The Genie That Keeps On Giving


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Frank and I finally watched The Secret about 4 weeks ago—we must have been about the last people in the known universe to watch it.

We loved it. 

I’ve been ignoring it for quite a while because I’ve been working with the ideas in it for many years, so didn’t think I’d learn anything new, and because from advertising I’d seen, it appeared it would be a bit “trashy”, with an annoying over-emphasis on obtaining material goods.

Instead I found a warm, human movie that inspired us hugely to get on with attracting more of what we want into our lives. Frank loved it so much he bought the book by the movie’s creator, Rhonda Byrne, and has already read it!

We get what we ask for

The Secret illustrates very clearly how the universe—symbolised by the “genie” in our myths—gives us exactly what we ask for, whether we like it or not, or believe it or not. 

It’s lucky Frank went and bought the book, because now I can quote some of it here!

There’s this from Lisa Nichols, a speaker in the movie:

The law of attraction is really obedient. When you think of the things that you want, and you focus on them with all of your intention, the law of attraction will give you exactly what you want, every time. 

When you focus on the things that you don’t want—”I don’t want to be late, I don’t want to be late”—the law of attraction doesn’t hear that you don’t want it. It manifests the things that you’re thinking of, and it’s going to show up over and over and over again. The law of attraction is not biased to wants or don’t wants. When you focus on something, no matter what it happens to be, you really are calling that into existence.

Rhonda Byrne continues the theme with:

When you focus your thoughts on something you want, and you hold that focus, you are in that moment summoning what you want, with the mightiest power in the Universe. The law of attraction doesn’t compute “don’t” or “not” or “no,” or any other words of negation. 

Rhonda then gives several examples of what the law of attraction is receiving (in italics) when we speak the words of negation. Here are two:

“I don’t want that person to be rude to me”  – “I want that person and more people to be rude to me”

“I don’t want to be delayed”  – “I want delays”

I’d like to put two of my own in here:

“I say NO to child poverty” – “I want child poverty to continue”

“I want to see an end to war and conflict” – “I want war and conflict to continue”

I mean, I believe we can visualise children being happy and healthy, and focus on the peace and intelligence in the world, and have more successful outcomes than the thoughts above would bring.

We are in this together

The various concepts in the movie were illustrated by little scenes where the characters were doing things all wrong, and then doing it right. Something I really liked was that the characters doing it “wrong” (for example, worrying about money) were showed in a warm, human way, rather than in a way that inspired mockery. I think it would be fair to say most of us have been in these places! 

How to create

From Robert Collier (1885-1950):

See the things that you want as already yours. Know that they will come to you at need. Then let them come. Don’t fret and worry about them. Don’t think about your lack of them. Think of them as yours, as belonging to you, as already in your possession.

After seeing the movie Frank and I felt very inspired, and decided we REALLY would like to own our house (we rent it), or another one that is even better. This was also brought about by the fact we recently returned from our 6 days camping at a music festival (we had a wonderful time, by the way), to be greeted by the most humungous, ginormous heatwave ever experienced here in Melbourne, and our house has neither air conditioning nor a stick of insulation. 

Normally we are quite comfy, and can weather the occasional outburst of extreme heat, but this one entailed 4 days of 38, 44, 44, 44.5 C (100-113 F) – it was 99 F inside our house for 3 days! We huddled around a small portable air-conditioner in one room – oh, how we suffered! Actually, many suffered – on the final day one million homes had their power cut during the day, 500,000 more that evening, and the trains stopped altogether (leaving thousands stranded). 

So! In order to own our home (so we can insulate it etc), we are sensing that we already own it, and to help things along we have downloaded and printed out a nice cheque each (from website), which is now filled out with a large sum of money and put on the wall, where we see it often. This one:


The money is ours—and so is world peace, incidentally.

Physical immortality

I really do think we create our youthfulness and longevity with the law of attraction, the same as in the examples in the The Secret. 

If we believe that all living things die and we will too, one day, then that is what we will get. Conversely, if we believe and feel we will go on indefinitely, enjoying the eternal present moment in increasing health and youthfulness, we’ll get that. 

The wonderful new movie What if? The Movie introduces this very concept—I’ll be writing more about this movie in posts to come.

