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Friday The 13th.

It’s not Friday the 13th today, but it was the other day.

Our plumbing got blocked and we had a crowd coming over on Saturday the 14th.

We rent our house, so should have been able to ask the estate agent to get it fixed, but we knew from experience that it wasn’t going to happen in time. So we called a plumber ourselves, and $332 later he announced forlornly that he could not fix it—the blockage was terminal and the pipe would need to be dug up and replaced.
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Moments Revisited 1

momentsR1200.jpgI was starting to worry I would not be able to think of anything to put in my next “Moments” installment… now THAT’S not exactly “living in the present moment”, is it?! (he he)

So I did some homework and…

When I really allow myself to just exist in the present moment—whether I am doing something or doing nothing—a feeling of ecstasy wells up inside me.
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momentssml.jpgI thought I’d write a series of posts about my efforts to live in the present moment.

This is inspired by the fact I have a sore foot, and am starting to worry it will never get better. It has been really sore for about four months now, and apart from the intolerable agony (no, its not really that bad!), it has meant I can’t walk much, and I REALLY need the exercise.
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Good Saturday


It’s Easter Saturday today. I thought it would be good to write a post on Good Friday, on the topic of living forever, but we were otherwise occupied. We were helping do the sound at a Weekend Warriors fund-raising event for the children’s hospital in Melbourne. The photo above is from a similar event a few years ago (that’s my Frankie singin’).
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