Calling All Gods And Goddesses!

photo by demi-brooke

It’s as if we are gods and goddesses living in little mud hovels and driving around in clunky, funky old jalopies.

This is from Shakti Gawain, in her book Living in the Light. It is from the chapter Spirit and Form, which is about integrating the physical reality we find ourselves in with our already fully developed spirit.

So… are we really gods and goddesses? I think so!

Easter time

At the end of my last post, What if? The Movie – A Review, I related a question Dr Bernie Siegel posed in the testimonials area of the What if? website“What if Jesus was the only normal person to have lived?”

I put it in because I thought it was a quirky and relevant thought, but it turns out to be very relevant here also, this being my Easter post and all. I didn’t plan it!

I happen to think that the message of the Jesus story is that we can all do the “miracles” that he did. I also think that the Easter story was showing us, with Christ’s death and resurrection, that we can overcome death. After all, the Christian scriptures are full of references to “eternal life” and not seeing death and so on.

Anyway, it was very interesting to read people’s thoughts on Dr Bernie’s question! Here are some excerpts from some of the comments…

Miguel – wisdom and life I guess that praying all day would be normal 🙂

Jenny – heal pain naturally We ALL are children of God. We all have powers beyond our wildest dreams. We are all healers and can manifest if we believe and love ourselves and our Source/God.

Tess – the bold life Well that means we will won’t be normal until we “do even greater things”.

Vered – mommy blogger I think it’s good to challenge ourselves and ask ourselves whether “normal” could be something completely different – and much better.

Kelly – writer, mom, traveller I think if Jesus were the only normal person to have lived, then a world of miracles awaits, and that’s an idea to hold onto.

Ribbon – fragments, treasures, memory I think that Jesus is a celebrity of “normal”… I think that there are probably quite a few so called normal people all about the place.

Evelyn – attract abundance Hmmm….it got me thinking about what “normal” is?

Tom – business coach I once tried to live a day as Jesus would have lived and I made it for about 27 minutes. 🙂

Dot – deeper issues This is exactly the approach of Christian Science………Jesus said that any one of his disciples could do what he did, which CS interprets as meaning anyone who believes.

I must say I enjoyed Ribbon’s comment, describing Jesus as a celebrity of “normal”. Could it be that we (or perhaps the early leaders of the Christian church) have put Jesus on a pedestal so we would have a cop-out from doing as Jesus has done?

Our true nature

I’ve always remembered an analogy I once heard for our relationship with God (or the Source, or the universal creative energy)…

“If God was a pie, we are all pieces of pie. We are not the whole pie, but we are still pie.”

I agree with this… that we are all part of the God-pie—in essence, we are God.

Healing ourselves

All of this isn’t much help if we are still driving around in those clunky, funky jalopies.

Luckily today there are many resources to help us heal ourselves, physically and emotionally, so we can fulfill our potential. I think consulting healing practitioners who can facilitate the transformation process would be the best bet for anyone who is either very ill or wants to change quickly, and there are also books, audio programs and movies for finding information, techniques and inspiration.

I’ve listed the books I’d recommend for healing and transformation on my resources page—most of them are the ones I have personally found most helpful. I’d also like to comment on three movies I have discovered recently:

1. You Can Heal Your Life, The Movie.

This movie tells the story of Louise Hay and her work. I think it is a great introduction to the field of healing from within, and both introduces and extends her book You Can Heal Your Life very nicely. It begins and ends with a character deciding whether they are willing to change, so could be great for someone who is feeling stuck. (If you are interested in following up on this DVD, it would be best to search for it yourself, so you get the zoning and shiping rates to suit you.)

2. What if? The Movie – Awakening.

I reviewed this movie in my post What if? The Movie, A Review. Through giving examples of healings that have occurred and discussing new findings by science, this movie shows it is possible for us to heal ourselves.

3. The Living Matrix.

I’ve just read about this movie in a post by Jenny Mannion, The Living Matrix Movie — The New Science of Health and Healing is Here. I haven’t seen this movie yet, as it is just out, but I understand it is very inspiring. It covers new scientific discoveries that confirm or explain alternative mind-body healing methods—certainly one for the doubting Thomases, I’d imagine. Please do read Jenny’s review if you are looking to heal yourself of any illness, or know anyone who is.

We can do it, the healing is there for the taking.

So come on all you Gods and Goddesses—let’s show the world who we really are!

* * *
I made a video. It may not be my finest moment, but I couldn’t resist putting it up. I had pressed RECORD on my computer for Frank to muck around, and found myself stuck in the background. Here ’tis!

Now, wouldn’t you like to join us for eternity?

