The Journey, With Brandon Bays


Last weekend, Frank and I attended The Journey Intensive, a two-day healing workshop, here in Melbourne. It was presented by its creator, Brandon Bays.

It was great, and we got what we wanted, which was to move up a level (or a few) in our quest to be all we can be. We had both been feeling a little stuck, recently.

The Journey

‘The Journey’ is a healing process you can do by yourself or with another person who guides you through it. It takes between maybe 30 minutes and 2 hours, and involves very nifty techniques that get you in touch with old baggage that has been causing illness and emotional pain, and clears it out leaving you feeling fresh, light and clean—bubbling with joy, actually. People have healed themselves of very serious illnesses using this.

Brandon Bays

Brandon-India.jpgIn 1992, Brandon found herself diagnosed with a tumour the size of a basketball! She had been working in the field of personal development and healing for many years, including leading seminars for Tony Robbins, and gave herself a few weeks to try healing it herself before resorting to surgery.

Six and a half weeks later, she was completely clear of it, and from this experience was born The Journey process and seminars that take her techniques to people all around the world. To go to the website about the programs, click here.

I’ll quote a little from a brochure:

Using The Journey, ordinary people achieve extraordinary results, no matter their age, background, culture or upbringing. The Journey is now recognised internationally as one of the most powerful healing processes available and is used in schools, churches, hospitals, prisons, in addiction centres, in healing centres, by health professionals and laymen alike. It is hailed as a universal teaching that is practical, user-friendly and down-to-earth and it gets results.

Journey work

I would highly recommend Journey work to anyone who wants to heal themselves of any physical illness or emotional pain. By “Journey work” I mean either doing The Journey process with a Journey practitioner, or attending a seminar like we did.

To learn more about it, I think the best thing would be to read Brandon’s book, The Journey. It is really easy to read and tells a gripping story—Brandon is a great story-teller! If you look at the book on Amazon, you can read the first chapter, here: The Journey: A Practical Guide to Healing Your Life and Setting Yourself Free

You can also download the first chapter from the products page of The Journey website.

But sometimes you can’t beat video! First, here’s a video of Brandon speaking:

The Journey – Brandon Bays With Lynne McTaggart:

Second, here’s a two-part video—this was what sold me on it, really. It’s called ‘The Journey – Making a Real Difference’

Part 1

Part 2

The Journey Team take the techniques to a wide variety of people. At the workshop we learned a fair bit about how the techniques work with children, who apparently love it (I think Brandon was trying to give us the message that if kids could do it, so could we, and also that if we approached it in a straightforward, perhaps child-like way, things would work better).

Another interesting thing is that the Journey Outreach Team are taking The Journey to people affected by the recent bushfires here in Victoria, over the next few weeks. Brandon knows all about losing your home in wildfire because she lost hers in the fires at Malibu in 1993.

It was because I wrote about the fires here that I found out about The Journey, because Suzie Cheel did a post where she relayed that people affected by the fires could attend The Journey Intensive as guests, and also linked to my post about the fires, here: Abundance Cafe February 15 2009 – and I checked out that post.

It’s strange the way things happen.

* * *
Frank and I only did this workshop a few days ago, so it is too soon to tell if we have healed ourselves of the various relatively minor ailments and issues that we felt were holding us back. But we both know with certainty that something has shifted around, and there is something new here—the grins on our faces say it all.

* * *
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31 thoughts on “The Journey, With Brandon Bays

  1. Dot

    Hi Robin,

    I’m glad you guys had the opportunity to take part in that. It sounds very rejuvenating. I agree with Miguel, it probably would be beneficial to the whole nation.

    I’m wondering whether Brandon’s book includes instructions for the Journey. For those who can’t afford the seminars, that would be a nice substitute.

    Dots last blog post..Akashic Records Reading, Part 2

  2. Akemi - Akashic Record Reader

    Hi Robin,

    I think the majority (if not all) the health problems are self-imposed and therefore curable. This sounds to be one of the very good approaches. (There are many roads to Heaven, you know).

    I read some of your articles and have a few questions. I agree most people age way too fast. We can live a far longer, healthier life by taking better care of ourselves physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. I also think most people die prematurely.

    Having said this, I still think wanting to live forever is like refusing to go to bed at night. Again there is no point being tired and sick during the day. Have a full fun day and enjoy yourself. And at the end of the day, I want to go to bed to rest for a while. I know I will wake up feeling fresh tomorrow morning.