Life is too short?

What about those statements people commonly make… Life is too short to [insert whatever]?

Their intention in saying it is to affirm they are not engaging in limiting patterns, but I wonder what the Universe hears. That their life is short? 

I personally don’t think it is wise to be putting out statements implying we have a short life—not if we are desirous of a long, happy, healthy life, anyway. When I pointed this out to Frank some time ago, he started replacing those statements with “Life is too long to…” ones. 

Like, say, “Life is too long to be angry at so-and-so”, or whatever. I’m not sure it always translates, but I think it’s pretty cute (and inspired).

Our own genie, the Universe

I whole-heartedly believe the Universe behaves like the genie in our stories and gives us exactly what we ask for. I simply cannot believe we are helpless victims of random circumstances.

I know not all of you, my lovely readers, agree with this. To me, however, it’s the only scenario that makes sense—it’s the most logical and inspiring one there is.

* * *

Comments are very welcome!

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37 thoughts on “The Genie That Keeps On Giving

  1. Barbara Swafford

    Hi Robin – I’ve read the book and seen the movie, too. I do like what she said about words of negation. I had never thought of it that way before, but as soon as I read that part, I started changing how I say things. I’ve since gone on and read other books on the law of attraction and like you, believe there’s something to it. We do get what we ask for, and we also get what we give.

    It will be fun following yours and Franks journey as you travel on this new road.

    Whow! What a heat wave 🙁

    Barbara Swaffords last blog post..What Do You Do With A Blog

  2. Davina

    Hi Robin. I saw the Secret a few times last year. Sometimes I play it in the background while I’m working. I don’t think I’m very good at applying the principles… at least I haven’t seen proof yet, plus I’m not consistent in its application. I do believe in the power of positive thinking, but I think fear of success and ulterior motives can block us from manifesting things. I think Frank is on to something with his “life is too long…” rephrasing. Words do have a lot of power.

    Davinas last blog post..I Lost My Introvert In A Crowd

  3. Jeff Baker

    HI Robin.

    Well said. It’s funny that I told my wife last night that I wanted to dig out the DVD and watch it again… just last night. Here is my affirmation to do it today. Thanks for that.

    Hope you are well. Cheers! — jb

    Jeff Bakers last blog post..History Starts Now

  4. Tom Volkar / Delightful Work

    Hi Robin,

    It was great feeling the wonderful enthusiasm that the movie generated in Frank and you. All we really want is to feel good in the present moment so really it’s just a matter of whatever floats your boat.

    Kind of like you, I subscribe to it because no detractor has been able to offer a more convincing explanation for how manifestation happens. Have you read Lynne Grabhorn’s book, Excuse Me Your Life is Waiting? It does an excellent job of sharing how to examples for application of this “law.”

    Tom Volkar / Delightful Works last blog post..Off Kilter, Pissed and Real

  5. Robin

    @Barbara – hi there Barbara – it’s great stuff, isn’t it? It’s just so logical! Yes – wow to the heatwave – another day of it today, they say.
    @Davina – I knew I was about the last to see it! All the best with using the principles to your advantage!
    @Daphne – thanks Daphne – we are onto it!
    @Jeff – what a coincidence! Hope you feel re-inspired.
    @Jannie – looking forward to your return – I’m sure you will like it!
    @Tom – you are right about the boat floating – good one! I love reading examples of manifestation, so I would probably like Lynne’s book – thanks.

  6. Vered - MomGrind

    “I know not all of you, my lovely readers, agree with this.” Ha. This is the understatement of the century. 🙂

    HOWEVER, I am strangely drawn to this blog and to reading your thoughts – so maybe there’s still hope for me. 🙂

  7. Robin

    Oh Vered – you crack me up. I reckon that the only thing that really matters is love – all the rest is just different ways of expressing love. I love reading your blog!

  8. Evelyn Lim

    I’m assuming that you’ve not watched The Secret Behind the Secret? If you have not, I recommend that you consider watching it too.

    “What if” is already on my to-watch list, based on the recommendations of you and Jenny. Getting it is a no-brainer for me, because I have already watched The Biology of Belief by Dr Bruce Lipton, who incidentally came to Singapore for a talk, some years back.

