An Unusual Experiment

ExpMantis.jpgFor the past 3 weeks, Darren of ProBlogger has had a video interview on his blog of Steve Pavlina and two others bloggers, giving some tips for being successful bloggers. The post is 3 Successful Bloggers Share their Blog Tips [VIDEO].

Steve’s tip is to do “wild, whacky and unusual” experiments on yourself, and report how things are going—this will keep the readers hooked. He talks about how he did a polyphasic sleep experiment, where he slept for 20 minutes at a time around the clock, and about how he ate nothing but raw food last January.

As it happens, Steve was in the middle of his raw food experiment when I discovered him. He kept putting up photos of his meals on his blog… endless photos of raw food on dinner plates.

This inspired my partner Frank to start taking photos of his late-night sandwiches in the making—something he still does now and then. Here are a few:


Unusual experiments

After hearing Steve’s tips, I was wondering… what wild, whacky and unusual experiment could I do, to write about on this blog? I don’t want to deprive myself of sleep, or stop cooking my food.

Then I thought… hang on a minute, this blog is actually about living forever! That is, doing away with aging, illness and death. Isn’t that wild, whacky and unusual enough?

Now I suppose an “experiment” is when you try something, and see how things go. I believe we choose our ideas, and that we all experiment with them constantly (and some of us are more willing to tweak them than others).

So how am I going with the ideas behind my outlandish blog topic?

There are 4 aspects to my experimentations, I think:

1. Wanting to live

I’ve got this nailed—I find my life is satisfying, exciting and expanding, and I feel I’ll be able to deal with any hiccups that might occur. I don’t believe dying gets us anywhere—but that we just come back again after a nice rest, anyway (and that we are “with God” now while in a body just as much as we would be if we were dead).

2. Being young and healthy

This is the biggy, of course—lots of people have wanted to live, and died anyway. As for me, people say I look young for my age… “surely you aren’t fifty-five!“, but I know I have aged. Frank took the little photo at the top of my blog last summer—there is a larger version of it on my StumbleUpon profile. He took the photo I’ve got on my About page this winter, so I look pretty pasty… it’s accurate.

I’ve been having some relatively minor but annoying health issues, one of which is I’ve put on weight, another is I’ve had a dodgy knee lately, and it is my intention to reverse them. I had a kinesiology session a couple of days ago and it moved heaps of energy—I know something has shifted. I’ll see. But I don’t believe aging and death are a natural state of affairs, so I’ll keep plugging away at the various healing techniques.

3. Living in the now

Although this blog is about living forever and I keep using those words, I don’t really think in terms of the years stretching out indefinitely before me. It’s more about slipping into the eternal present moment, with a background understanding that aging and death are not on the cards.

I think I’ve got a healthy balance between thinking and not thinking about the future… I have goals and plans for it, without worrying about it. And it is so much easier to go with the flow in the present when I believe I have plenty of time to express the different parts of myself (if I can’t do something now, I can do it later on).

4. The evangelical side

One thing I don’t like about this blog is the evangelical side of it… I don’t like to feel I am pushing ideas onto people. I have been into these ideas since 1986, and most people I know would have no idea I was into them, because I rarely mention them. And here I am plastering it on the internet—at least people can hit the back button on their browser—it’s not like I’m haranguing them down at the coffee shop! I do feel a bit uncomfortable writing about it.

I felt the urge to do this blog, and there must be a reason why. It’s probably mainly to help me to “get it”—after all, it would be easier for me to get healthy and reverse the aging process if there were a whole lot of 70 year-olds running around looking like they were 30, wouldn’t it?

My hope is that other writers on this topic will come out of the woodwork, and it will become more commonplace to hear about it—maybe my blog could nudge this along. From where I sit, I feel this could assist the shift that I believe is happening to humanity… a shift that is happening in many different guises.

Experiment results

So I’ll keep experimenting with my ideas and see where it takes me. They are working for me so far.

Anyway… who wouldn’t want to live forever with Frank’s cooking to look forward to?

* * *

Bloggers Recording Project

To those of you interested in participating, don’t forget to send me your recordings! The deadline is now December 17. I keep updating the post about it, Bloggers Recording Project, adding tips and so on… so if you have read it in your RSS reader it will be different by now—you might want to check it out again.

* * *
What do you think? Comments are very welcome!

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23 thoughts on “An Unusual Experiment

  1. Urban Panther

    I’ve got a healthy balance between thinking and not thinking about the future

    I like this one. I used to live in the future (interestingly I have never lived int he past). But now I have broad goals for the future, but live in the here and now. It is much more enjoyable way to live.

    Urban Panthers last blog post..The struggle

  2. Lance

    Hi Robin!
    I think you’re living your experiment – I see it in your writing – it alive with “life”. And, that draws me in (I guess because I love life!). So, here’s to experimentation!

    Oh, and about your “pasty” picture – I love it – it’s real, it’s you, and it’s wonderful (read: not pasty at all).

    Lances last blog post..Don’t Worry, Be Happy

  3. Dot

    I like both your pictures. You seem so down-to-earth and genuine in them. I’m glad you wrote this post, because after I arrived here and started following the posts, it seemed to me that you didn’t really write about living forever that much. I haven’t checked out any of your recommended reading (still working through my own), but I’d love to know more about what’s in those books and some of the concepts about living forever.

    That reminds me, I meant to go back through your older posts and read them all. *adds to ToDo list*

    Dots last blog post..One Heartbreaking Day

  4. Marelisa

    Hi Robin: I guess your blog is one big experiment (and as long as you stay alive it’s a successful experiment) 🙂 No offense to Frank, but those sandwiches don’t look at all appetizing, maybe it’s a cultural thing. I like your photograph, and you look don’t look anywhere near 55.

