Ten Reasons To Decide To Live Forever

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I was thinking I’d put reasons for deciding to live forever into a list, so here are ten of them…

1. Because it brings you into present time more—if you know there’s lots of time, you are more relaxed about what to do right now.

2. Because you are more likely to leave jobs you don’t like and find your true life purpose. You wouldn’t want to stay doing THAT forever, would you?

3. Because you are likely to follow your intuition more, which can lead to all sorts of REALLY EXCITING things.

4. So you don’t have to buy life insurance.

5. Because thinking for your whole life that you’re going to die must surely not be very good for your health.

6. Because you are more likely to find solutions for health and relationship issues. Partly because you would not want to put up with them forever, but more because your outlook is more likely to bring you into contact with people and ideas that can really help.

7. So you can watch children grow up and watch adults grow up more. And so they can follow your example and decide to live forever too, and you can all be together always.

8. So you can say “life’s too long” (to put up with something) instead of “life’s too short”. And so you don’t ever again say “nothing’s certain except death and taxes” (I don’t know what we can do about the taxes.)

9. So you will know you have plenty of time to travel the world or become a great singer (or whatever your dreams are), thus eliminating panic or depression over time running out for doing what you want to do.

10. So you can say you are “youthing” rather than “aging”, and watch the wrinkles disappear. What if all aging was caused by the thought that death is inevitable?

I hope you like this list – Robin

12 thoughts on “Ten Reasons To Decide To Live Forever

  1. Secret Simon

    Hi Robin – Not quite sure what I think about this…
    I suppose I think of bodies a bit like the growth of a plant which comes in the spring, then withers in the winter, only to be reborn the next year. No particular reason to get attached to them.
    On the other hand, “thinking for your whole life that you’re going to die must surely not be very good for your health” and “you are more likely to find solutions for health and relationship issues. Partly because you would not want to put up with them forever” both ring true.
    “if you know there’s lots of time, you are more relaxed about what to do right now” is another one I’ll go along with.
    On the other hand: If we keep on having sex and giving birth and stuff (and life might be a bit dull without it) isn’t the planet going to get even more overcrowded than it is at the moment?
    Ans if it’s important to live in the present moment (which I agree) then why does it matter what’s going to happen to our bodies in the future?
    So I’m undecided about this. I guess I’ll just have to keep on reading…
    Thanks for visiting my blog! I’ve put you on my list…

  2. Robin

    Thanks Simon for your comment! It’s so good when someone can allow themselves to consider something that they don’t fully agree with.

    To briefly follow up… I agree we would not want to do away with “sex and birth and stuff” – perhaps our ideas of room running out on Earth are coming from our beliefs in limitations, and when we let go of those beliefs, solutions could manifest themselves?

  3. Barbara Swafford

    Hi Robin,

    I think your first three points are valid for anyone who believes they can live forever, or not. I think when we live in the moment and don’t worry about what tomorrow will bring, we’re more apt to enjoy all that surrounds us.

    I find it sad when someone feels they have to stay in a dead end job because they don’t think they have a choice. We all have many choices, we just have to open our eyes to opportunities.

    Barbara Swaffords last blog post..This NBOTW Will Make Your Laugh

  4. Dot

    I guess I figure a lot of people will be following their own path of dying or reincarnation or whatever, so those who want to live forever in the same body won’t have to worry about overcrowding.

    What about people who tire of this personality and would like to try something different, such as being the opposite gender or a different race?

    Dots last blog post..One Heartbreaking Day

  5. Clifford Young

    That’s a nice list, Robin. I think I might like to try writing a list like that also. Even just to get the brain cells in gear. As an aside I find lists like these often say a lot about our individual personalities, so are revealing in oblique and surprising ways. Here’s one I would put in my own list:

    Because much of my youth was wasted in not knowing how to do things (how to have a beautiful relationship, how to interact with people in a way that empowers everyone, how to make love, how to put together a nice career that feeds both sides of my brain, how to speak in public, how to compose music and orchestrate, how to make spinach lasagna, how to make a good apple pie)…now that I know how to do these things, and still have a nice, healthy body to be able to enjoy it all with, I want to be able to do all of these things, and much more, for as long as I can.

    Clifford Youngs last blog post..Stegosaurus on Cambodian Temple

  6. nichole miller

    i found this helpful and relating to people more than other websites…..thanks for the info…i’m going to win my debate tomorrow 🙂 i’m on pros for living forever………..

  7. sam

    Why do people like to live forever ?
    Well I think it is a natural reason for every one and it is not just about human as you can see all of creature they are attempting for that , perhaps a simple instance for this , when you are watching a Secrets of Survival film and you see a zebra is escaping from a Cheetah definitely you will understand the meaning of life. Then the first reason it is natural .
    Second reason : we like to live forever because we are frightened , we love our environment and a place that we are inhabited because we have a strange force in our mind after few time we get used to every thing that we have, for example we have some people and something that we depend on them and we love them such as : our house , our car , mother , father , husband, wife , …ect . As consequence it will be tough and terrible for us because you will lose everything
    Third reason :
    We don’t have any perception about death , and we don’t know about our destination because of that we prefer to live forever , although we have lot of orders in our religion books but more people they don’t believe them very deeply,because we have a sensible brain and perception of this topic is a little difficulty.
    Fourth reason
    Because we are in a game and we want to ascertain some attractive parts of this game we are excited by everything that we are discovering, in fact we are similar an addict and tireless player
    Five reason
    Some people especially those who believe in immortality of the soul , they are concerned about all of evil works that they did , they are frightened because they learned from their religion books these people they will have a terrible destination or they will think they will go to hell.

  8. Avry Christie

    I do agree with you about these, but I’ll have to disagree with you about the whole immortality thing. FOREVER is a very long time, and even though these are good reasons, they won’t be that good for a long time. Evolution would suck, overpopulation would be a huge issue, and the sun will swallow Earth within 7.5 Billion years, among many more problems. Even though there are other possibly inhabitable planets out there, leaving Earth seems scary.

  9. bob dawson

    I so enjoyed your words, and posts about Spalding. –especially the fellow who met an 80 year old person in ’89 who knew Baird.
    I wonder if Spalding knew Guy Ballard (St Germain)
    Thank you
    (bob) dawson New York NY

  10. kantnes

    i wanna be immortal and death will just bury what i have learn and what i have loosed ,
    i wanna live forever and even want to create medicine for every disease , i wanna go to other planet and create it wounder full place after making earth wonderful , i want to give every one happiness so they put effort to do good for man kind.

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