    I don’t resent going to bed just because others are still playing . . . because others are — on a different time zone!

    (In my specific case, I actually have even better plan than just repeating the pattern of sleep – awake, but that is another topic related to Ascension. )

    You often use the analogy of getting off the bus only to catch another bus later to get to the destination. In this analogy, what is the destination?

    I think life is like a theatre play. We get up to this stage called physical world. We can choose the role and setting. The fun is this is played out spontaneously. We have a rough idea what we want to do and learn, but the plan is flexible.

    After a long while, I want to get off the stage to rest for awhile and review how I did. There are spirits watching this big lay in the physical world. I join them. The play is still going on, but that is okay.

    Now the fun is next time I choose to go on stage, I get to choose different setting! Maybe I’ll try out a different gender. Or country. Not that I don’t like my current setting, but it’s fun to try out something different.

    Don’t we all like changing clothes for different occasions?

    I just hope wanting to live forever is based on positive reasons, not on fear of death.

    What do you think? I know you have a very good understanding about the various illusions we carry (that we are ready to shake off very soon). I’d love to hear your take on this important topic.

    Akemi – Akashic Record Readers last blog post..Review: Remembering Your Soul Purpose A Part Of Ascension By Karen Bishop

  3. Vered - MomGrind

    I’m glad you had the opportunity to experience this workshop. I’m glad you’re feeling better. Let us know if your health has indeed improved! (said in a skeptical tone, of course). 😉

  4. Marelisa

    Hi Robin: A tumor the size of a basketball, unbelievable. I’m glad you got to experience something positive Robin, I’ve never heard of the journey but it sounds interesting.

  5. Simon

    Hi Robin – I’m glad to hear that you and Frank found this useful. As I think you know from my blog, I’m focusing very much on healing emotional pain myself. I’d heard of The Journey – and I believe there’s a practitioner who lives near here. Perhaps I should try her, though I think she’s quite expensive.

    Rightly or wrongly, I tend to lump Brandon Bays and Byron Katie together as using similar sorts of techniques. I’ve looked into Byron Katie’s stuff and it didn’t really resonate with me, though she’s helped my wife Chris a lot. I think I should at least find out more about The Journey. Thanks for the reminder.

    Simons last blog post..Walking The Walk

  6. Suzie Cheel

    Hi Robin,
    I got goosbumps reading this, it sounds like a powerful weekend for you. yes the journey is great for moving forward.

    Brandon’s story which I have heard so many times is so powerful, and reinforces the healing that we can be responsible for.

    Like you I find the Making a difference videos so powerful.

    You have gained a skill you can share with others. In answer to Dot’s question,
    Yes the Journey does have the processes. Brandon has simplified the Emotional Journey over the past few years. There are stories of so many people who have healed themselves from using the process on the book or from the taped and CDs.

    As you say amazing how the universe connects us all , synchronicity in action:)

    Suzie Cheels last blog post..Law of Attraction Inspiration #5: Responsibility

  7. Robin

    @Miguel – I think that might be the voice of experience, Miguel – you have been through this, too. I do think we only take in the amount of “pollution” that can resonate with us – watching our reactions to tragedies can be illuminating.
    @Dot – yes the book does give the process, although it has been refined since the book was written. I think we all find the healing we really want, somehow.

    @Akemi – yes – I know of other approaches, too!

    I take Ascension to basically mean that we become self-realised and can be anywhere we want – in the realm, plane or dimension of our choice, and that we can move about between these. Wherever we are, we are at one with the Source.

    I just don’t think that dying is the way to get there, but that mastering existance on the physical plane is. Which means healing ourselves so we can express fully, without having disease, aging or victimhood in our bodies.

    I really do think that our higher self sends us constantly in the directions where we experience the most growth, so whether we are reborn into a new life, or continue with this one, makes no difference to our path in the long run. Except I see going through the death-rebirth part as bringing unnecessary pain (because of aging and illness, not the transition itself).

    I believe death is being out of touch with spirit – a sorrowful path of separation that achieves nothing. It may be fun to incarnate, after rest and refreshment, but the effort required to kill ourselves off, in order for that to happen, is huge and causes enormous, unnecessary suffering. I feel I am not doing you and your question justice here, Akemi, in a comments section! You might enjoy reading The Door Of Everything, by Ruby Nelson.

