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I had to laugh… five minutes after I posted my last post, I went out to the letter box and got the local paper, and THIS was the front cover:


I had been tossing up between using the photo of the cherries and a photo of a baby, on the last post, and settled on the cherries. I got my baby anyway! Isn’t he gorgeous!

“Enough room” seems to be a hot topic at the moment… well in my neck of the woods, anyway. The Melbourne Times article is about the baby boom in our area and whether the local schools will have enough room for them all.

* * *

While on the topic of blogging, there’s a great little story on Hunter, called ‘The Zen of Blogging’. It’s a pdf ebook, and a good read.

And I want to thank Darren from proBlogger for his blog. I use his info and resources all the time, and would not have been able to pull my two blogs together as quickly without him.

Also… if anyone wants to know how to get great images for their posts, this article from Skelliewag explains how.

I was wondering if any of you have had any funny or strange coincidences between your posts and real life. I’d love to hear them!

‘The Melbourne Times’ cover photo by proud dad Darren James

4 thoughts on “This Blogging Thing

  1. Hunter Nuttall

    Thanks for the link, Robin. BTW, I laughed when I saw that picture, even before I read your other post that explained why it was so coincidental.

  2. Harmony

    thanks for passing along some tips.
    must say though, that Canada does not have a baby boom.
    What this tells me is that something in the water is causing adults to do something, and the results are babies.
    I booked my ticket for Friday, can you pick me up?

  3. Mark

    Love the photo! Seems like this has been a concern for the last 50 or so years. Of course there will be room enough, we will have to shift our way of thinking as we always do when things change within our world.

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