Friday The 13th.

It’s not Friday the 13th today, but it was the other day.

Our plumbing got blocked and we had a crowd coming over on Saturday the 14th.

We rent our house, so should have been able to ask the estate agent to get it fixed, but we knew from experience that it wasn’t going to happen in time. So we called a plumber ourselves, and $332 later he announced forlornly that he could not fix it—the blockage was terminal and the pipe would need to be dug up and replaced.
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The Money-Go-Round

merryGoRound.jpgMoney goes around and around and around and around and around. It does. Therefore there is an infinite amount of money in the world.

So if we want some/lots of it, we have to be able to let it circulate in our direction.

I went to a prosperity workshop once where we did the following exercise: we were asked to take a sum of money out of our wallets that we were comfortable with losing, then all stand up and walk around the room, and give the money away. Then sit down when we were ready to. There were about 100 of us.

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Paul’s Letter To The Corinthians


photo by jaqian

I was at a funeral in an Anglican church last year, and Paul’s letter to the Corinthians was read out.

I thought it was an amazing statement in support of the ideas in this blog.

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The Fountain of Youth

image by al-hayat

Here’s a short story – I wrote the main part in the mid 90s and added the epilogue in 2009:

Melvyn found the Fountain of Youth in his backyard. He wasn’t even looking for it—he had just intended to do some weeding. The little trickle of water was dribbling out from between some rocks underneath some unremarkable low plants. He was quite surprised—he had not noticed it before.

Melvyn was feeling rather thirsty on that hot afternoon, and he thought about having a drink from the little stream. He was not normally given to drinking water he found in the backyard, but this time he thought “what the hell”, and scooped a couple of handfuls into his mouth. The water was cool, and perhaps a little salty, and it did the job… Melvyn didn’t think much about it and went on with his weeding.

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Together Forever


photo by nattu

“Living forever” is about being with our loved ones forever, in life. And being with our friends and everyone else who has decided to stick around.

It’s funny how immortality is so often portrayed as a curse in our culture. The poor ol’ immortal person gets to grow older and older and all their friends and family die off and they are left wandering around in eternity all alone, old and miserable. It never seems to occur to the creators of these stories that an immortal person might happen to have an immortal family.
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How To Be A Man And A Woman Both At The Same Time

Well blogosphere giant Steve Pavlina has written an article on How to be a Man and Hunter Nutall has given us How to be a Woman (which is interesting, as he is a man!)

So I thought I may as well jump on the bandwagon, and now present you with:

How to be a Man and a Woman Both At The Same Time

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Staying Young

seedling.jpgNone of us would want to stay alive forever if we were old and sick and in pain and lonely and depressed and all that. I would assume.

So how can we stay young and healthy indefinitely? I’m 54 myself, so I haven’t exactly proved one can live indefinitely, but I’ll have a go at putting together some thoughts about staying young that I have picked up from my own life and around the place. Here are some things we can do:

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A Thousand Years


photo from the Maldives by notsogoodphotography

I wrote this piece (I wouldn’t go as far as calling it a poem) a few years ago. Now that blogs have been invented it gets an outing!

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But I’d Get So Bored!

bored.jpgOne of the common protests people make about the idea of living forever is they say they will get bored going on and on forever.

What is boredom? A description I’ve heard, that rings true for me, is that boredom is the “feeling” we get when we are suppressing our feelings more than at other times. Do we feel bored when we are feeling angry? Or sad? Nope.

Boredom is usually linked with having nothing to do, and the prescribed cure usually seems to be to get busy. But if boredom comes from suppressing feelings, the “getting busy” may quite likely be just a cover-up, and the feelings get even more buried. And we all know what suppressed, buried feelings do, don’t we! Read illness, addiction, depression, accidents…
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What’s In A Name?

trees.jpgWell this blog has a new name today—I like the ring of this one better. The old one was ‘Why Live Forever?’

I was staying with my mother in the country for four days last week, without any internet. Although I was gnashing my teeth slightly at the prospect of not being able to get on with my blog, I thought the change of perspective might be a good thing too.
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