What’s In A Name?

trees.jpgWell this blog has a new name today—I like the ring of this one better. The old one was ‘Why Live Forever?’

I was staying with my mother in the country for four days last week, without any internet. Although I was gnashing my teeth slightly at the prospect of not being able to get on with my blog, I thought the change of perspective might be a good thing too.

A few days in, I thought of the new name, and decided to change it. I had thought of changing the name before… I had been thinking the old one didn’t quite work. But I couldn’t bear the thought of changing everything over. It took being away from the blog to see things in perspective—I decided it wouldn’t really take that long, especially as the blog only had nine posts anyway… I could just recreate it from scratch and not worry about how to export it or anything fancy like that.

I would have preferred the dot com version of the web address, but it was taken by one of those crappy sites that just have lots of searches for topics that lead to ads, and they make their money from people clicking on the ads… I suppose.

The puzzling thing, I reckon, is why did they choose the name “Let’s live forever.com”? Their goal is to attract people and make money, so they must believe that talking about living forever is something that will do that for them. It’s funny, I think, how often “living forever” comes up in our culture. It’s as though there is a yearning for it deep down in our collective psyche.

4 thoughts on “What’s In A Name?

  1. Harmony

    Hmmmm. Name change. NO WONDER I was not being told by Feedburner that you were cooking up a new flame over here.
    I am going to re-subscribe.

    Yes, LETS LIVE FOREVER! And visit often. 🙂

  2. Robin

    yes I had a handful of subscribers but I didn’t know what to do – then I saw what Peter from The Change Blog did when he changed over (I think I understand what he did). But it was too late – I had redirected the domain name and deleted the old feed. And I had looked around on Feedburner for some insights, too! Sigh.

  3. Robin

    Thanks Barbara!
    Maybe you could make the issues I had when I changed the name a topic for your blog?

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