Easter Sunday

It’s Easter Sunday and it’s a beautiful autumn morning here in Melbourne. We have had a really hot, humid summer so it’s really refreshing to feel the cool crisp autumn air. Only a week ago we were sweltering with 4 days in a row of 38 to 40 degrees, which broke the March records.
I couldn’t let Easter Sunday pass by without saying something about the resurrection. In the Christian story, Christ rose from the dead and lived. He lived… he didn’t die, he lived. So why the big focus on Christ’s death? What if Christ’s main teaching was that we can overcome death and live?

Mere Mortals?

Maybe our human egos have turned Christ into a supernatural figure who is so different from us that we could not possibly do what he did. This gives us an excuse to go on as “mere mortals”, and not become self-realized. Maybe we couldn’t stand the excitement!

photo by bingbing

5 thoughts on “Easter Sunday

  1. Diana

    I’ve never thought of the resurrection in quite this way. I’ve believed for a long, long time that we have fictionalized Jesus and distorted his life and words into something perverted meant to make us feel guilty and thereby making us dependent on the system of fictionalization, but a lot of people seem to get a lot of pleasure from that, so I mostly hold this belief to myself. I like to just concentrate on the things that scholars believe Jesus actually said and did. Because of his wisdom, I like to call myself a Christian, but not because of any church. Only because I believe in his teachings. He told us that we would go on to do all the things he did and even more amazing things, but the fictionalization of his story doesn’t teach us that. I like your explanation. I’ll have to explore more the idea of living forever. Thanks for peaking my interest.

  2. Fiona m

    Hi Robin….mmmm lots of food for thought…yes I would like to live forever only if I felt fulfilled and continued to grow and evolve while assisting the young ones in their journey…that would be an amazing honour!!

  3. Robin

    @Fiona – thanks for dropping by, Fiona – I agree – if we are feeling fulfilled and are growing we would want to keep going. c u soon!
    @Dot – Thanks for coming in here, Dot! Tying these concepts down to words does get a bit tricky, I think. I personally don’t call non-biological existence “life” – but that’s obviously just a matter of words.

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