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Janni Lloyd, An Aussie Immortalist

Janni LloydAt the start of this year an email landed in my inbox from Janni Lloyd. She contacted me because she has been interested in physical immortality for some time, and she had discovered this blog.

I was pretty excited… it was great to hear from an enthusiastic supporter of physical immortality, and she turned out to be Australian, from the state of Western Australia. Since then we’ve had a phone conversation (that lasted ages) and have kept in touch by email.

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Physical Immortality Discussion On

dolphin.jpgI recently found a wonderful thread about physical immortality on the discussion pages. Some bits are more wonderful than others, but I REALLY LOVE the introductory piece, written by Dr Janni Lloyd.

If you are at all intrigued by the idea of physical immortality, I suggest you check it out… it’s at Do You Choose Life? You may even like to join and have your say! (And the reason for the dolphin pic will become clear if you click through).

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Sondra Ray – Rebirthing And Physical Immortality

“Sondra’s ideas are mind blowing and life altering for an entire generation” ~ Marianne Williamson, author of A Return to Love

sondra ray physical immortalityI’d like to write about Sondra Ray today!

Sondra is a rebirther, trainer, seminar leader and author. She travels extensively throughout the world, training rebirthers and leading personal growth workshops, as well as taking groups to India regularly.

It was through Sondra and her work that I was first introduced to physical immortality, rebirthing and many other healing techniques, and writers such as Louise Hay, Shakti Gawain and Ken Carey, in 1986. All of this brought about huge changes in my life, to put it mildly, for which I am very grateful.
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Life And Teaching Of The Masters Of The Far East

photo from Nepal by Marina & Enrique

[Update, May 13 – I believe now that these books are entirely fictional, and Spalding did not travel to India at the time described. To me, the message is authentic, as it is consistent with information from other sources.]

I’ve just re-read volume 1 from the set of 6 books, Life And Teaching Of The Masters Of The Far East, by Baird T Spalding, for the first time in 22 years, and was blown away by it.

Baird T Spalding was a geophysicist and mining engineer, born 1857, who travelled a lot doing geological surveys, and he and a party of fellow American scientists spent over 3 years traveling with immortal masters in India and thereabouts, from 1894.
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Calling All Gods And Goddesses!

photo by demi-brooke

It’s as if we are gods and goddesses living in little mud hovels and driving around in clunky, funky old jalopies.

This is from Shakti Gawain, in her book Living in the Light. It is from the chapter Spirit and Form, which is about integrating the physical reality we find ourselves in with our already fully developed spirit.

So… are we really gods and goddesses? I think so!
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Making The Most Of Life

photo by mandj98

What would you be doing today if you believed you were never going to die?

I know I would be doing exactly as I am doing today… finalising Frank’s tax records to send to our accountant, interspersed with writing this post, and I just went for a short walk, leaving Frank slaving at the kitchen table going through receipts. Because I do believe I’m never going to die, and this happens to be what I get the urge to do today.
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The Fountain Of Youth Gets An Update!

fountain of youth
photo by inocuo

Back in May last year I posted a short story: The Fountain Of Youth. I wrote this in the mid 90s, and I published it pretty much as I wrote it then.

Now I have updated it! By adding an epilogue.

It would make most sense to read the whole story, but if you haven’t got time, it’s basically about a guy called Melvyn who finds a trickle of water he believes makes him immortal. It’s also about both his reactions and the reactions of the people around him.
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5-Year Plan For This Blog


As this is my first post for 2009, I thought it might be a good time to gaze into the misty realms of the future and “see” how things might go for this blog and its topic of living forever. How long can I sustain a topic like this for? Will Let’s Live Forever! live?

Or maybe I should put this more boldly, and announce I have a PLAN for this blog! Um… well, if I have a plan, it could go like this…
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