momentssml.jpgI thought I’d write a series of posts about my efforts to live in the present moment.

This is inspired by the fact I have a sore foot, and am starting to worry it will never get better. It has been really sore for about four months now, and apart from the intolerable agony (no, its not really that bad!), it has meant I can’t walk much, and I REALLY need the exercise.

I think most people would feel they wouldn’t want to live forever if they were sick and uncomfortable—the idea of living forever goes along with the mindset we can heal ourselves of anything. And there are lots of resources around to help us do that… there’s always the Louise Hay book.

But I’m struggling to fix my foot. Visits to the chiropractor, icing, rubbing the sole with a steel ball Frank got out of the garage… it gets a little better then gets worse again. Next stop is X-rays and a foot doctor, I suppose.

I was thinking maybe I needed to settle myself internally somehow, get into a different space. So I started re-reading The Starseed Transmissions, by Ken Carey. Pretty soon I was reading about living in the present moment—here’s a quote, for example:

Everything that you need exists in this present moment, and this moment is all that exists.

I started focusing on what was happening right now, and straight away I felt lighter. I had more bounce in my (lopsided) step. My foot is feeling a little better too, though that may be because of the you-beaut gel insoles I bought yesterday.

The idea is, I guess, to take the past and future out of consideration. I can only experiment with it. I can trust that if I need to plan something, I’ll feel inspired to make the plan at the time I make it (I felt inspired to buy the sourdough bread and marinated artichoke hearts down the shops this morning, though they were not for immediate consumption).

Anyway, I’ll see how it goes.

photo by Yves Lorson

5 thoughts on “Moments

  1. Annie Infinite

    Living in the present moment is both empowering and freeing, read “The Power of Now” by Ekhart Tolle. Being here now is all there really is, so leave the past behind you and look to the future, stay in the now for it is the only truth there is. The past is open to perception, the future to infinite choice only now do you have access to truth and therefore wisdom.


  2. Harmony

    Hi Robin,
    Thanks so much for dropping by my site and leaving your footprint.
    You pose some interesting thoughts about physical immortality. My first reaction was, “oh no, no please, no more wrinkles!” But as I thought a wee longer, or more appropriately, didn’t think, just sat with it, I surmised that perhaps, my limited idea of phyiscal aging has forecasted an outcome onto your suggestion. At this point, I am not sure I can see it, but you know, that doesn’t mean it is not possible. There is lots I can’t see that is possible! The Maharashi died recently and I just spent the afternoon with one of his friends who had spent the last month with him before he died. He was not week, feeble, or sickly. No one knows how old he was, but they are quite confident 120 was the min. I know that’s not forever, but, it shakes up my mind a bit. I was only shooting for 100.
    I have only one request: I don’t need to repeat the having more children phase, but do you think there would be more romance to follow? (big smile)
    Thanks Robin for taking the time to share yourself and your thoughts. Let’s stay in touch!
    PS One more point: one of my clients is a heel pain specialist. They have solutions that really work. In one of the “upcoming moments,” you might want to go. 🙂

  3. Peter

    Ouch! Sounds painful.

    Best of luck embracing the now and living in the moment. It’s something I am working on too.

    Oh, and I love the pic in your header. Is that from Rainbow Serpent? It reminds me a music festival called Shambhala I went to one year here in British Columbia.

  4. Robin

    Thanks Peter! We are Rainbow Serpent-ites, but the header pic is from Maitreya Festival 2007, held next to the Grampians. It was around 40 degrees all the time (it seemed) and that was dawn on Sunday after a VERY hot night.

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