’t got to know you, thank you so much for taking an interest, and I wish you all the best, too.

See you around!

– love from Rob x

36 thoughts on “My Last Blog Post

  1. Jannie Funster

    Hey, Robin!! You never called this site “Let’s Blog Forever!” 😉

    You know you’ll be ever in my heart. Plus, I’ll bookmark the sites where you can be found and I know we’ll stay in touch. Totally! And one day I’ll come to Australia with my family, and won’t we all hoot it up!!

    Of those photos — I love the tent with all the purple curtains hanging down and tied back looks lovely. Dreamy! And a great time had by all at the music fair. I’ll play there some day, okay??

    Love, Jannie
    .-= Jannie Funster´s last blog ..Funny Typos, “Like A Bord on A Wire,” 14 =-.

  2. Ribbon

    Hi Robin, thanks for taking the time to say goodbye.
    I’m so happy to read that all is going well for you and your endeavours.
    I’ll miss your posts… I’ve really enjoyed them.
    I might email you sometime 🙂
    take care
    have fun and come back if the urge takes you

    best wishes always
    .-= Ribbon´s last blog ..pondering Suffering… =-.

  3. Jeanne

    Awww, shucks! Don’t get me wrong, I celebrate with you your focus, I wish you all the best of what’s coming your way, and I’m grateful to have discovered you at all!

    I also celebrate the door you opened for me, the people I got introduced through you (your commenters), and the expanded awareness resulting from reading your blog.

    Gonna miss you, girl — hey, I have an idea, Let’s Live Forever 🙂
    .-= Jeanne´s last blog ..Why Do I Call Myself Intrepid Daydreamer? =-.

  4. Akemi - Yes to Me

    I will miss you. But I’m glad you will be leaving this site up. It’s a great resource.
    (Btw I have found that subscribers can and do increase regardless of new content :0 )

    Stay in touch,

    .-= Akemi – Yes to Me´s last blog ..How To Meditate =-.

  5. Lisa (mommymystic)

    Robin, Well I am sad to hear this as I will miss your posts, but your new endeavours sound wonderful and I hope they bring you much joy. I had to laugh at your description of how blogging and commenting impacts you – I am the same way, and have been trying to strike a workable balance too. Much blessings to you…
    .-= Lisa (mommymystic)´s last blog ..December Month in Review =-.

  6. Lance

    It’s been so great getting to know you (and Frank). I wish you both much success in all that lies ahead, and know that you have touched my life in wonderful ways. Continue to shine and be YOU!

    Peace and love,
    .-= Lance´s last blog ..The Art of Life =-.

  7. Robin

    @Jannie – Hi Jannie! I’ve booked a complimentary session in our recording studio for you! I can see it now – ‘Songs from Aussie Land’ or something no doubt much more creative. That purple tent is called The Holy Cow, and it goes around to quite a few festivals – it really is beautiful – there are lots more photos on my Facebook.
    @Miguel – Hi there Miguel – it isn’t really farewell – I’ve been seeing your updates on Facebook. It has been a pleasure getting to know you.
    @Ribbon – I’d LOVE to hear from you Ribbon – do let us know if you are coming over to the east. I’ll no doubt pop by your blog now and then. Thanks about the photos!
    @Jeanne – Hi Jeanne – I think it’s a pity we didn’t meet earlier – blogging together would have been fun! But we did somehow get to know each other in a short time. I like your idea!
    @Akemi – Hi Akemi – thanks – I appreciate it. We will indeed stay in touch!
    @Lisa – hi and thanks Lisa, and it’s interesting to hear I’m not the only one. All the best with your balancing act!
    @Lance – Hi Lance – it has been lovely getting to know you, too – we have been visiting each other for quite a while now, in blogging terms, haven’t we? All the best to you in everything you do!

  8. Natural

    hey robin, all the best to you in your endeavor. thanks for sharing your truth of the possibility of living forever. i certainly hope to attain that gift.

