Janni Lloyd, An Aussie Immortalist

Janni LloydAt the start of this year an email landed in my inbox from Janni Lloyd. She contacted me because she has been interested in physical immortality for some time, and she had discovered this blog.

I was pretty excited… it was great to hear from an enthusiastic supporter of physical immortality, and she turned out to be Australian, from the state of Western Australia. Since then we’ve had a phone conversation (that lasted ages) and have kept in touch by email.

Now I’d like to introduce her to you by interviewing her!

But first, some info:

Janni started out as a medical doctor (so is officially Dr Janni) and later took up alternative medicine, mainly aura soma therapy. She has two young-adult children. Now to the interview…

ROBIN Welcome Janni! To start with, can you tell us how you came across the idea of physical immortality?

JANNI I was always very interested in how the psyche and emotions were involved in physical disease, and that led me to learn meditation about 18 years ago. In October 1992, I attended a course that involved several days of meditation and personal growth information – during that time I became very aware of how deeply connected we all are.

Then shortly after that, I received some deep intuitive insights… “physical death is a choice” and also “balance the masculine and feminine, the yin/yang”. I chose physical immortality almost immediately.

I had not read anywhere about physical immortality, however within about 8 weeks I was told about Sondra Ray’s book How to Be Chic, Fabulous and Live Forever. And since then the synchronicities have flowed abundantly.

ROBIN Wow! You found it within, rather than hearing about it! That’s very interesting. How did your family and friends react to the idea – did you say anything about it to them?

JANNI A few I told immediately – they were interested and supportive. Others I waited until I felt more “solid” myself with the new understanding.

ROBIN How did the idea make you feel, in the early days?

JANNI I had mixed feelings. Some excitement, of course. It also made me uncomfortable for a while. I was still a practising medical doctor and a lot of my insights did not “fit the paradigm”. Hence my move to alternative medicine. This was 17 years ago. There are now medical scientists talking quite a lot about physical immortality.

ROBIN Can you give us a couple of examples of scientists whose work on immortality you find interesting?

JANNI Dr Bruce Lipton, cell biologist, is one of my favourites – he did much stem cell research and has written a book The Biology of Belief. He is saying that we are not the victims of our genes but the programmers of them.

Biogerontologist Dr Aubrey De Grey is very actively pursuing physical immortality from the medical science perspective. He has organised a conference in Cambridge which is starting in a few days where he has gathered together many scientists – with lecture topics such as ‘Rejuvenating the immune system’ and ‘Rejuvenating extracellular material’.

ROBIN Were there times when, as a doctor, you wanted to tell your patients about physical immortality?

JANNI Most people I encountered when I was a doctor were not ready to hear about this paradigm shift in belief system, from “physical death is inevitable” to “physical death is a choice”. I also probably didn’t understand it enough myself then to verbalise it to them either. I can certainly look back though and see how the physical death paradigm limited their healing and general level of well being. The classic comment “you gotta die of something” was a wonderful excuse to not love and care for their bodies.

Also assuming “age” was responsible for so much – one person made that comment when their “number” was only 26! Always remember that a number does not define you. Especially as every molecule in our body is changed within around 18 months – no physical part of us is ever “older” than 18 months!

ROBIN What is aura soma therapy?

JANNI Aura Soma is a colour therapy that uses colour and the energies from essential oils, herbs and crystals to enable release of any challenges we may have psychologically and emotionally that may be preventing us from expressing our gifts.

ROBIN I know you travel around Australia and the world talking with groups and individuals about physical immortality – what have you been doing lately?

JANNI Yes I’ve been very involved in raising awareness of physical immortality and healthy radical life extension for around 10 years now. I will be presenting a talk on this at the Conscious Living Expo in Perth on September 6th. I also love to raise awareness on the internet and I’m enjoying my Do you choose life? thread in the Oprah online community. I feel networking is very important in this paradigm shift.

We also have Sondra Ray coming to Perth in November this year, 2009.