Have a great Easter break over next weekend, everybody!

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36 thoughts on “Calling All Gods And Goddesses!

  1. Jenny Mannion

    Hi Robin,

    Thanks so much for the link. The video made me smile – you look so cute and you guys are having so much fun — it is awesome to see that! 🙂

    The Living Matrix is truly amazing and you know how I love movies that tell us how powerful we all are! What if was wonderful at showing we all have capabilities. The Living Matrix shows the science that explains why information and energy medicine are very important and REAL.

    Thanks for putting the comments together – it was very interesting to see what we all had to say! 🙂

    Always love visiting here Robin — you once again put a smile on my face – thank you for your friendship.


    Jenny Mannions last blog post..The Living Matrix Movie — The New Science of Health and Healing is Here

  2. Akemi - Yes to Me

    I ordered the Living Matrix DVD after reading Jenny’s post ^_^

    Love your video! You are so cute. I was wondering, what it would be like if you two switched roles just for fun — Frank hanging behind you, Robin, as a spirit…

    We are God. Some say “we are children of God”, but if we are children of God, we grow up to be God. This realization, however, is so scary for many people.

    The real question, I think, is so what do we want to do as God?

    Akemi – Yes to Mes last blog post..Creating The New World, Part 1 Love

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  4. Akemi - Yes to Me

    I want to elaborate a bit more.
    Okay, so we all have the same power Jesus did. Now, to me, he seems to have performed “miracles” mostly upon requests. There are exceptions, such as walking on the water, but most of the time, he did miracles upon requests (eg. most healings) or upon seeing needs (eg. turning water to wine at a wedding).

    I know this site is about immortality, and that is great. We can live forever. But is that all you want to do? Are there other things you might aspire to do with our Divine Power?

    By the way, I also think “psychics” are normal people whereas non-psychics (or who believe they are non-psychics) are under-developed in their out-of-range perceptions 😉

    Akemi – Yes to Mes last blog post..Online Gratitude Journal New Macbook Edition #27

  5. Kelly@SHE-POWER

    Rob, you two make such a gorgeous couple. Have a happy Easter.


    PS. I love the pie analogy. Not only is it beautiful, but anything to do with pie makes me smile 🙂

  6. Ribbon

    Hi Robin It’s always a pleasure to see people having fun… Great little clip.
    I enjoy the way you think and appreciate what you share.
    I think that curiousity is what gave the cat nine lives!
    Keep on exploring… I’m along for the ride as I’m enjoying your journey.

    Best wishes always and happy easter holidays

    PS & G’day to Frank too

    Ribbons last blog post..Six Word Saturday… x 3

  7. Evelyn Lim

    I love coming to your blog! You exude so much joy! I smiled at the quote about the gods and goddesses and then I laughed at Tom’s comment about “making it for only 27 minutes”. Your video is very cheeky too!

    I’ve got news to share. I am so happy I can burst. I’ve just “met” higher dimensional self in a meditation last night. Oh my…she is really beautiful!

    On a more serious note, as far as I know, Buddha’s disciples could also perform “miracles”. However, they were told not to distract the masses with them. Also, enlightened masters will never announce that they are enlightened.

    Happy Easter to you and Frank!!

    Evelyn Lims last blog post..Lessons Learned From The Law of Attraction

  8. Subramanian

    //“If God was a pie, we are all pieces of pie. We are not the whole pie, but we are still pie.”//

    Just to quote a similar meaning sanskrit mantra from Hindu religious text



  9. Urban Panther

    Wow, this statement jumped out at me: have put Jesus on a pedestal. This actually has always been my belief. While I am not Christian, in the sense that I do not believe that the way to Salvation is *only* through Jesus Christ, I do believe he existed. And I do believe he did incredible things. And I do believe the Bible is telling us that we too can do incredible things if we only believe we can. But when we idolize people, as you suggest, we can cop out from being like them.

    I also liked Ribbon’s comment that there are probably quite a few ‘normal’ people right here and now. For sure there are. But they go about their business quietly doing great works, because sadly we tend to attack and mock and question someone performing so called miracles.

    Can’t have someone performing miracles, now could we? That might suggest we all have to step up to the plate.

    Urban Panthers last blog post..Five hundred year vision

  10. Tom Volkar / Delightful Work

    Ribbon seem to be saying what Joan Osborne said in here song, What if God Were One of Us?

    I feel good about these lyrics. I’ve always thought of God as my buddy. Just like I prefer to be with you. mates if you will.