  9. Betsy Wuebker

    Hi Robin – How wonderful that your music business is taking off! And I’m so glad we’ll remain connected on Facebook, too. I’m going to keep you in my RSS anyway, so there! All the best to you and Frank as you round this bend in the road!
    .-= Betsy Wuebker´s last blog ..My Three Words for 2010 =-.

  10. Marelisa

    Hi Robin: I’m going to miss your posts, but you definitely need to focus on what you’re truly passionate about. I’m always impressed by your photographs, your life looks so interesting. I wish you and Frank all of the luck in the world, and maybe I’ll see you if I ever visit Australia or if you’re ever in Central America. 🙂
    .-= Marelisa´s last blog ..Business Ideas and Opportunities for 2010 =-.

  11. Kathy Dobson

    Wow Robin…you took my breath away with your announcement! On the other hand…I am so excited for you because I feel your own excitement about the music industry and where it is going for you and Frank.
    You are doing what we must all do if we are to feel complete…you are going after “what excites you!”
    I will always be grateful to you Robin for you were the catalyst to my opening my dream/passion Without your nudge, it may still be on the back burner of my brain!
    I too am grateful for the network of friends that I have acquired through your blog and for the expanded awareness that I gained by reading your posts. You are an awesome writer so I hope you continue to use that gift in some manner.
    I’ll be checking back occasionally just to make sure you haven’t posted anything…such as a link to a new site.
    You will be missed!
    May 2010 be your best year ever!
    Please stay in touch…you know where to find me!
    .-= Kathy Dobson´s last blog ..Law of Attraction =-.

  12. Evelyn Lim

    Oh gosh, Robin, I am going to miss you! I have been a faithful subscriber for so long! Will it be possible to leave out the perfect comma or something?

    Then again, it appears that you had been having a most amazing time, judging by your photos and sites you have done for others. I wish you nothing but the very best in your musical endeavors!!

    It may appear that we have less opportunity to keep in touch via our blogs but most certainly, don’t be a stranger! Let’s keep in touch via facebook or email!

    Much blessings, love and hugs,
    .-= Evelyn Lim´s last blog ..My Gratitude To You =-.

  13. Wayne Rintoul

    Hi Robs,
    As this is your final blog I just want to give you
    a big warm hug of thanks for your efforts and creative
    topics you undertook, and nailed so well.I know you put so much thought into those pre-blogs.
    I got a lot of great insight, and answers in those times when one needed it.
    Also I cant thank you enough for your help to get my web
    site up and support over the last year, it meant a lot to me.
    Your work is superb.
    You also helped me trust a native desire to follow my own path.
    Im sure this new year will bring many great things for you
    both. My help is there when you need it in any form OK!.

    If (Living forever was the dream), Friendship will make it worthwhile. Much Love Wayne.

  14. Robin

    @Natural – Hi Val – I’m glad you dropped in here for this post – blogging wouldn’t have been the same without you! Take care.
    @Betsy – Hi Betsy – thanks Betsy – and all the best to you and Pete as you round a few bends yourselves. Thanks for being part of my blogging travels!
    @Marelisa – hi Mare, and thanks for being there for me for a long time now. I have really appreciated sharing this blogging journey with you, and am so glad I have got to know you. All the best with everything!
    @Hilary – hi there Hilary – I guess it’s welcome and goodbye! Thanks for your comments, and thanks so much for your Stumble review!
    @Kathy – thanks for your lovely comments Kathy. And all the best with your physical immortality blog! – I’m glad you got going with it when you did. I know we will continue to keep in touch with Facebook, so it isn’t really goodbye.
    @Evelyn – by this time I think I might start to cry – you are reminding me of all the reasons I don’t want to give it up. Sob Sniff (see you on Facebook)
    @Wayne – hi Wayne! Now I’m really going to cry – thank YOU for your friendship and giving me some great material to play webmistress with. See you soon for coffee.