    Marelisas last blog post..30 Creativity Cards: A Gift I Made For You

  5. Robin

    @Miguel – that would be great – as long as you are comfortable with it.
    @Urban Panther – when i was younger I lived in the past more – I’ve had to educate myself to have desires for the future – interesting!
    @Lance – thanks Lance, and I must say your love of live comes across in your blog very much
    @Dot – thanks – I think those other topics are relevant in an indirect way – my thinking is that people will not want to stay alive if they cannot heal themselves of their issues.
    @Vered – thanks Vered
    @Marelisa – you have reminded me of a quote of Leonard Orr’s “you are immortal until you prove otherwise”. You don’t like the idea of rice cracker and baked beans or spread sandwiches?
    @Evelyn – thanks!

  6. Kelly@SHE-POWER

    I’m with Marelisa, not so sure about Frank’s sandwich making. I am with him 100% on the need for ate night snacks though 🙂

    Rob, it was so good to speak to you last week and I can testify that you don’t sound or look 55 so I am having no trouble at all seeing you live forever. Maybe you can share some of your thoughts on how we stop ourselves getting “old” – in mind, body and spirit. And I wish I lived near you because I need a good kinesiologist and yours sounds fab!

    Must remember to get that recording done.


  7. Davina

    Hi Robin. I too enjoy reading your blog. And I don’t think you are pushing your ideas on people at all. I dunno about those sandwiches though 🙂

    I’m working on that recording project. I’m having trouble coming up with the “right” words. Everything I want to say sounds either too airy fairy, or too serious.

    Davinas last blog post..Small Steps To Empower Your Attitude

  8. Jannie

    Well! I always assumed from your photo you were in your late 20s! I’m serious. And now that I look at your About Me photo I can see you are a little older than that but never would guess 55!

    Frank’s sandwiches are very hilarious, lol! Weird but nutrious. Does he heat the beans up or are they cold?

    An experiment… Something is coming to mind about you standing on a street corner with a clipboard and taking a survey of something you’ll ask strangers, like…
    1. How old do you think I am?
    2. What do you think I do for a living?
    3. What do you think my hobby is?

    I dunno. Just an idea, I like the idea of asking strangers stuff for an experiment. Or ask everyone if you could get a hug and tell us what your results were!

    Jannies last blog post..More priceless than all the golden bras in the world, and the happy flinging thereof

  9. Cath Lawson

    Hi Robin – Here’s my take. I love Steve Pavlina’s blog – but I really couldn’t be bothered with his raw food experiments, so I didn’t read the whole time he was doing them.

    Wacky and interesting isn’t telling folk about what you’ve eaten every day. Steve’s blog already had a lot of traffic before he wrote those things – it certainly wasn’t his raw food diet that attracted heaps of traffic.

    I already find your blog interesting. I love when you share your ideas – especially when it comes to things like living forever. Those things are interesting, as they’re not things other bloggers are talking about.

  10. Patricia

    I don’t think you are pushy and I loved the sandwiches – hehe,hehe
    Nope, I think we need more and more interesting writing about enjoying the here and now and about being responsible to our health. Just went to the museum to see the Leonardo Di Vinci exhibit – he was obsessed with equilibrium – If the world had been as obsessed as he was we would not be so out of balance now in so many ways.
    Worth thinking about and discussing.

    Patricias last blog post..Factoid Friday: House Gratitude in Focus

  11. Robin

    @Mizfit – hi there and welcome! Thanks so much for your kind feedback.
    @Kelly – ha ha – and yes it was good to talk! My kinesiology guy is not cheap, and he is in Carlton ($150 first time, $100 after that)
    @Davina – thanks – I know what you mean – I haven’t done mine yet.
    @Jannie – I feel embarrassd now, because while I have not done anything to the little photo, it does make me look younger than I am, I reckon. I suspect the beans were cold! I don’t know – I wasn’t there. I don’t think I would be brave enough to stand on ts street corner with a sign! 😀
    @Cath – I thought they were boring, too! I can see there are some people who would like me to ramp up the immortality stuff.
    @Patricia – hehe – yes – I think it is all about being in the here and now – that’s interesting about Da Vinci.

  12. sharon

    Hey Robin, now you got me thinking! God knows what whacky experiments I am going to come up with….
    Regarding your evangelical side, hey Robin this is your blog and do what you like with it. After all, people are different and have their varied interests, so please dont ever feel uncomfortable with it.
    Believe me, there is far more bizarre things in cyberspace.
    Like you said, those who do not like it can simply hit the back button!
    I will check out Problogger’s interview.

    sharons last blog post..Ecstasy of Joy-Bob Proctor Cruise 2008

  13. Robin

    @Natural – yes he does! I don’t know whether experiments are really the way to go, from the comments I am getting.
    @Sharon – I’m glad there are more bizarre things in cyberspace! – I thought there might be ;=) Do you think you will do some experiments?
    @Barbara – yeah I wasn’t taken with those posts – maybe that’s why I have never got into Steve in a big way, as it was my introduction to him. Thanks about my blog!

  14. Stacey / Create a Balance

    I’m agreeing with others that I do not see you pushing your ideas on people, but instead I see you providing a fresh perspecive on living.

    As for the sandwiches, they remind me of the days (25+ years ago) when I used to make chopped liver, rice crispy, maple syrup, dorito sandwiches.

    Stacey / Create a Balances last blog post..A Week for Giving Thanks

  15. Robin

    @Diana – are you going to try a whacky experiment? 🙂
    @Stacey – thanks Stacey – and LOL at your sandwiches!

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