I presented a seminar in Orange County, Los Angeles this time last year and assisted Lynn Petersen establish a physical immortality interest group there. I also gave an internet interview for Elfreda Pretorius for her show ‘Game Changer’ while I was there.

My paper Physical Immortality – the mass possibility is freely available for all to read on my blog. In this, I discuss this possibility from the medical science, quantum physics, alternative medical and spiritual perspectives.

I have about 3/4’s written a book entitled The Fun Way of Physical Immortality Philosophy – this is taking it’s time to unfold and I’m very pleased that I have eternity to complete it lol

ROBIN I’m certainly looking forward to your book, as I think you have some great stuff on your blog. Are you thinking of including suggestions for how to become physically immortal?

JANNI Yes, there will be suggestions about what I feel has enhanced my life force during the last 17 years.

ROBIN Do you have any other projects in mind?

JANNI I would really like to be involved in creating movies and documentaries on this subject – don’t know how that is all going to unfold – I’ll just put it out to the universe and see who turns up lol

James A Sinclair who created What if? The Movie has read my paper and has said that a doco on Physical Immortality would be a good idea – you never know…

ROBIN What brings people to your seminars?

JANNI The people who attend my seminars are just the ones who are ready to hear about this possibility – they come from “all walks of life”.

ROBIN How have they received the ideas?

JANNI In the early years of my presentations there would occasionally be someone who was a little resistant to the possibility, that doesn’t seem to happen now.

ROBIN I’m wondering if you would like to recommend any books about physical immortality to my readers – I know you are much more widely read on the topic than I am (I haven’t got time – I’m a blogger – heh)

JANNI I love Robert Coon’s books, now available online through lulu.com, also Sondra Ray’s How to Be Chic, Fabulous and Live Forever, Leonard Orr’s Breaking the Death Habit, Herb Bowie’s Why Die?, Deepak Chopra’s Ageless Body, Timeless Mind and Ben Bova’s Immortality: How Science Is Extending Your Life Span–and Changing The World.

A wonderful fiction read is Tom Robbins’ Jitterbug Perfume.

All of these books look at physical immortality from the author’s own perspective. It’s important to keep that in mind… it is an individual journey! Even though the mass consciousness also seems to be shifting in that direction, we still bring our own UNIQUE FLAVOUR to it.

ROBIN We do indeed. Any other recommendations?

JANNI Well there are movies…
Reality/docos – What the Bleep do We Know? and What if? The Movie.
“Fiction” movies – The Man from Earth and Star Trek Insurrection.

Most important – trust your own intuitive prompts!

ROBIN Thanks for these! Janni, would you mind if we finish up with a poem of yours, that I found on your blog?

JANNI Of course not – which one?

ROBIN This one…


That vital glow of cells vibrating
to a symphony born before creation
Each organ has its tune to play
in this melody of life

The conductor of this lively show
is love
pure love
how simple
yet we didn’t know

Well… it has been great chatting with you Janni, and I am very glad we have met. Thank you for joining us here on Let’s Live Forever, and farewell!

JANNI Thanks for the wonderful work you do Robin in raising awareness on this subject – I love your blog! Thanks for allowing me to share with you all.

* * *

I hope you have enjoyed meeting Janni Lloyd. She will be around this week to reply to any comments you leave for her (hopefully for quite a few more weeks).

We would love to hear from you! Cheers for now – Robin

44 thoughts on “Janni Lloyd, An Aussie Immortalist

  1. Betsy Wuebker

    Hi Robin – Very fascinating, with comprehensive links. I’ve long believed that a bad attitude makes hospitable chemistry for maladies. Physical immortality appears to be a logical extension. Thank you for giving me something to think about. 🙂
    .-= Betsy Wuebker´s last blog ..CHEECHAKOS IN THE CHUGACH =-.