  15. Davina

    I’m excited for you Robin, though I will miss your posts. I know EXACTLY what you are saying about focus. Blogging has a way of calling to you wherever you are. I enjoyed getting to know you through your blog over the last year, and our chat on Skype. That’s the closest I’ve ever been to Australia. All the best with your next wave… that seems to be what living forever is all about… surfing the waves. Cheers!

    If I ever join Facebook, I’ll look you up.
    .-= Davina´s last blog ..Mother Nature Waits for Nobody =-.

  16. Nadia - Happy Lotus

    Hi Robin,

    I think it is wonderful that you are doing what is right for you and just going with what feels right. Your new projects sound awesome. Music is such a wonderful creative art and so much fun. I will definitely check out those blogs and bookmark them.

    Have a beautiful day!
    .-= Nadia – Happy Lotus´s last blog ..Taking Inventory =-.

  17. Janni Lloyd

    Thanks so much Robin for all your wonderful input on physical immortality, We are always each others teachers and students in life, and life without end is no different. And so much of who we are and what we share happens without worrds. That said – I’ve sooo loved your words, the energy and blessings you have conveyed through them.
    Ongoing life is about following our passion. Enjoy those passions and the direction they are taking you.
    And if the physical immortal flow urges you to share with us again, please do.
    lots of love and blessings Janni ps See you soon on Facebook!
    .-= Janni Lloyd´s last blog ..Physical Immortality – the mass possibility Dr Janni Lloyd =-.

  18. Robin

    @Tom – hi Tom – it has indeed been grand. All the best with your exciting projects!
    @Davina – I knew you would understand. I’m very glad we got to know each other Davina – and forgive me for not replying to you on Twitter – I never look at it and I have the notifications turned off. You simply MUST get facebook!
    @Nadia – Hi Nadia – it has been lovely to meet you – it’s a shame it has been a little late in my blogging cycle. All the best with your blog!
    @Janni – thanks for your kind words Janni – I’m so glad we met! See you on FB! – and no doubt in person some time.

  19. Walter

    It feels sad to lose a familiar person in the blogging community. When I started my blog, you are one of the most familiar blogger I came to remember because you are everywhere. Good luck on the path you chose but always remember that the blogosphere will always be around in case you want to reconsider. 🙂
    .-= Walter´s last blog ..The essence of giving =-.

  20. Dot

    Just last night I was thinking that you hadn’t blogged in quite a while and how much I enjoyed reading your blog and your comments on other blogs, including mine. I’ll really miss that, but I understand. We have to expend our energy where it matters most to us. I’ll see you on Facebook, but I’ll miss you in the blogosphere. Best wishes to you and Frank in living life to the fullest!
    .-= Dot´s last blog ..Comment on Would You Do It? by Robin =-.

  21. Patricia

    I am both excited and saddened by your decision, but happy to know that maybe you will go web with this good information.

    I too have made a similar decision in the new year….a group I belonged to for 32 years and paid my way to their college for my first two years – I decided to leave….I just really feel I need to spread my own wings and figure out exactly what I want to do – it is not a negative to them, it is a plus for me…

    This sounds like a plus for you too. Glad making music is working well, and so happy to know you are on facebook….I will miss your good reads
    Hugs and Joy to you and yours
    .-= Patricia´s last blog ..Who Would You Stay Up All Night to Meet? =-.

  22. Robin

    @Walter – Hi there Walter – thank you so much! All the best with your blog.
    @Dot – Hi Dot – good to see you – and thanks for being part of my neck of the blogosphere for some time now. I have really appreciated it.
    @Patricia – hi there – sounds like a big decision – I wondered what you were talking about on your bog the other day. I don’t know how I’d feel if I’d had my blog for 32 years! Thanks for your kind words – and as you said, it isn’t goodbye.

  23. Ching Ya

    This is just my second visit here and I’m surprised to hear the news. If only I get to know you much earlier, but no matter what, I’m happy that you made a decision that you’re comfortable with. Personally, I’m a great fan for music, I think it could the most wonderful invention ever! I support what you have to do and wish you the very best! Hopefully I get to meet you somewhere else and probably start our friendship there. 🙂

    Continue to live for your passion and dreams! (That’s what I like to remind myself daily) Take care!