    @Vered – Oh Vered, ye unbeliever!
    @Marelisa – Yes – quite unbelievable! She told us all the details in the seminar, and she explains it all in her book. I hadn’t heard about either Brandon or the Journey until recently, either.
    @Tess – yes, I think that is a healing thing in itself. We are stlii grinning!
    @Simon – There’s a Journey Intensive with Brandon in London in June, I noticed. The staff-to-participants ratio is almost 1 to 1 – so everyone is very supported, with special attention for people with illnesses.
    @Tom – yes, the process involves forgiveness for self and other people – the way it is brought in is very nifty, so that we let go of the memory that has been stuck in our cells.
    @Evelyn – renewing it was! It’s exactly the kind of thing you would love, I think!
    @Suzie – well thanks to you for both dropping in and inspiring our “Journey”! All the best!

  8. Frank

    Hi Rob

    I went to a funeral today for an old work colleague, he was about 70 he died from cancer (nothing new about that). I listened with great interest to the story his son told, about a loving father whom he hardly knew, and only got to know in his final months, as the family had split up quite early in the piece so there wasn’t much contact.

    I thought back to the Journey Intensive we both did last weekend and thought how sad this had to happen.

    I got the feeling that the Person had been holding in a lot of emotional baggage which resulted in his condition and finally his passing, which I feel could have been prevented with a Journey.

    Continuing on my journey as I type, Things have definitely changed for me. Namaste

  9. Jenny Mannion

    Hi Robin,
    I am so happy you had a good time and got a lot out of the Journey. Suzie wrote about Brandon Bays for my Heroes of Healing Project and of course I saw her again in What If? She is indeed VERY inspirational and many have been helped by her work – she IS a Hero of Healing! 😉 As you know I feel the key to healing is finding people and modalities that resonate with you — with that ANYTHING is possible and true healing can occur from within. I have definitely had a week feeling very out of sorts — more so than in two years so I am very grateful you posted these videos.

    Thanks Robin… for the great post and for all you do.

    Lots of love,

    Jenny Mannions last blog post..Do You Want to Get in Touch With Your Inner Psychic and Intuition?

  10. Cath Lawson

    Hi Robin – I’ve just been watching the second video and it seems like the results are amazing. They mention learning how to forgive as being part of the process and I wish this program had been available to me many years ago. I was unable to heal until I learned to forgive and it took my a long time to be able to do it.

    I have just started on the Silva program, which Mare recommended to me. And I was going to get the kids to do it too. But I think it may be a bit too intensive for them and maybe The Journey could be a better choice.

    My son has been going through a lot of problems at school and hearing these interviews, with some of these really young children is encouraging. I’m off to check out the website. Thank you.

  11. Jannie Funster

    Gee, a tumor the size of a basketball. Hard to imagine that.

    At this very moment I think I am pretty well balanced emotionally and physically ( had extra teriaki tiramisu this a.m. 🙂 ) but that could change any minute. You never know what life will throw at you. A wildfire home devastaion must take so much working through.

    So I’ll tuck this in the back of my mind for when I need it.
    Thanks, Robin.

    Jannie Funsters last blog post..So there!

  12. Robin

    @Frank – hi sweetheart – I’m with you on this – I’m sick of people dying. It’s so unecessary, and avoidable.
    @Jenny – yes – I read Suzie’s article about Brandon by following the link from the post I mentioned, and watched the video there – then found the other videos on YouTube. I remembered seeing her briefly on What if? The Movie – I hadn’t heard of her before that. Thanks Jenny – for alerting me to the movie (I ignored their email initially because I was busy) and for inspiring Suzie’s article with your Heroes of Healing project.
    @Cath – It is amazing. The forgiveness part is brought in in a way that is very do-able, and clears out the stuck feelings at a very deep level. They can be things we may have thought we have already handled, if we have been into inner healing for a while. I don’t know anything, really, about the Silva Mind Control method – I do know that I am interested in methods/techniques that clear away emotions that are stuck deep in the body – such as breathwork/rebirthing and Journey work. Many techniques are about avoiding emotions, and unfortunately the cell memories stay in place and raise their ugly head later on – I suspect SMC is one of these – NLP is another.
    @Jannie – very hard to imagine, but understandable when you hear the whole story. Glad to hear you are heating healthily – is it organic, biodynamic teriaki tiramsu? And I’m glad that you are in fine shape!

