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Staying Young

seedling.jpgNone of us would want to stay alive forever if we were old and sick and in pain and lonely and depressed and all that. I would assume.

So how can we stay young and healthy indefinitely? I’m 54 myself, so I haven’t exactly proved one can live indefinitely, but I’ll have a go at putting together some thoughts about staying young that I have picked up from my own life and around the place. Here are some things we can do:

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But I’d Get So Bored!

bored.jpgOne of the common protests people make about the idea of living forever is they say they will get bored going on and on forever.

What is boredom? A description I’ve heard, that rings true for me, is that boredom is the “feeling” we get when we are suppressing our feelings more than at other times. Do we feel bored when we are feeling angry? Or sad? Nope.

Boredom is usually linked with having nothing to do, and the prescribed cure usually seems to be to get busy. But if boredom comes from suppressing feelings, the “getting busy” may quite likely be just a cover-up, and the feelings get even more buried. And we all know what suppressed, buried feelings do, don’t we! Read illness, addiction, depression, accidents…
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Plenty For Everyone

cherries160.jpgThis post is inspired by a comment left on an earlier one. Thanks SO much to everyone who has left a comment—it makes a huge difference to me.

The thought expressed was… what about having sex and making babies and population growth and there being enough room on the planet for everyone, if no-one dies? …to paraphrase.

My take on it is that our thinking there’s not enough room for everyone boils down to our beliefs in limitations. We can cultivate the mindset that there is enough love, money, food and room for everyone, whether we are thinking globally or closer to home. Who knows what might happen if we all did that!
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Living Forever

photo by TheeErin

I want to do a post that clarifies my philosophy about living forever, so here goes…

By “living forever” I mean living indefinitely in our physical body—no death, no funeral. I’m not talking about living on after physical death in some sort of after-life form.

I have always thought our true identity, whatever we want to call it (spirit, soul, etc), continues on forever… whether or not we are in physical form. I know not everyone comes from that perspective—it’s just what I have always thought since I was young.
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