    Oh yes, the critics are in. There have been so many people who criticize about The Secret being a commercial scheme. Despite now realizing how intentions and manifesting is not as straight forward as it seems, it has been The Secret movie itself that inspired me to make a lot of positive changes in my thoughts.

    Evelyn Lims last blog post..Wings Of Love

  9. Lance

    Hi Robin,
    I have not read the book or watched the movie (so, you’re not the last Robin!!).

    The concept of focusing on that which is important (I think that’s part of the take away here) – does make much sense. When we’re focusing on something – it tends to play a bigger part in our lives – and in getting our attention – even if indirectly – I can see that playing a role in us working toward achieving that goal.

    Lots to think about for me, here, Robin – thanks for sharing your thoughts…

    Lances last blog post..Smile!

  10. Miguel de Luis

    Hi Robin, Long time I don’t see you

    I know the secret is true in a practical way. When you really want something, and you focus on it, then you discover all those little angry crows inside your mind harking “you can’t” were nothing but wrong.

    And life is far too long not to try to be your best 😉

  11. LikeSoup

    The Secret is great, no question. Many people enjoy the movie and the book but then have difficulty applying the Law of Attraction into their lives. I have some great ideas and suggestions that are working for me and I was as linear as they come.

  12. Tess The Bold Life

    I saw the movie and read the book and thought trashy materialism as well.
    Then realized I was judging the entire thing! I like the thought about visualizing world peace and healthy fed children. That’s great. Oops I’m judging again!

    You may like Sandra Taylors books on the Laws of Attraction as well. They are amazingingly deep. She just came out with a new little one called 28 days. Wouldn’t it be amazing if you could get your home in 28 days!
    Anything is possible.
    Oh and I made a hundred or more affirmation cards from Sandra’s books last year and they have changed my life and abundance. One thing that has happended in the last few years is one of my daughters quit her teaching job and began working for Southwest Airlines. As parents we fly free! I think when you follow the L. of A you can’t keep this type of thing from coming at you! Happy house hunting!

    Tess The Bold Lifes last blog post..What Was Your Biggest Insight In January 2009?

  13. Evita

    Hi Robin!

    That is wonderful that you had a chance to watch it. I watched it about two years ago or so when it came out and I was blown away! Although I lived my life relatively well before, the concepts that the movie presents really clicked for me instantly and I realized where a lot of our problems come from.

    I know there are still some people that are sceptical of the LOA, but I think they are just choosing to ignore it more than anything else because it is so evident in everything we do when we really look at how we act, etc and the results we get.

    Anyway I have seen teh “What if?” movie too and it was awesome. still actually planning to do a review on this one.
    But if you would like another great movie, not sure if you have seen this “What the Bleep Do We know? – Down the Rabbit Hole” It is so, so awesome as it gives scientific proof to many of the ideas and concepts in the Secret plus explores so much more where the metaphysical and life is concerned.

    And another one I have recently seen, also worth while watching to expand our awareness for living life in balance and with the harmony of the universe is “Wheel of Life” (I actually just recently did a review of this one on my site)

    There are so many more I could recommend as I feel I am a magnet to these new films that truly make us look within and question everything we know to escape the illusion and examine how our lives really can be played out.

    Evitas last blog post..The Helpful and Harmful Side of Stress

  14. Kelly@SHE-POWER

    Robin, I did enjoy The Secret, especially the first version with Esther Hicks, as I find her very inspiring and her approach to life is simplistic, but incredibly powerful. Like you, the concepts were not new to me, but they did serve as a bit of a reminder and I realised at the time that I was trying to fix money problems by worrying about money. Huge mistake! When I relaxed about it and made peace with our then predicament, new income avenues opened up and everything changed. I have also become the Queen of manifesting freebies in the past 2 years since I saw the film – new printers, clothes, make up, all kinds of things I wanted have just fallen in my lap. I want to manifest a new car now. Something like a Mazda 3 – perfect for me and Bunny to drive around town in.

