Moments Revisited 1

momentsR1200.jpgI was starting to worry I would not be able to think of anything to put in my next “Moments” installment… now THAT’S not exactly “living in the present moment”, is it?! (he he)

So I did some homework and…

When I really allow myself to just exist in the present moment—whether I am doing something or doing nothing—a feeling of ecstasy wells up inside me.

Getting there usually involves dropping thoughts of what might happen in potential scenarios, or thoughts of some past problem.

If I’m washing the dishes I concentrate on the feeling of the plates and hot water through the rubber gloves, and my body against the bench. If I’m lying in bed I concentrate on how all parts of my body feel against the bedding.

Chanting and meditating do much the same thing—the mind is stilled so the ecstasy of the moment can express. This is different, though. I continue thinking and doing, but in a more inspired way. I might get the urge to do something on the computer or say something to Frank, for example.

Anyway, I’ve noticed when I simply drop thoughts of anything outside my immediate experience, I suddenly feel more cheerful and playful. I can do anything!

I’ll attempt to keep up the homework and report in…

By the way, I’m here to report that my foot is MUCH better. The jury is still out because I haven’t been walking on it much, but things are looking up. I think it’s the gel insoles.

Cheers, Robin

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2 thoughts on “Moments Revisited 1

  1. Harmony

    Hooray for insoles!
    You are on it girl! I know exactly what you mean, it’s like ecstacy in the most mundane actions, because we view it through the eyes of the vast expanse, instead of our baby blues…or baby whatevers. 🙂
    Thanks for you post. It is so good to be connected around the world with such kindred souls.
    Your friend,

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