  2. Paul Maurice Martin

    Janni and Robin, when I first ran into this blog I didn’t realize the title was to be taken literally. So these are some really basic questions:

    Doesn’t this idea that a bad attitude creates death come pretty close to the doctrine of original sin – “death is the wages of sin” or however that verse goes, St. Paul I think…

    Why would anybody want to live forever in the form we’re in now – that is, view this as especially or necessarily desirable? I have no sense that how human beings happen to be constructed physically and mentally is necessarily the best that creation can possibly come up with.

  3. Akemi - Yes to Me

    Hi Robin and Janni,
    Great interview! Thank you.

    I’ve been working to read all of Janni’s threads on Oprah. I love them all, and learning so much.

    I think there can be two paths to let go of death fear. One is to achieve physical immortality. Another is to develop consciousness and ability to move freely between this world and the other side, or somewhere in between, whatever the form of existence we may have. For me, the latter sounds pretty easy — just develop lucidity throughout lives.

    Was Jesus of Nazareth really afraid of his death on the cross — if he knew he can come back in a few days? Of course it’s painful for the time being, but what the heck? It’s like going for an errand.

    I guess there are pros and cons to both approach. The potential risk of the latter is it could lead to ignoring the current physical body, which is no good. Spiritual body is no better than physical body and the two are one, really. The pros is it offers variety of lives and perspectives, and possibly freedom from various limitations of the physical body (like being subject to gravity). Whereas physical immortality is more easily understandable for many, and it’s well grounded.

    What do you think? I love talking about this possibility!
    .-= Akemi – Yes to Me´s last blog ..Death, Afterlife And Immortality =-.

  4. Robin

    @Betsy – thanks Betsy – it is a logical thing to me, too.
    @Paul – hi there Paul. I’ll answer your 2 points as best I can here – I’d love to see what Janni thinks, too.
    1. Apparently “sin” is an old archery term meaning off-target – and perhaps “sinning” means feeling separate from the creative source (God), and misguided – maybe we are perfect creations, connected to everything else in creation, and not designed to wither and die? (perhaps with our freedom of choice we have been unconsciously killing ourselves off, usually little by little, which is not what God “wants”?) It’s as if God is jumping up and down giving us life, life, life, and we keep saying “oh no, I have a headache” – so the result (wages) of this separation (sin) is indeed death.
    2. My understanding is that our physical bodies are not finished off yet – we have hormones and organs that are not functioning to their full design yet. Some of our future capabilities may well be such things as dematerialising, bilocating, travelling faster than the speed of light… Star Trek sort of stuff (not to mention growing back lost body parts). And mentally and emotionally we have no idea yet of how much excitement and bliss could be in store for us.
    @Akemi – thanks for your comment! Janni has an inspiring way if putting things, doesn’t she? I see both your paths as the same thing! We just stop killing off our physical body, and then go for it! I love your perception that the physical body and spiritual body are really the same thing.

  5. Marelisa

    Hi Robin, Hi Janni: What a great interview. I especially like this tidbit: “every molecule in our body is changed within around 18 months – no physical part of us is ever “older” than 18 months!” A few days ago I read about how the body renews itself once you stop smoking. Although some organs take longer to regenerate, you can basically reach a state where it’s as if you had never been a smoker. (I’ve never smoked, I just found it interesting.) The body truly is miraculous, and fabulous at healing. I think most aging is caused by our thoughts, and not by some time-induced degeneration of our bodies.
    .-= Marelisa´s last blog ..Creativity Collage =-.

  6. Janni lLoyd

    Hi Robin and everyone – I’m sooo enjoying your comments – it is a verrry interesting topic – abundant life is very exciting, you can’t half tell it’s my PASSION lol
    Yes Marelisa – we are only just beginning to realise how absolutely miraculous the physical body is!
    The following is recent info from scientists –

    STEM CELLS – These multi – potential cells have been found in most tissues of the adult body. They have the ability to specialize into every cell of the body and replace any that are mal – functioning. Neuronal stem cells have been found, so even neurons ( brain cells ) can be replaced.

