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I want to do a post that clarifies my philosophy about living forever, so here goes…

By “living forever” I mean living indefinitely in our physical body—no death, no funeral. I’m not talking about living on after physical death in some sort of after-life form.

I have always thought our true identity, whatever we want to call it (spirit, soul, etc), continues on forever… whether or not we are in physical form. I know not everyone comes from that perspective—it’s just what I have always thought since I was young.


I know a lot of people are keen on the idea of reincarnation, and to me that is the scenario that rings most true… if we die. But do we need to die and be reborn in order to make progress? Can’t we stay in the same body to do that? Could we be more successful in our progress if we stay in the same body?

I’ve always remembered someone posing the following question: “Why go on a bus ride and get off the bus at a bus-stop and wait for the next bus, to continue on the same journey?” I reckon it would be a bit silly.

The destination

Then there is the question of that final destination. To me, it is simply a mystery and I am happy to leave it at that. If one must think about the eons stretching into the future, I think there is not really any difference between having endless successive incarnations and going on and on forever in the one body.

I do think we are here on Earth to progress to a state of being able to truly express ourselves, or “achieving buddha-hood”, as the buddhists would say. So the question might be about whether we are better staying on in a physical body at that point or zapping off to some other realm. I believe that to a self-realised person, it’s a matter of ongoing choice.

As for those “eons stretching into the future”, I think it always helps to know that time is an illusion, and the only thing that really exists, with regard to time, is the present moment. Enlightened beings live in the eternal present moment, because that is all there is anyway. (One day I might be able to do that!)

The philosophy

There is quite a crowd around the world who are into this way of thinking. To give the philosophy a label, it is usually called “physical immortality”.

7 thoughts on “Living Forever

  1. Hugo

    Hi Robin, thanks for your comments on my blog. WordPress really makes it easier than Rapidweaver, but you are right, Rapidweaver is still a very nice tool for making websites. I’m working on a personal website right now and I am using Rapidweaver for this. It’s so easy to use and update.

    You have a nice blog here, seems like interesting stuff. Keep on writing and good luck!


  2. Krusty

    Robin, I believe humans have evolved or ascended into their light bodies so that they can vibrate their frequencies down and into the density of the 3D plane of existense and also vibrate their frequencies to transcend the 3D plane. All the while the body still remains the vessel of consciousness. In so doing the necessity for the death of the body is surpassed and thus the human form lives forever. I believe this is the quantum shift that we humans are currently in the bloody birth canal of… to transcend death and ostensibly live forever – which we do anyway only we do shed this mortal coil of a body as the current hardware/software program requires…

  3. Robin

    Hi Krusty – thanks for your comment! I agree with most of what you said – and nicely put!
    But I don’t think there is any “program” outside ourselves requiring us to shed our mortal coil. Our beliefs do that for us, in my opinion, and they can be changed – Robin

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  5. Marcel

    Hi, my name is marcel and I’m like gathering all the info about meditation and spiritual yoga that i can to finally discover a way to live forever for real. I’m now busy with accepting insects in my calm feelings, something that scared me. So now i’m moving within a couple of weeks to a room somewhere in a forest region and that room has like a 200 spiders living in it, and i’m going to sleep there and overcome my fear of insects and spiders.

    I meditated a lot and i reached some things so far, enough to not give up and keep on believing and trying in a way to live forever. I had like this experience in some dreams that there was a life form i couldn’t destroy, the reason why i tried to destroy this life form in my dream (blueglowing bubble with tentakels) is because i was afraid of it, and a whole lot of other lifeforms like insects appeared from it in my attempt to harm it.

    So I want to be nice to this what i believe is an eternal life form in my dream and next time it tries to touch me, just let it come inside of me. What’s strange about these dreams is that they feel very real and i can remember that lifeform very clearly, like it was really there. So that’s my story so far. Greetings and wish you all much luck in your search for eternal life.

  6. Robin

    Hi there Marcel and welcome! Good luck with the cave – it’s great when we can overcome our fears (though it may pay to be careful of some spiders!)

    I’ve found it can be really good to accept things that have cropped up in dreams, too, and thanks for letting us know how things are going with you. All the best!

  7. Dot

    Hi Robin,

    I’ve been reading some stuff that’s supposedly been channeled from Alpha Centaurians, which says that the earth itself is about to move into its astral body, and that we’ll be doing that too, if we can. What’s your take on that? I’m not sure what to make of it, but so many psychics have been talking about changes (even back in the 1960s they talked about earth changes around this time).


    Dots last blog post..One Heartbreaking Day

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