    I think there was a lot of focus on materialism in the movie because that seems to be what a lot of people are most concerned with. The Secret is like the basic introduction to Law of attraction, and I think the important thing to remember is that it’s not just positive thinking. So many people get stuck on that. They say, “I think positive”, but then when you listen to them they’re always complaining about how broke they are and how lousy they feel. I’m not pointing fingers here because I have done exactly the same thing at times. You really do have to look at everything you think and say and how you feel as you go about your life. Esther Hicks says if you find joy in the moment and follow your bliss, you can’t go wrong; a world of bliss will open up to you. I absolutely believe this. So, I look forward to hearing about the new house you’re going to buy.

    Hope you and your family are safe in these terrible fires.

    Love Kelly xxx

  15. Jane Blogs

    Actually, you were wrong. 100% wrong.
    We are the last people in the known universe to see The Secret, because we still haven’t gotten around to it.

    Sounds really good though, and I totally agree with the concepts you outlined from the film.
    I’ll have to go hunting for it on DVD, and send the kidz to grandma’s. 🙂

    Jane Blogss last blog post..Mr Underfoot’s Lousy Day Out

  16. Jodi (AKA *fairySPARKLES*)

    Hi Robyn & Frank!!! 🙂
    I’m so glad u guys watched this film 🙂 u had probably heard alot of the information before but for me this film was part of my transformation and it means a great deal to me. 🙂 Miss u guys and thanks for so much fun!! 🙂

  17. Jenny Mannion

    Hey Robin,
    I am forever grateful for The Secret because it was seeing it that made me know I could heal. Did I agree whole heartedly with 100% of the movie and the way it was presented? Nope, but I don’t usually agree with ANYONE 100%. I took what was said about health, gratitude, the way we look at life and ask for things and WOW did it make HUGE changes in my life. I feel with any teacher — we should take what resonates at that time and not pay too close attention to the rest. I am grateful The Secret opened many eyes to how abundant life can be in all areas of life. I like the book (actually we listen to the audio book) because it has even more information in it.

    Another few books great for recognizing our own power is Charles Haanel, The Master Key System and Joe Murphy The Power of Your Subconscious Mind. It is wonderful to see many inspiring movies coming out as well! I have loved the “What If?’ experience… amazing the power we all have!

    I am glad you saw “The Secret” Robin and saw the good in it as well!

    Love, Jenny

    Jenny Mannions last blog post..Claim Your Personal Power

  18. Urban Panther

    A friend told me that the brain doesn’t actually process ‘no’. In a quite simple example, if you are giving directions to someone and say ‘turn this way, take this road, do NOT turn on this road’, the person WILL turn on the road they were told not to. I am very conscious of this when giving directions. Simple example, but I do use this concept for bigger things and it works every time. When I was so miserable at work, I was saying I do NOT like my job. And it went on and on and on. Then I finally said I want THIS job, and boom it landed in my lap.

  19. Robin

    Hi everyone – thanks so much for all the thoughtful comments on this post, over the past few days. I will reply to them soon – I have been feeling very saddened and distracted by all the news coming in about the bushfires here in Victoria. All of my family are okay.

  20. Dot

    I haven’t seen it, although it was on TV and I heard a bit of it. If the law of attraction really worked, my dogs would be with me still.

    I’m so sorry to hear about the awful fires you’ve been having in Australia.

    Dots last blog post..Time to Celebrate!

  21. Dot

    Sorry, didn’t mean to sound snotty. However, I think the deaths of children and pets are times when the Secret really proves wrong. I’ve never wished for anything more fervently in my life, envisioned it, thought about it, etc., but it’s just not happening.

    I’m glad to know from reading SHE-Power that you and your family are okay and safe from the fires, even if just barely. You’re in my thoughts, and I hope they’re over very soon.

    Dots last blog post..Time to Celebrate!

  22. Marelisa

    Hi Robin: I have “The Secret” on DVD and borrowed the book from my mother. I agree with the main concepts, although I think it’s a bit more complicated than they portray it in the film. I’m sorry to hear about that heat wave. I think it’s worse to be cold than to be hot, but they can both be really uncomfortable. Good luck with manifesting your house 🙂 I’ll say the affirmation “Robin and Frank now own their own house” a few times.

  23. Patricia

    We have been having rather heavy snow today, I feel for you with the brush fires and heat. I am waiting to hear from my cousin and his wife, they have not been on facebook for awhile?