    PHYSICAL BODY RESPONDS TO THOUGHTS /FEELINGS – Experiments have shown that muscle bulk is increased by 13% by just mentally imagining pulling a hard spring. Muscle bulk was increased by 21% by actually pulling the hard spring . Both groups practised for the same time interval each day.

    GENES – Dr Bruce Lipton reports that in the area of Epigenetic research, they have found that epigenetic techiniques – ie perceptional shift techniques – create 30,000 variations on each gene blueprint. He says that we are not victims of our genes – WE ARE THE PROGRAMMERS of our genes.

    BRAIN CAPACITY – The human cortex alone has 30 billion neurons and is capable of making 1 million billion synaptic connections. Possible neural circuits 10 followed by at least a million zeros —– for comparison, there are an estimated 10 followed by 79 zeros particles in the known universe.

    The physical body is very capable of ongoing healthy, vital life with the ultimate possibility of physical immortality

    Robin – I didn’t know that the ‘sin’ was an old archery term meaning ‘off target’ – fascinating. I like the points you have made to Paul.
    Yes i feel the capabilities of our body are largely untapped by the majority of us at this time.
    However it always comes back to freedom of choice – i love the earth and my physical body and choose to be here a very long time – i feel that in time i will be able to teleport between dimensions however there are so many parts of the earth i want to explore first and i like plane travel lol
    My feeling also is that peace between matter and spirit, yin and yang within will be reflected in the outer world as world peace. I would enjoy living on an earth fully at peace – it would be worth being here in my physical body a long time just to be part of that.
    .-= Janni lLoyd´s last blog ..Physical Immortality – the mass possibility Dr Janni Lloyd =-.

  7. Barbara Swafford

    HI Robin and Janni,

    What a fabulous interview.

    Like Marelisa, I was intrigued by the fact “no physical part of us is ever “older” than 18 months!” And the power of our minds – I continue to try and wrap my brain around that concept and the more I read, the more I find proof emerging. In fact, just today a friend told me about the book, “The Brain That Changes Itself”, which sounds like a fascinating read.

    I’m off to check out the links you’ve provided, Robin. Thank you for the great interview and to Jannie for her additional thoughts in the comment section.
    .-= Barbara Swafford´s last blog ..Is Blogging Fullfilling Your Objective =-.

  8. Barbara Ling, Virtual Coach

    Fascinating interview! I always knew the body replenishes itself and is continuously growing…plus, I also believe there is more to this worth than we can simply perceive or test.

    That’s one reason why I always encourage my kids to tell me about ‘odd’ things they might ‘see’ – children are far more perceptive to the environment than us jaded adults.
    .-= Barbara Ling, Virtual Coach´s last blog ..When your WONDERFUL readers ride to the rescue! =-.

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  10. Jannie Funster

    Hi Janni. Hi Robin.

    Being more of the “someone who was a little resistant to the possibility,” mindset, I am certainly open to learning more.

    Dr Liara Covert says a lot about bi-location and astral travel on her blog, Dream Builder’s Australia — the Journal, which has further raised my consciousness on the matter.

    And sounds like I really need to rent that “What If.” Robin has recommended it here before.

    It is interesting to learn in Janni’s comment that adults have stem cells too, I thought they were only available in cord blood, it would be great to see more research on the adult cells if they can be harvested without detriment to the host.

    Just amazing what researchers are finding.

    Thank you, guys! I mean – gals!
    .-= Jannie Funster´s last blog ..Like a bord on a wire, 10 — Double Cod Edition! =-.

  11. Janni lLoyd

    Hi 2 Bararas! “The brain that changes itself’ by Dr Norman Doidge is a brilliant book. The brain stats – The human cortex alone has 30 billion neurons and is capable of making 1 million billion synaptic connections. Possible neural circuits 10 followed by at least a million zeros —– for comparison, there are an estimated 10 followed by 79 zeros particles in the known universe – were taken from that. It is packed with amazing research and stories. Don’t you just love synchronicities?

    And children – I feel my two most powerful spiritual teachers have been my children – and they soo know how to have fun!