  13. Lance

    Hi Robin,

    I’m so happy for you and Frank! What a soul-touching experience it sounds to have been. I am beginning to believe that there is so much that IS possible, if we’re just open to the possibility. This is a great example of that. Robin, thank you for sharing your experiences and what they have meant for you because of attending this…

    Lances last blog post..Be Yourself, Share Freely

  14. Robin

    @Stacey – thanks for dropping in Stacey – I appreciate it. Hope you find the thing that resonates with you – I know you are really committed to healing. x
    @Lance – thanks Lance! – and it was “soul-touching”. The possibilities are awesome, aren’t they?

  15. Ribbon

    Thanks for that Robin. It’s always good to hear that people are doing something to help themselves live a more fulfilling life.

    I’m a big fan of the “big mind/big heart” process. Have you heard of the Zen Master Genpo Roshi?

    Best wishes Ribbon

  16. siviepillay... South Africa

    Undergoing the Journey experience was indeed a turning point in my life. It really gave me a sense of who I really am. Having lived with pain throughout my life I must say how the processes have helped me. There were nights when I was in great pain and many a day that i could not get off the bed and with the Healing Sands Meditation casettes and the internal journey processes i managed to pull things off. I use the breathing techniques with my kids at school and tell them how special they are and have experienced tremendous success

  17. Evita

    This is fascinating Robin – right up my alley!

    As I begin to think about my near future where I will be freeing myself of work obligations and thus freeing my time, I am very serious about pursuing healing work, especially energy healing and through touch perhaps.

    And yes this is so doable!!! For all of us!!! I am so glad that you and Frank had a chance to experience this and you know there are no coincidences. When we search, when we seek, everything we needs always finds us!

    It is amazing how life truly works…

  18. Kelly@SHE-POWER

    Rob, I think I needed to see this. My household could do with this seminar, and lately I have been really aware of how much I struggle with self-forgiveness and striving for some impossible standard that I can never reach to my own satisfaction. It’s such a pointless waste of life and valuable creative energy gets sucked out by fear and worry and relentless self judgment.

    Am supposed to be working today and feel bad about all my procrastination, so I’m going to finish next stage of project, then come back to treat myself to the videos.

    Must chat soon.

    Kel x

  19. Robin

    @Ribbon – and thanks to you for your comment! I haven’t heard of that process – I’ll check it out some time.
    @Siviepillay – it’s wonderful to hear your story! And welcome to this blog! I remember the healing sands meditation from the seminar – I liked the way the sand was “heavy” – it gives grounding. It was a huge focus of the workshop to get in touch with who we really are – good stuff.
    @Evita – I’m glad it’s up your alley! Funny how so many of us are deciding to focus on healing ourselves – and as you say, we find the means when we put out for it.
    @Kelly – great to hear from you Kelly! I’d love to catch up soon – at the moment Frank and I are still getting used to out new “selves” – or maybe I could say we are “integrating”. So who knows what you will find! haha

  20. Peter Levin

    Thanks Robin,

    Great videos, I’ve learned something new.

    I am familiar with Sedona Method, Release Techniques, EFT, but I’ve never heard about Journey.

    Totally obvious that emotions which stock inside of us holding us back and it would be beneficial for everyone to release it.

    I am familiar with most of Deepak Chopra’s work, he is very inspiring
    and probably one of the best spiritual teachers right now.

  21. Sara


    I had not heard of the Journey before, but after reading this post will have to check it out. Certainly, it seems that you found something healing from your seminar and for that I’m happy. The most important thing you can do is be curious and try things on…if they fit…all the better. Thanks for sharing this with us :~)

    Saras last blog post..More than just 5 words in a journal

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  23. Robin

    @Peter – thanks for your comment Peter. Brandon is very keen on Deepack Chopra – you know, I’ve never read a book of his – something I must do.
    @Ivan – nice to see you Ivan – thanks to you for visiting!
    @Sara – hi there and welcome Sara! I agree very much – if we want to heal ourselves we will explore and find the things that will work for us.

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  25. Paul

    I discovered the journey about 5 years ago and ended up doing the entire practitioners programme. I use the techniques all the time on myself and others. I haven’t come across an issue I can’t work within it’s framework. I do feel free and the beauty of that is my spiritual world is so much clearer now.
    There’s some interesting reading on here and I’m enjoying the call and response approach. I wonder what you think of the Hicks-Abraham teaching on death… a return to pure positive consciousness? Is death a mincd construct of a period we are recalling now in this form with this mind and body? Is not the soul eternal? So many questions!!

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