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The other day for some reason I decided to really stay in present time as much as I could, while not actually doing anything. I was feeling quite at peace with my world and had no particular reason to stress about anything.

I relaxed into feeling very happy and content, lazing in a comfy chair under a bright window—tuning in to the moment. Then I became aware of subliminal, almost pre-verbal concerns… “is there something I should watch out for? Shouldn’t I be keeping a better lookout? Am I being careful enough? If I stay right in the present I might miss something I need to know about, or be thinking through”.

These barely-perceptible worries seemed to be basic cave-woman fears… “I’d better keep a watch-out or I might be in trouble”.

I’m guessing that most people have these fears running to some extent, either subliminally or not-so-subliminally. Assuming that most of us don’t have a bull-dozer about to crash in through the window, are these fears helpful?

My vote is “no”, because they stop us from being in present time, and our attention needs to be in the present for us to have clear access to the intuitive guidance that will actually keep us safe and sound. And happy and fulfilled.

For example, if there really is a bull-dozer about to crash in though the window, we might miss the intuitive impulse to jump aside if we are too busy thinking through what we are going to do in this or that imaginary future situation.

It’s all about trust

If we can trust we are in a safe universe, and nothing will “get” us, we become more able to tune into our inner guidance, and we actually experience the universe becoming safer and safer.

Recently I found the following words:

“The incarnational process is a process of relaxation.”
~ from Return of the Bird Tribes (Ken Carey)

This comes from a section of the book that describes how we can move into full expression by trusting ourselves and letting go of our fears. By letting go of struggling, straining and holding on.

From this concept and elsewhere, I’ve put together a few tips for letting go of fears (the kind we know deep down aren’t serving us):

• observe ourselves feeling them
• allow our breathing to keep flowing rather than stopping and starting
• choose to focus on how we actually are right at the moment
• choose to see that the situation that seems to cause the fears is not really a source of danger
• choose to put less energy into activities we suspect are motivated by anxiety
• choose to put more energy into activities motivated by love, fun and excitement
• try the philosophy of physical immortality on for size… when we know inside that the guy with the big flyswatter doesn’t have to get us, a thousand and one subliminal fears drop away.

I’d like to expand this last point just a little… I’m not referring to fear of death itself here. I think that for many of us, though we may believe we go to a safe, loving place after physical death, we hold in our bodies many fears of the events that lead to it (aging, illness, loneliness, accidents, violence), mostly unconsciously, and it is these fears I am referring to.

Also, I don’t think we need to die physically in order to get to the safe, loving place of our dreams, but rather it is our purpose in these times to create that place with our physical bodies along for the ride.

If you would like more insights about dealing with fears, you might like to check out Chris Edgar’s post on Purpose Power Coaching: A Simple But Life-Changing Question: Are You In Danger? He suggests we could ask ourselves in certain situations “Am I in danger?” Usually the answer is no, not really. It’s a great post! (And I started developing my post before reading Chris’s – honest!)

Also, Betsy Wuebker from Passing Thru has a lovely post about surrender: Surrender, Consecration And Freedom, which fits very nicely with the theme of relaxing.

* * *

Immortality news

Firstly, Kathy Dobson got her physical immortality blog up and running during the past week, here: Physically Immortal. Her first post, An Open Mind, is a beauty!

Secondly, Sondra Ray has just started a blog, too! Here it is: Liberation Breathing™ with SONDRA RAY.

Thirdly, some of you may remember my interview: Janni Lloyd, An Aussie Immortalist. Well, Akemi Gaines of Yes to Me has interviewed her too, here: Interview With Dr Janni Lloyd On Physical Immortality.

* * *
Your thoughts on all this are very welcome – relaxedly yours, Robin

32 thoughts on “Relaaaaaaaaaaax

  1. Davina

    Hi Robin. Funny I’m reading this right now. The day has felt fulfilling and for no particular reason either. And right now I am so relaxed and looking forward to that spilling over into the evening. And interestingly enough, when I feel like this there is no room to fear anything. I don’t even resonate with “what if”.
    .-= Davina´s last blog ..5. Another Thyme, Another Artist =-.

  2. Akemi - Yes to Me

    Hi, thank you for the mention.
    These days, I often get the urge to get out in the sun to do nothing. I know this sounds like an oxymoron — the urge to do nothing, but this is the best I can describe. There is something that my body and/or my Higher Self doing without my regular consciousness’ approval. I guess I just have to surrender ….

    .-= Akemi – Yes to Me´s last blog ..Online Gratitude Journal New Home Edition #33 =-.

  3. Betsy Wuebker

    Hi Robin – Isn’t it remarkable how most major religions teach us to take an entire day out of the week to pause and reflect? Yet, in modern life, many of us can’t even bring ourselves to do that. Your post is a reminder that it’s okay to spend a day or more with absolutely nothing that needs to get done. Thanks for the link back, too! 😀
    .-= Betsy Wuebker´s last blog ..POETRY FROM OUR SPAM FOLDER =-.