    Jannie – you might like to check out what they are doing with stem cells at the Mcgowan institute of Regnerative medicine connected to the University of Pennsylvania. I saw a doco and they are already harvesting peoples own stem cells, spraying them on templates and growing new bladders and implanting them – no problems with rejection because they are their own cells.
    Of course, I prefer allowing our life intelligence to maintain our bodies without requiring these measures – however we have been living with this ‘ the body has to run down and get sick ‘belief system for a loooong time, might take a little while for people to not need these interventions.
    .-= Janni lLoyd´s last blog ..Physical Immortality – the mass possibility Dr Janni Lloyd =-.

  12. Robin

    @Marelisa – Hi Mare – thanks – so interesting about the smoking! We do have miraculous healing available to us, indeed.
    @Giovanna – thanks Giovanna – I think so!
    @Janni – hiya Janni – I love the way you have expressed the choices we have! I also would love to be part of a humanity that is at peace.
    @Barbara S – I found out about that brain book from Marelisa’s post, which I’ll link to below. It all looks fantastic.
    @Barbara L – hi there – sounds great the way you encourage your children to open up and express their perceptions.
    @Jannie – hi – Got the parcel – Thank you!!! (I’m up at Mum’s for over a week and Frank opened it for me). Yeah – I think it’s relatively recent that they know stem cells are all about the place.
    @Janni again – Marelisa (above) did a FANTASTIC post about that brain changing book, just recently – it’s at The Brain That Changes Itself .
    Interesting research about the new organs – I didn’t know that!

  13. Dot

    Hi Robin and Jannie, This was very interesting, and since I have a science orientation, especially interesting coming from a doctor. So much of what I’ve read on this and related subjects has been based on what I call “backwards science” — the conclusion is chosen first, and then the “proof,” which isn’t really proof — I’ve blogged on errors of logic in “What the Bleep Do We Know?”

    I’m wondering how physical aging fits into these concepts. Do people keep aging, even though they don’t die?

    Also, I’ve heard so many figures on how often the body replaces cells. First, it was every seven years. Then I heard another figure. You’re saying “no physical part of us is ever “older” than 18 months!” Can you give a reference for that information?

    Thanks for giving us the benefit of your thoughts and background.
    .-= Dot´s last blog ..Comment on 10 Things Every Blogger Should Know by Robin =-.

  14. Paul Maurice Martin

    Robin and Janni, what about all the life forms that either don’t think like us or even lack cognition/a central nervous systems – from dogs and cats to amoebas, viruses, algae, moss, leaves, trees… they die too. What would lead to the conclusion that people require an additional cause of negative thinking in order to die?

  15. Jeanne

    Robin and Janni — WOW. I have to say that, thanks to stumbling onto your website, Robin, I’m getting really tuned in to this physical immortality thing. And the science that’s on board with this possibility is for me, mind-blowing.

    One of my heroes is Gene Roddenberry (Star Trek creator) because of his vision of the future. His series is packed with symbolism and astounding philosophy (ie the Prime Directive). Like you, Janni — I really really want to be there when Roddenberry’s vision is realized!

    Thanks to both of you for this post!
    .-= Jeanne´s last blog ..My Dream =-.

  16. Robin

    @Dot – hi there Dot. I think it could be argued that all science research is “backwards science” – even if the results are just coming from the unconscious projections of the researchers. But one would have to have a strong belief in the power of thought for this perspective to hold water! I might know what you mean about What the Bleep – as I watched it, I and my science background kept waiting for the scientific validation (I had been told it explained things using physics), and it didn’t come (and I’m a strong believer in the concepts it portrayed). The Living Matrix (movie) is much better at covering experimental research (from my memory of WTB) – and there is lots of evidence these days of the placebo effect (especially from Bruce Lipton). If you think about the placebo effect, and how prevalent it is, it’s quite astounding, I think (hmm – I smell a post coming up).

    The idea is that aging is a result of all the little deaths that occur when we shut ourselves down, and this will eventually cause the big death – it’s up to us how far we go.