    I wrote a post called 88 successes early on in my blogging, which was about a class my husband and I took early in our marriage and when we moved about 10 years later we found the class workbook and realized we had accomplished all 88 things.

    When I first started working in the church world lots of folks were interested in Metaphysics so I started studying and learning using Francis Scovel Shinn as my first entry work (from the Great Depression) and then read more and more and more….The Secret was a bit materialistic but has many of the same principles that are valuable in an easier to digest format. Reach more people.

    I will think about a new house for you and Frank to own and enjoy with full insulation and energy efficient and carbon neutral (as that is what I am writing about on my partner’s blog!!!!!
    I believe it is powerful stuff, I am still working on why I have this pulled muscle off my sternum and it is so painful…because I am working on how fabulous I felt in August and How I am focusing on feeling that fabulous again…and the pain dominates my thinking time and again…What is the lesson in this? to over come the pain?

    Good post…keep safe please…Thank you

    Patricias last blog post..I Request the Honor of your Comments

  24. Ribbon

    Yes the “Secret” is a good motivator, but it certainly doesn’t give the whole picture.
    It is important to be aware that positive thinking can just be a blanket over the manure!
    Wishing for something and taking action need to go hand in hand.
    The quality of life one lives very much depends on your internal map of reality. If you are pursuing happiness then why not just be happy now?
    Mostly people who are starving I don’t believe have created their situation. What they do have the ability to create is how they feel within it. Their attitude.
    Why is it that with all this wonderful knowledge that people make the same mistakes over and over again?
    This topic is loaded and one that we are continually exploring in this time we call life 🙂

    PS a movie that I’m surprised no one has mentioned that was on the scene prior to the “Secret”……”what the bleep do we know”. Well worth watching. Quantum Physics!

    Ribbons last blog post..Deja vu

  25. Michelle

    Hi Robin, I’m saddened to hear and see the news coverage of the fires in Australia. I am pleased that you and your family are safe.

    I am afraid that I do not think ‘the secret’ is a positive tool and some of the contributers have said some very controversial things about people who live in poor countries and about hurricane katrina victims on interviews that I find disturbing, especially John Demartini.

    I think you do get what you ask for when you are thinking Positively, then you ask the universe or God to support you and guide you and then you get up and take action.
    ‘The secret’ did not mention taking action once.

    Thank you for posting this, I could debate about ‘The secret’ for days.

    Michelles last blog post..Live Full, Die Empty (Part 1 of 2)

  26. Robin

    @Evelyn – thanks for the suggestion – and Bruce Lipton came here and I hadn’t heard about him at that stage! I found it very inspiring too – to move to the next level.
    @Lance – ha ha – and I think it is important, too.
    @Miguel – I should be back from now on. It is interesting how focusing on the condition you want helps to clear out the muck holding you back.

    @Carrie – Hi there and welcome to this blog! It’s exciting times, I think – where many people feel they can create the world they want.
    @LikeSoup – Hi there and welcome to you too! I think people have difficulty applying it in some areas of their lives because they want to hold on to their emotional troubles (most of us do this to some extent, I suspect).
    @Tess – I actually enjoyed the movie – it was things like trailers I didn’t like. I understood their direction – having an emphasis on material wealth because that’s what many people relate to, so they would take notice. That’s a great story about your free flights – thanks for the recommendation!

    @Evita – I think it’s so warm and human (I keep using those words) that the concepts come across really well. It has made me realise how powerful video can be, because I have been actively using those ideas for many years, yet still felt a boost. I have seen What the Bleep – I found myself more interested in the deaf woman’s story than the info in it – I felt it talked ABOUT quantum physics but without actually explaining the connection (I studied physics as a student). I don’t remember exactly, though.
    @Kelly – I had assumed Ester Hicks would be in it, and was puzzled when she wasn’t mentioned – I’ve figured it out now. I can see you in your Mazda! – how many printers have you got? The whole issue of healing does involve so much more than “positive thinking” – I think if people focus like you describe they will be lead to the right books, healers or healing methods for them, if that’s what they need. Clearing out old, stale thoughts and emotions can be quite an undertaking!
    @Jane – hello Ms Blogs and welcome! I’m glad you are into these concepts – they make life so much easier! Enjoy the movie when you watch it.