  4. Kathy Dobson

    Hi Robin…
    I too want to thank you for the mention of my blog Physically Immortal. I posted my story today so hopefully many people will visit.
    As for your post…living in the moment is the only way to go. Anything outside of that will take you into the future with all its anticipations, anxieties and fears or to the past where disappointment and judgment live.
    So, I am wondering, do you know what your right hand is doing right now? How bout your feet? If you are truly living in the moment these things are obvious… 😉
    I love your blog Robin…so thought provoking all the time!
    .-= Kathy Dobson´s last blog ..My Immortal Story =-.

  5. Nadia - Happy Lotus

    Hi Robin,

    Thank you for such a beautiful post. I have been these things too so reading this came as a confirmation.

    Seems that we are all being put in the position of learning to trust more and to let go of fear. Fear has become such a natural way of looking at life, people seem to be constantly afraid that someone is out to get them. The reality is that there is no such monster out there.

    I think letting go of fear is so liberating and makes life so much more enjoyable which is how it is supposed to be. It should be viewed with enthusiasm and not dread.
    .-= Nadia – Happy Lotus´s last blog ..A Monk, Bowing and Palms Coming Together =-.

  6. Chris Edgar | Purpose Power Coaching

    Thanks for this Robin — I’ve been thinking about this recently — I seem to have pinpointed a place in my body where that pre-verbal worry occurs — it’s a little below the back of my neck. When I feel some tightening there, I am about to worry — but if I just hold my attention on that place the tension doesn’t turn into anxious thinking.

  7. Marelisa

    Hi Robin: I know what you mean about catching yourself saying things in your mind you weren’t aware you were saying to yourself. I’ve caught myself worrying about some things which really don’t seem to be related to my life as it is now. It’s very difficult to be completely relaxed as long as there’s a part of your brain sending out a danger signal. I think cognitive psychology can help with this: when you hear yourself worrying about things that don’t seem to be grounded in reality you can just tell yourself that it doesn’t make any sense to worry about that given your current condition, and that everything is fine.
    .-= Marelisa´s last blog ..Lessons from “The Science of Getting Rich” (Part 1) =-.

  8. Evelyn Lim

    Hey Robin, lovely post about staying present! Our mind is often caught up with feeling guilt over our past and worrying about the future.

    The power is really in the now. Let go of the past! Allow the Universe to take over in bringing the things you need, to bring your dreams forward!

    Love & light,
    .-= Evelyn Lim´s last blog ..Break From Blogging =-.

  9. Janni Lloyd

    Thanks Robin for these important insights. You said – ‘If we can trust we are in a safe universe, and nothing will “get” us, we become more able to tune into our inner guidance, and we actually experience the universe becoming safer and safer.’
    Yes, we move to a deep knowing that no one, no outside force can take our physical life from us. The more we release the old ‘physical death is inevitable’ program, the more trusting and relaxed we feel – our body can relax into eternity.

  10. Tess The Bold Life

    Hi Robin,
    This article is excellent and timely. I always thought I was good at trusting but when put to the test….hhmmmm not always easy to do.

    I love what Kathy Dobson says “Do you know what your right hand is doing right now?” I never looked at it that way!
    .-= Tess The Bold Life´s last blog ..Our Amazing Gifts … =-.

  11. Robin

    @Davina – sounds wonderful, Davina!
    @Akemi – a pleasure! Yes I suggest you surrender totally to your urges – could get interesting!
    @Betsy – yes, it is interesting. Thanks to you for your lovely post about surrender – and your spam poetry!
    @Kathy – I’ll be over to read your story after tea – looking forward to it! Noticing our bodies is a great technique for bringing us into present time, isn’t it?
    @Nadia – thank you Nadia. There is no such monster, indeed.
    @Chris – that’s a great technique! It would take the ability to be still and self-aware, I think.
    @Marelisa – yes I think it is quite possible to re-educate ourselves, using a variety of methods – thanks Mare!
    @Evelyn – thanks you! Love the way you speak of the Universe bringing our dreams to us.
    @Janni – thanks for your input, Janni! I love the way you put that.
    @Tess – yeah, we have so much old programming to clear out, don’t we? I’ve been thinking alot about my right hand while writing this comments reply!

  12. Ribbon

    I like to think that I am learning a healthy respect for fear and therefore am learning to live with it and not in it 🙂

    I think that fear is not to be feared… it has it’s place, but it’s not designed to be a lifestyle.

    Great post as always Robin.
    I really enjoy my visits here because of all that you share.

    🙂 Ribbon

  13. Barbara Swafford

    Hi Robin,

    When I read this part, “we can move into full expression by trusting ourselves and letting go of our fears…”, that resonated with me. I find when I concentrate on living in the moment, all of the concerns I have about life and the future do fade away. It’s a good place to be in. Thank you for the reminder. I need to do that more often.
    .-= Barbara Swafford´s last blog ..SEO and Blogging – Keeping It Simple =-.