    My understanding is that the “oldest” cells in our bodies are our bone cells, which can be 2 years old – but don’t quote me. The lIver is 6 months, the eyes 2 days. The issue from the medical perspective is the telomeres, which degrade over time, leading to the replication of the DNA being imperfect when the cells divide, causing aging. I believe all parts of our bodies obey our instructions, so the telomeres can be pulled into line (maybe the scientists will discover this at some point, like they have with genes) Cheers Dot!

  17. Robin

    @Paul – hi again Paul – I personally wouldn’t really describe my outlook as “negative thinking causes death” – lots of beautiful, loving people have died! It’s more about our unconscious mind holding onto guilts, fears and resentments that we don’t even know about (and then there’s the ones we do know about – heh).

    I look at the birth-death cycles of nature in a couple of different ways. One is that the non-human living things are reflecting our consciousness back to us, and will transform when we transform, and another is that they are sharing our consciousness, so do what we do (these are both the same thing, I suppose). Or they simply have their own story, different from ours. I also think it’s quite possible we will be heading out to other stars and planets in the millenia to come, so there will be plenty of room for all the bacteria, or there are other dimensions to explore (sorry to go all Star Trek on you). Cheers Paul!

  18. Robin

    @Jeanne – Thanks for all that!

    I’ve been fascinated with how Star Trek illustrates possibilties for us for a long time – they must have known something! But I haven’t watched any recently so I must check out that movie Janni mentioned.

  19. Janni lLoyd

    I’m so delighted with this discussion!
    Dot asked – I’m wondering how physical aging fits into these concepts. Do people keep aging, even though they don’t die?
    Once again it’s always about choice – the majority of people that i have spoken with on this subject prefer the healthy, vigourous, vital body option – it does not necessarily need to be accompanied by the look of ‘youth’ though, maybe more an ageless maturity in their look is prefered. You would just love Harvard psychologist Ellen Langers reseach in this area – her book Counterclockwise is brilliant.
    The molecules turning over in 18 mths is a stat from Deepak Chopra’s book ‘Ageless Body, Timeless Mind’ also a very good read.
    Thanks Paul for an important question. I agree with Robin where she said – ‘One is that the non-human living things are reflecting our consciousness back to us, and will transform when we transform…..’ If our mass belief is that ‘ageing and physical death are inevitable’ then that is what we will perceive in nature. As the possibility of physical immortality is gaining momentum in our consciousness, scientists are finding more examples of this – like the immortal jellyfish Turritopsis nutricula http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Turritopsis_nutricula
    There are many individual trees that have been dated as having been around for thousands of years. There is a macrozamia in the south of western Australia that has been dated at 14,000 yrs old. The flower essence made from this variety of macrozamia is deemed to balance the yin/yang – interesting hey
    .-= Janni lLoyd´s last blog ..Physical Immortality – the mass possibility Dr Janni Lloyd =-.

  20. VeRonda

    You know, I love hearing how someone can to a certain point in their life. It takes quite a bit of discipline and self love to do something that might not be embraced by family or friends and that isn’t a trend.
    .-= VeRonda´s last blog ..A Deadly Impact =-.

  21. Mark

    Thanks for doing this interview. This is a fascinating subject. I love that you provided other sources, books and links. I will be adding much to my reading list. Simply amazing stuff!
    .-= Mark´s last blog ..Ageless =-.

  22. Tess The Bold Life

    You always give us such good food for thought. I think you’re making believers out of all of us! Grandma Lee is in the semi finals on America’s Got Talent and she is 75 years old! I seriously believe she’s really 85 but who cares she’s out there telling everyonee it’s never to late to start your career. She would love your blog!
    .-= Tess The Bold Life´s last blog ..Bold Moves for Tough Times =-.

