What If? The Movie, A Review

what if the movie

What if? The Movie – Awakening is a must-see, in my opinion. Here’s why…

What if? gently breaks the news that we have unlimited potential. That the way most of us are expressing ourselves in the world today is only a mere shadow of what we are capable of doing and being.
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Happy Birthday, Let’s Live Forever!

first birthday
This is me eyeing off my first birthday cake—nothing’s changed—beside the apple tree, with the house, wash house and a shed in the background (June 1954).

Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday dear Let’s Live Forever…

(pregnant pause)
Happy Birthday to you

Yes – it’s Let’s Live Forever’s first birthday today! [Read more…]

Making The Most Of Life

photo by mandj98

What would you be doing today if you believed you were never going to die?

I know I would be doing exactly as I am doing today… finalising Frank’s tax records to send to our accountant, interspersed with writing this post, and I just went for a short walk, leaving Frank slaving at the kitchen table going through receipts. Because I do believe I’m never going to die, and this happens to be what I get the urge to do today.
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The Journey, With Brandon Bays


Last weekend, Frank and I attended The Journey Intensive, a two-day healing workshop, here in Melbourne. It was presented by its creator, Brandon Bays.

It was great, and we got what we wanted, which was to move up a level (or a few) in our quest to be all we can be. We had both been feeling a little stuck, recently. [Read more…]

The Fountain Of Youth Gets An Update!

fountain of youth
photo by inocuo

Back in May last year I posted a short story: The Fountain Of Youth. I wrote this in the mid 90s, and I published it pretty much as I wrote it then.

Now I have updated it! By adding an epilogue.

It would make most sense to read the whole story, but if you haven’t got time, it’s basically about a guy called Melvyn who finds a trickle of water he believes makes him immortal. It’s also about both his reactions and the reactions of the people around him.
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Finding Our True Selves


This is a photo of me when I was little—Mum took it. The relevance to this post will become clear as you read on!

I’d like to share with you a visualisation exercise the group did once at a workshop I attended. I do this exercise now and then in my head when I want to settle myself—I found myself doing it this afternoon because I have been feeling out of sorts and unfocused for a little while now. 

I’m not suggesting it will change everything if you do it, should you feel the need, but you might like to add it to your list of handy tools. [Read more…]

Fires In Victoria


Image from The Age, a couple of days ago

I want to write something about the fires here in Victoria, but I don’t know where to begin.

I mainly want to let you know that none of my family or personal friends are directly affected – so at least I am doing that. 

My friend Kelly has also done a post about the fires: Victoria Burns and a Nation Weeps.

I have been feeling so overwhelmed by the tragedy that I am not functioning very well – mainly just depressed and distracted, I suppose. The whole thing has come on top of immense heat waves and for me, dental issues that have involved a lot of pain but are being resolved now. I wasn’t in a really great space before it happened, is what I am trying to say. [Read more…]

The Genie That Keeps On Giving


image from thesecret.tv

Frank and I finally watched The Secret about 4 weeks ago—we must have been about the last people in the known universe to watch it.

We loved it. 

I’ve been ignoring it for quite a while because I’ve been working with the ideas in it for many years, so didn’t think I’d learn anything new, and because from advertising I’d seen, it appeared it would be a bit “trashy”, with an annoying over-emphasis on obtaining material goods.

Instead I found a warm, human movie that inspired us hugely to get on with attracting more of what we want into our lives. Frank loved it so much he bought the book by the movie’s creator, Rhonda Byrne, and has already read it!

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Guy Finley Followed By An Illustrated Meme.


I’m very pleased to be involved with a publicity event for Guy Finley’s book, The Essential Laws Of Fearless Living, which was released last June.

It’s all happening today, January 27.

You can go here now to find out what’s going on:


There are lots of free bonus gifts!
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5-Year Plan For This Blog


As this is my first post for 2009, I thought it might be a good time to gaze into the misty realms of the future and “see” how things might go for this blog and its topic of living forever. How long can I sustain a topic like this for? Will Let’s Live Forever! live?

Or maybe I should put this more boldly, and announce I have a PLAN for this blog! Um… well, if I have a plan, it could go like this…
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