  14. Jannie Funster

    Until I read this line “allow our breathing to keep flowing rather than stopping and startings,” I did not realize I was doing just that, starting and stopping. So as I type this I am consciously letting myself flow in and out smoothly. Quite a difference!

    I feel I have taken on a LOT this month in my life with volunteering at Kelly’s school on a big project where I have a high level of responsibility. So…. what I need to do is maintain my usual happy-go-lucky-ness and flow with what I’ve taken on. Being in the moment is hard when I’m thinking of all I have to do for the fund raiser. So I need to kick those feelings to the curb and Relaaaaaaxx. take it one step at a time. And maybe sing my way through this. What’s the worst that could happen RIGHT NOW?? Absolutely nothing.
    .-= Jannie Funster´s last blog ..Hey, How ‘Bout A Show Tune! =-.

  15. Jeanne

    I’m so glad to be in such good company 🙂 of folks who value the doing of nothing. I needed a day like that recently, mostly because my brain/mind/and even my spirit felt tired. I blogged about doing it, then did it, and it felt so good. Good to just BE STILL, on purpose, all day long!

    Re: fear? Years ago, when in the throes of doom and gloom, I’d say to myself, as a kind of mantra: “in the presence of God there is no fear, no anxiety, no lack” etc., and I’d put myself in God’s presence (Universe, Source), stand there and feel totally secure and safe. Now I’m like a kid again, fearless, so it must have worked, that mantra :).
    .-= Jeanne´s last blog ..Update: Serene to White Knuckles =-.

  16. Cath Lawson

    Hi Robin – I’m struggling to be totally in the present lately and I really do think it has a negative impact. Like you, I believe that if we allow too many thoughts and fears to pop into our heads, we won’t recognise real intuitive messages when they give us a warning.

  17. Robin

    @Ribbon – yes I agree that some fears have their place – and that they are not meant to run us, or be our motivation. Always glad to see you, Ribbon!
    @Barbara – yes it is a wonderful thing to do, isn’t it?
    @Jannie – the breathing bit was a subtle reference to rebirthing breathing, or conscious connected breathing (I mention if you or anyone else wants to follow it up). The project sounds exciting! Will you have time for blogging? If you are really interested in thinking through what you have to do, that is being in the present, isn’t it?
    @Jeanne – sounds like “that mantra” did work!
    @Cath – you know, I see it more as relaxing into the present moment – if it feels like a struggle, it might be more useful to accept what is going on, whatever it is. A sort of “this is how I am at this time” acceptance. Just a thought.

  18. Mike Foster

    Removing the threat of fear from our everyday existences is essential in having the freedom to live each day to it full purpose. This post hits those points home, thanks, Robin.

    .-= Mike Foster´s last blog ..What Is Quinoa? =-.

  19. Robin

    @Jannie – ah, the Food Funster!
    @Mama Zen – I guess it’s just that when we are doing nothing we can be more aware of our fears – I wasn’t actually suggesting we stop doing things!
    @Mark – thanks Mark.
    @Mike – thanks to you, too, Mike.

  20. SnaggleTooth

    So many years as a single Mom I had to be on “Sentry Duty” every day, all day, ready to jump up at any time. I try to reserve that mode for driving these days.
    I do have trouble sometimes relaxing after being crazy busy- Quieting the mind from past n future wonderings is a feat, n truelly a way to rejuvenate.
    Today I’m very relaxed for me, due to being under the weather n forced to relax my body. But the positive is getting the rest n reflection I need, n having time to read so many helpful posts like yours, which has me appreciating my time today. Thanks
    .-= SnaggleTooth´s last blog ..Got Clicks =-.

  21. Robin

    Hi SnaggleTooth – great to see you again. Love the unicorn gravatar! Hope you get better soon – you seem to be making the most of your enforced lay-up.

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    Hi Robin! I can relate to what you’re saying, especially when we’re trying to relax. Sometimes, at the back of our minds, we feel that we are being negligent somehow, that something could go wrong in an instant and it’s our fault. Well, not everything’s our fault and we should remember that we are not God, we are not here to manage the whole universe. We are here to manage our own lives, and we can’t do that if we are always anxious and crippled with our fears 😉
    .-= I TAKE OFF THE MASK´s last blog ..Quote on Reality – Albert Einstein =-.

  24. Robin

    @I TAKE OFF THE MASK – that’s a very good point you make – and I agree – we can’t manage ourselves if we are crippled with anxiety. Thanks for this!
    @Harmony – lovely to see you again, Harmony – you were my first blogging buddy, you know. x

  25. Tisha Morris

    Hi Robin~ Just came across your blog from Akemi’s. (I am a Blueprinter Technician too which is probably one reason I am drawn to your blog:) Anyway… I can relate to your post. I am pretty good at being in the present and still found my self being hyper-vigilant, for lack of a better word. I was intent on changing this. To make a long story short, I stopped drinking coffee and, viola, I haven’t felt that way since! What I realized was that I “needed” the caffeine to feel hyper-alert and “safe” due to old programming.
    .-= Tisha Morris´s last blog ..Mind Body Om Featured in At Home TN =-.

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