Plenty For Everyone

cherries160.jpgThis post is inspired by a comment left on an earlier one. Thanks SO much to everyone who has left a comment—it makes a huge difference to me.

The thought expressed was… what about having sex and making babies and population growth and there being enough room on the planet for everyone, if no-one dies? …to paraphrase.

My take on it is that our thinking there’s not enough room for everyone boils down to our beliefs in limitations. We can cultivate the mindset that there is enough love, money, food and room for everyone, whether we are thinking globally or closer to home. Who knows what might happen if we all did that!

And if humanity as a whole progresses to the point where death is a thing of the past, I’d imagine we’d have capabilities we don’t have now. Who knows… there’s a whole universe out there. Maybe we’ll be exploring it!

I’d love to hear what you think. Can we find the space for everybody?

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8 thoughts on “Plenty For Everyone

  1. Mark

    I agree with you, the limitations are the ones in our minds. There is more than enough room and enough resources, we simply must get out of our own way to have them come to light.

  2. Charlie Smyles

    I agree, we have limitations, however I think that limitations will always be here to guide us. For example, time limitations. Rome was not built in a day however, if we use time well and considering the limitations then we can build anything. But it does take time.

    In regards to there being enough room on this planet for everyone? I dissagree. If we keep living the way we are, we’ll chew up this planet in no time. The Earth is on it’s way out, it may take a couple of billions of years, but sooner or later the earth will go. As well as the sun. But there will be other places in the universe that will continue the cycle.

  3. Harmony

    You know, time and space are “reality” in this dimension. SO, I suppose that some people could run out of time, and space for people or patience.
    But there is the thought that the universe, scientists tell us, is expanding at the speed of light. Seems like a lot of “space” to me.


  4. Ellie Walsh - Living the Law of Attraction

    Hmmmm … and who says we don’t live forever? Is living only categorized by this body that we now inhabit? I do believe we have created this time / space reality that we call Earth…. I don’t believe that is all there is to life….. I think we have purposely created this illusion of time and that we did not intend to stay in 1 body for an eternity…. This way we get to play so many different characters on this great stage we call Earth. 🙂

  5. Farfield

    I agree with Ellie here. This life on earth might be just a chapter in a long story. This earth is not limitless though, and I don’t think it can handle twice as much people, but is this the only physical place we can be?

  6. Robin

    Thanks Mark, Charlie, Harmony, Ellie and Farfield!

    I really appreciate your contributions… your comments are all so very thoughtful.

  7. Lifetron

    The ecosystem of this planet is naturally supportive of life. I think once a species reaches a certain maximum size, then it’s reproductive ability naturally diminishes within the ecosystem. I also believe people would lose the instinctual desire to have children, because if they become eternally youthful they won’t be genetically driven to leave their legacy.

    My future prediction is that as humanity becomes more enlightened they will shift into balance and many adventurous people will migrate to other star systems to explore frontiers beyond our imagining with their youthful bodies =)

  8. Simon

    Hi Robin – I’m coming a bit late to this but I think I agree both with you and with Ellie. It makes sense to focus on abundance rather than limitations, but this suggests that in all creation, there are abundant forms into which we can pour our being. To believe that we can only live on in our earthly bodies is another form of limitation.

    Thanks for the opportunity to think about this!

    Simons last blog post..The Taste Of Tomatoes

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