    @Jodi *fairy SPARKLES* – Hiya Jodi! With all the heat just after the party we forgot you were at the apple orchard for a while before going back to Cairns – I hope the apples survived OK! We had a great time with you, too – thanks!
    @Jenny – I knew you had found inspiration from The Secret – it’s probably one of the reasons I decided to get it out. I actually did agree with all of it – it was a trailer and the 3rd party websites and carry-on I didn’t like. I also could see they were focusing on gaining material wealth to “get people in” – which seemed to be quite a sensible approach. Then other areas were covered as well – quite neat, I thought! Thanks Jenny for the book suggestions!
    @Urban Panther – That’s REALLY interesting about the NO thing – I didn’t know that. Hmmm. What a great example about your job.

    @Dot – thanks for thinking of us Dot – as you know by now, we are quite safe. I personally believe there will come a time when we humans will be powerful enough to use principles like the law of attraction to put an end to death and destruction and the separation from loved ones we often experience today.
    @Marelisa – thanks Mare! You’ll have to come and stay in it! I think you are right about things being a little more complicated than portrayed – I think it’s an inspiring introduction, though.
    @Patricia – lovely to hear from you! That’s really interesting about your 88 successes, and also that you read Francis Scovel Shinn – she has featured somewhere in my “education” – I don’t remember how, exactly! Wow! – full insulation, energy efficient AND carbon neutral – thanks for helping with the house visual! I’m really sorry to hear about the pain you are experiencing – I’ve had to deal with a fair bit of pain myself, recently (dental/face pain). I don’t think the lesson is ever to do with overcoming pain, or tolerating in any way – it has something to do with releasing buried feelings – though if it’s an injury it might be something to do with needing time out. It’s not always that easy to get in touch with it – good luck!

    @Ribbon – hi there – I agree – The Secret is an introduction to a huge field. I started working with these ideas in 1986, and it’s all very much a work in progress for me. I believe that emotional healing needs to be part of the process of change – and many people don’t want to go there (they prefer to stay upset etc). I saw What the Bleep – I think it’s a fine addition to the field, too.
    @Tony – yes I think you are right – I actually see the “thought is creative” principle as a simple thing. While it can be tricky getting in touch with the things holding us back, the fact they are there and it is possible to deal with them is not that complicated.
    @Michelle – thanks about the fires, and welcome to this blog! I personally don’t see a contradiction between the ideas expressed in The Secret and having compassion for victims of poverty and disasters – in fact I believe that humanity as a whole changing its mindset about how things happen to us can prevent these sorts of things happening in the years to come – which is what I very much want. I am intending to write something about this in the near future. Thanks for your comments!

  27. pamela

    hey, i really like most of what you do, but the loa is annoying to me as it has been used against me a lot by people that want to point out that I am creating my own reality (read in poor health that I did not create period) so i normally would just navigate away and not return but you seem so nice and honest. I do believe that once we heal ourselves we can do what we can to have good lives, but that before healing law of attraction is impossible to achieve(because of subconscious feelings that need attn and healing) and undesirable (same reason). Healing takes how long it takes, no matter how hard we try to hurry it up. Since I am still working on that part I’ll let you know what changes after I’ve achieved it. Still, I sincerely doubt that you are adding to child poverty by wishing it were ended or contributing toward ending it by ignoring it. HOpefully you knew that already and are not awash in guilt.

  28. Robin

    Hi Pamela – I think we need to use ideas that resonate with us, to heal ourselves, and the LOA clearly doesn’t with you! If people are making you “wrong” for having illness, they are clearly not very tuned in! We are all innocent and are doing our best, and we all have different paths.

    Many people find investigating the mind-body connection helpful in healing themselves of illness – it can make healing a fascinating journey to discover how old repressed emotions are making us sick, and clearing them away can heal.

    My bit about child poverty was really a thought about how to get the best results!

    All the best – Robin

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  31. Annusya

    It’s always SO NICE to see more people who are interested in law of attraction being ALSO interested in living forever! 😀 I think it’s fine and very good for the planet that most people/animals/plants want to keep being reborn, but some people want to live forever and enjoy a continuous life in the context of *that* version of themselves 😀 That’s certainly what I want and I think it’s so much funnnnnnsies! 😀

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