    What if God was one of us
    Just a slob like one of us
    Just a stranger on the bus
    Trying to make his way home

    Tom Volkar / Delightful Works last blog post..Loving Your Work is Overrated

  11. Patricia

    I just came from a reading by a Chinese Medical Intuitive and am not making much sense of things right now….Friar did not know what I was talking about and my grammar and spelling ability seems totally gone at the moment.
    He said to drink lots of water after the reading so I think I will do that
    I will have to come back and read your post again…very fun video
    Thank you, I did figure that out!

    Patricias last blog post..Opening Day

  12. vickilee

    that video is SO FUNNY!!
    i was totally engaged.

    …….I reckon Laughing gives your insides a massage!

    I think we’ve all got invisible L plates on our backs… (for “Life”) and now and again we’re getting tested without knowing it. If we pass… we get a licence to Thrive……

    vicki xox

  13. Robin

    Goddess Jenny – A pleasure to link to your very interesting post. I’m planning to order the DVD today. Thanks to you for your friendship, too!

    Goddess Akemi – thanks about the video! As for what we will be doing when we are self-realised, for me it is a matter of staying in present time now and trusting our inner guidance, so that life unfolds as we go along. When you bring up “We can live forever. But is that all you want to do? Are there other things you might aspire to do with our Divine Power?” – my outlook is that we need to get over this silly aging and dying business in order to fully express our divine power. I’d be cautious of any “is that all there is?” thoughts about living – they may be coming from unconscious beliefs about life being “bad”, and so on, which if are not cleared out, would stop us from expressing our divinity. And, of course, a divine being is at choice about which modality they express in.

    Goddess Kelly – thanks Kel. I quite like the pie idea, too – caramel, perhaps?

    Goddess Ribbon – I like your curious cat with so many lives idea (except there’s another saying: curiosity killed the cat). Curiosity certainly keps us interested! Happy Easter to you, too!

    Goddess Evelyn – I thought Tom was funny, too. I’m so happy for you about your meditation! I thought your regular dimensional self was rather beautiful too, though. And yes – some “miracles” are not really more than party tricks (depending on how they are used). Happy Easter to you, too!

    God Subramanian – thanks for that, Subramanian. We are both creation and the creator – ahh

    Goddess Urban Panther (now that has a ring to it!) – yeah Panther – totally agree with you. In the Christ story we were being shown who we really are, and then we all ignored it. Cheers!

    God Tom – ha ha – the 27 minute man/God. I like that song too – I love the bit…

    Nobody calling on the phone
    ‘cept for the Pope maybe in Rome

    Goddess Tess – I don’t know what you mean. Us, crazy? Wishing you a happy and bold Easter!

    Goddess Mama Zen – You too, MZ!

    Goddess Patricia – I hope you have had plenty of water by now. Can’t have you not speling proper. Thanks about the video!

    Goddess Vicki – ha ha ha ha- as you know Frank, it was probably extra funny! PLEASE – you MUST start your mummy/mommy blog – the blogosphere needs you. Like your L plates for Thriving!

  14. Ribbon

    Mmm now that’s interesting… curiousity didn’t really kill the cat as it lived again and again………. nine lives I believe they say!
    Maybe after life number nine it just chose not to be around anymore?

    You make me smile & l love you for that 🙂

    best wishes Ribbon

  15. Vered - MomGrind

    You guys are SO CUTE. And Robin, you look very young! I guess this living forever thing is working after all. 🙂

    Thank you for the link – it was interesting to read everyone’s thoughts.

  16. Jannie Funster

    LAUGHING MY ASS OFF AT YOUR VIDEO!!!! You guys are a freaking hoot. “What the fuck’s a pop-up?” Oh, be still my aching cheeks from laughing.

    Robin, you are SOOOO cute! Just a darling little gal with the light of 1000 angels beaming from you.

    And the first part of this post reminds me of the sage words of “Kris Kristofferson…

    “Jesus was a Capricorn
    He ate organic food
    He believed in love and peace
    And never wore no shoes…”

    Rock on, Jesus. You da model for living and loving.

    Jannie Funsters last blog post..Potential Regalements

  17. Marelisa

    Hi Robin: What an awesome video, you and Frank are too funny 🙂 And I love the quote by Shakti Gawain, it’s so true. Unfortunately I think we still need to evolve much more before we can truly live up to our real potential.

  18. Robin

    God Seamus – that’s OK Seamus – and thank you!

    Goddess Ribbon – I don’t know why I said that – what’s that saying trying to say? I would say curiosity is a good thing. Thanks!

    Goddess Vered – Aw gee – are we? Well of COURSE it works! How well, remains to be seen (everyone in my family has a young face).