    Social/Blogging Tracker
    .-= Ching Ya´s last blog ..How To Autopost from Multiple Blogs To Your Facebook Fan Page =-.

  24. Barbara Swafford

    Hi Robin,

    I looked at the photo of you at the top of the post and got all sad. I will miss you and your words of wisdom. What I really liked about your blog is you dared to ask your readers those questions we don’t always want to hear.

    But… I am so happy you and Frank are following your dream. That’s what life is all about – doing what we love.

    Knowing I’ll be seeing you on Facebook helps keep you close.

    All my best to you and Frank.

    .-= Barbara Swafford´s last blog ..Don’t Shoot Me =-.

  25. Stacey / Create a Balance

    Robin, Thank you for letting me know that this is going to be your last post so I could stop by and send you some virtual love. Although we have not “talked” on a regular basis lately, I still feel your blogging energy when I’m online. Like Richard Bach once wrote, between friends, there is no such thing as far away.

    Cheers to your success. Love, Stacey
    .-= Stacey / Create a Balance ´s last blog ..How Writing Down Goals Changed My Life =-.

  26. Kelly@SHE-POWER

    Robin, thanks for letting me know you were folding up shop. I completely understand the need to focus on unfolding passions, rather than past ones. I am in a bit of the same place. I just haven’t yet decided if that means I’m finished with SHE-POWER. So I post every now and then and think about posting a bit more, but don’t.

    I think ‘Let’s Live Forever’ is one of the most unique blogs out there, so in that way your departure is a real loss. But who knows where the future will take you and one day you may feel inclined to add more to this fascinating subject. You have definitely opened my eyes and made me question some beliefs I had never thought to question. As for you and I, no need to be sad about that. We must make the time to chat on Facebook more and I’ll see you the next time I come to Melbourne.

    Take care my friend. Good luck with your music and your websites. And love and hugs to you and Frank. Until we see each other again…

    Kelly xx
    .-= Kelly@SHE-POWER´s last blog ..So this is Christmas… =-.

  27. Robin

    @Tess – thanks Tess – see you at the bloggers festival!
    @Ching Ya – hi there Ching Ya – thanks so much for your comments. All the best with everything!
    @Barbara – thanks Barbara! I probably won’t be able to resist taking a peek at blogs and commenting now and then. See you!
    @Stacey – hi Stacey and great to see you – yes I had to write to you, as you have been a significant part of my blogging experience. All the best – with your blog and everything else.
    @Kelly – Hi Kel – thanks for being a local blogging buddy (well, relatively local). Maybe we can get up there some time, too. My blogging experience wouldn’t have been the same without you! Thanks for your comments about LLF, too – I appreciate it.

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  29. Suzie Cheel

    Dear Robin.

    wow I admire you for taking action on focus- I do this as my last week has been dealing with ” How do I get focused to be where I want to be. Following one’s passion is ideal . just need to get to realising that all will be wonderful and get out of
    I love we have shared online and once via skype
    Namaste- maybe one izmeetu
    .-= Suzie Cheel´s last blog ..Sunday at The Abundance Cafe =-.

  30. Dj

    Hey robin, search a human called ramalinga swamigal (vallalar). He acheived immoratality through 4 physical transformations, i rekon u will find it interesting and may help you progress further. All about trust =)


  31. sharon

    Ha ha Robin, this is funny. I have just returned to blogging after several years. I found your comment on my old site and I thought I would check you out. At least you have left your site running and I hope you are doing well. It seems that most of the blogging community I had built 10 years ago they have all stopped and vanished. I was quite happy to see that your site is up and that you wrote a goodbye message. I am just wondering what happened to everyone else who was blogging in 2009! I also vanished as I couldnt keep up with young family, now glad to be back.

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