  23. Robin

    @Janni – interesting take on our curiosity about long-lived critters and plants – olive trees live for a long time, apparently.
    @Evelyn – you young thing – loved your Angels post.
    @VeRonda – yes – very true. Welcome to this blog!
    @Mama Zen – thanks!
    @Mark – I’m glad you mind it interesting, Mark!
    @Chris – would love to know what your intuition thinks about this!
    @Tess – It’s a fantastic message, isn’t it – that it’s never too late. Thanks for this, Tess.

  24. joan cameron

    Janni, keep up joyfully sharing this information!
    I am ‘allready’ in a space of ‘knowing’ what you say is true, as many others do. It is great to be reminded of this in a fun way and feel accompanied on the journey…..Joan

  25. Robin

    @Vered – hi Vered – I hadn’t heard of it either ;=)
    @Joan – hi there Joan and welcome to this blog!
    @Jannie – I could do with a few new organs myself! I’ll let you know about the parcel – I haven’t come back to earth yet since landing back in Melbourne.

  26. Janni lLoyd

    Hi Stacey – create a balance for moms – love that! When you talk of networking, the feminine energy and in particular the mother energy seems to innately KNOW how to network. The mother has historically been the one to understand the individuality of each child and yet to be able to find the commonalities and the cohesive love within the group. This is so important for our human family.
    Blessings Janni – ps it doesn’t surprise me that you wrote your message on my daughters birthday – thank you.
    Thanks Joan for saying hi, sharing with us and for your ongoing support.
    .-= Janni lLoyd´s last blog ..Physical Immortality – the mass possibility Dr Janni Lloyd =-.

  27. Kathy Dobson

    Hi Robin,
    I too am a fellow Immortalist and have been since my “awakening” over 30 years ago. It was a lonely feeling back then as there was no Internet and books were hard to come by but the Internet is has certainly changed all that and all one need do now is go to Google and type in Immortality to find some kindred souls now!
    I love your blog…
    I will definitely be back. By the way, my present blog is about IM, but this week I should be launching my blog about Immortality so I hope you’ll visit when I get it up and running. Just yesterday I submitted an article to the directories called “Immortality of the Body.”
    .-= Kathy Dobson´s last blog ..Renewable Energy Explained =-.

  28. Robin

    @Stacey – Hi Stacey – I’m glad you like the poem!
    @Janni – love the way you describe motherhood.
    @Kathy – lovely to meet you, Kathy. I’m a bit late replying here, and by now we have already exchanged many emails. I’m looking forward to your physical immortality blog’s arrival!
    @Janni again – it’s good, sn’t it?

  29. Jezreal Blue Raven

    Hello all people i delight in all that has been written on these threads as they are encouraging and uplifting to all those whom are or still in the process of realizing or gaining Physical Immortality. What ever word, phrase or way one can express this subject, but know that the core or heart of what one is on about is vital. Thankyou

  30. lilith

    Hello and sorry for my english. Somebody can tel me about the immortalist of the 70: A.Stuart Otto “Howto conquer physical death”. Dean F Juniper”Man against mortality”.Lawrence Casler psycologhe. thet use ipnose. Franklyn Barnabas Shaw thet belive thet just in will. Ettinger and Alan Harrington. I can’t find natting about them. tank if som one answer Lilith

  31. Carl

    Hi to Janni & Rob and everyone here.
    I’m new here and so impressed with new developments.
    I just hope it will materialize – the soonest so that everyone will become
    IYH or Indefinite Young Humans.
    Can we spread more awareness to challenge more and more and more
    Discoveries leading to IYH?


  32. Janni Lloyd

    Hi Carl,
    Thanks for saying Hi. Things are speeding up…humanity is awakening to its own magnificence. Keep sharing the way of love and kindness with all those you meet.
    My book ‘The Fun Way of Physical Immortality Philosophy’ is now available in printed form and eBook at Lulu.com

    blessings Janni

  33. Paul Nwachukwu

    From the Bible point of view, Death was destroyed when Jesus showed up. He took both Death, Sickness,Devil and whatever disturbs mankind and buried them, rising up without THESE. He brought Life and Immortality to Light through the gospel. 2 Timothy 1; 9,10

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