    Goddess Jannie – YOU crack me up! “Oh, be still my aching cheeks from laughing”? Love the verse – but I thought Jesus wore sandals. Thanks for the extraordinary compliments! – it takes one to know one (one what, I’m not exactly sure).

    Goddess Marelisa – thank you Mare – glad you were amused! I really love that book of Shakti’s. It’d be good if it doesn’t take too much longer, wouldn’t it. c u!

  19. Giovanna Garcia

    Hi Robin

    When I read you post, I thought about the same song that Tom wrote about. I love that song. Good one Tom!
    Funny Video 🙂 The part about pop up…that made me LOL.
    Thank you my friend, Happy Easter to you and your family.
    Giovanna Garcia
    Imperfect Action is better than No Action

    Giovanna Garcias last blog post..One feather at a time!

  20. Lance

    Hi Robin!
    You guys are too much fun – I DO want to join you for eternity!! The video is great.
    And here’s to being god’s and goddesses, each one of us, in our unique ways (as we have been created by our Creator).
    Have a wonderful Easter, both of you!

    Lances last blog post..And Practice Will Go On

  21. Robin

    Goddess Giovanna – hi there Giovanna – thanks, and you have a good Easter too!

    God Lance – ha ha – when are you going to make one? Yes – and here’s to our individual expression of Source – thanks (from both of us)

    Goddess Jannie – I have never heard of “huraches.” Them some kind of sandals?

    Goddess Barbara – glad you like it Barbara! – and thanks for the compliment!

  22. Vikum

    Hi Robin,
    ha ha ha…. 🙂 (sorry I couldn’t stop laughing out) It’s really fun. You guys like a young, newly wedded couple( yeah yeah I know you really are 🙂 ) BTW this is what the life should be. Happy for you.
    Have a great Easter !

  23. Natural

    LOL okay that video made me laugh.

    personally i wouldn’t compare myself to a god or a goddess. i know i was created by a god, but i am not an equal. it’s like a parent and child relationship. one always posses more knowledge and experience – so i wouldn’t consider us as equals.

    i believe we were created in God’s image – which is love.

    i’ve read of stories of people healing themselves, but i’m not quite there yet. however from reading the bible – we were not created to die and just looking at the body and how cells renew themselves – we were meant to live forever. it was only after disobedience that man lost that right, but all is not lost.

    Naturals last blog post..My Two Left Feet

  24. Robin

    God Vikum – okay laugh at us – we’ve been living together for 5 years, so more-or-less a “new” couple, I guess! Thanks for stopping by, Vikum!

    goddess Natural Woman – okay Val – I’ll use a lower case “g” – hope that’s alright with you. That’s really interesting the way you think that we were not created to die, and also that “all is not lost” – my thoughts exactly! Happy Easter, Valerie.

  25. Skyler

    Living Forever already is when there is a balance between clear intention and surrender. Both energies are necessary, although not at the same time! There can be, however, a kind of relaxed state that has a clear intention of living forever. Here there is not the intensity of a strong intention.

    For me, I enjoy just giving up all the brain’s activities and allow. Just be. Alone. Breathing is happening. There’s nowhere to go…this is it as it is.

    In time, there can be an opening to rejuvenating as the body opens to renewing itself. In other words, the body will age backwards! So Let’s Live Forever!

    All the best,

  26. Robin

    @Skyler – lovely to hear from you – and it’s great to hear a perspective from someone who is into physical immortality!

    I love the way you talk about balancing clear intention with surrender – it’s how I would describe my experience, too. I find your writing beautiful and moving – thanks so much!

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  28. Rhys

    Hi Robin!

    As this post is predicated on the thought that Jesus was the only normal person to have lived – then surely it must follow that his teaching is paramount? Therefore we don’t ‘heal’, ‘improve’, or ‘enlighten’ ourselves but simply look [in love] to him the provider [of all].

    Rhyss last blog post..How to Know Preaching is from the Spirit

  29. Robin

    Hi there Rhys – welcome to this blog! I’m not sure what you are getting at here – to me, to “look to him as provider” sounds like looking outside ourselves, whereas in my opinion the teachings are about finding the Source within us, and I believe if we really do this, we become healed and enlightened. Thanks for your input!

  30. Damian

    well, god is a great concept.
    my world is what i think and feel so i am the god of my world.
    the imperfection belongs to the material world. i don’t realy find myself in the “things” around me.

    i am very sorry i didn’t read the whole article, i’m new in the blogosphere and out of the country with business.. i’ll be back.

    Damian Oski
    .-= Damian´s last blog ..You shouldn’t be reading this =-.

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