What If? The Movie – Clip 2

clip-2.jpgTwo days ago I was very pleased to present a short clip from the new movie What If? The Movie. This full-length movie has just been released this week, on DVD and for viewing online.

In today’s clip, Dr Joe Dispenza, a neuroscientist and chiropractor, talks about how the things we think can influence our bodies.

Here it is…

What do you think about Joe’s statements here? Could we build up our muscles by doing the “hard yards” only in our minds? (heheh from me) Or would we want to? The example he gave was just to introduce possibilities, of course—do they sound tantalising to you?

Clip 1

I’d like to make a comment about Clip 1, which I presented in my last post. Which is that I agree with Bruce Lipton—I personally choose to believe we are not stuck with our genetic “blueprint”.

I remember reading or hearing somewhere many years ago that maybe genes are like radio receivers… they pick up the thoughts we are transmitting, and then make stuff happen accordingly. This concept struck a chord with me, and has become part of how I see things.

I might choose this moment to mention I have science degree with honours in biochemistry – I don’t think I have said this before on this blog. The lab I did my honours research in focused on DNA and genetic disease… funny, huh? (Genetic disease isn’t funny.) I do believe we can study things “scientifically” and still be open to big shifts in the way we see things.

I’d love to know what you make of all this!

9 thoughts on “What If? The Movie – Clip 2

  1. Marelisa

    Hi Robin: Happiness research shows that 50% of our happiness is genetic, about 8% is circumstantial (job, spouse, where you live, and so on), and the remaining 40% or so is completely up to us (what we focus on, how we interpret the events around us, whether we set meaningful goals for ourselves, and so on). So I think that genes do play a role, but I don’t think they’re the final determinants of who we are or what we achieve in life. I’m really liking this “What if” movie.

    Marelisas last blog post..Five Ways to Keep Your Spirits Up During the Holidays

  2. Jenny Mannion

    Hey Robin,
    I am also having fun promoting this and it is nice to see both our similar views on the clips!

    I KNOW this to be true because after being told I would “be in a wheelchair” and not get better — only degenerate — I CHOSE to think differently, be conscious and change my cells and life. What amazed me was how short a period of time it took! Brandon Bays in the movie talks about reducing her basketball sized tumor in 6 weeks to nothing….. All is possible…. the “tough” part is letting go of everything “we know” is true…. with only 10% of the brain function accounted for and 8% of DNA mapped — there is a lot we don’t know and I believe science will be revealing LOTS more information regarding health in the next 2 years that changes the way we were told to look at EVERYTHING. Gregg Braden, while not in What IF? is another AMAZING scientist that has done a lot to “prove” what many think cannot be true…. WE control our lives and our health — until now it has mostly been subconsciously but now we are realizing by “waking up” we can indeed change it all if we choose to be conscious.

    Thanks Robin!
    Love, Jenny

    Jenny Mannions last blog post..“What If?” The Movie — A Must see! Clip 2

  3. Robin

    @Marelisa – I’m surprised to hear that research has shown that 50% of our happiness is genetic! I would have thought it would be higher than that. One does wonder how “they” do their research, sometimes!
    @Davina – maybe we can choose to massage what we consider to be logical!
    @Barbara – I know of someone who maintains she stays athletically fit without doing much exercise (I don’t know her personally)
    @Jenny – thanks for this Jenny – and I have you to thank for me doing this promotion, because when I got the email from them I didn’t have time to look at it properly, and it wasn’t till I saw your first post on it that something clicked and I went ahead with it.

  4. Tom Volkar / Delightful Work

    I absolutely love all the new research that’s coming out form the field of neuroscience. Spirituality and science are in the midst of confirming one another and it’s happening right now. I often visualize my muscles grow while lifting. Now I’ll add the pure imagination alone and let you know. Guess I’ll imagine my midsection shrinking as well. 🙂

    Tom Volkar / Delightful Works last blog post..Pump Up Your Personal Power

  5. Kelly@SHE-POWER

    I do believe we could grow our muscles by only doing the hard yards in our mind, but we would have to completely embrace that and it means letting go of some major beliefs and assumptions. I think this is the thing with genes and life. I believe I was put into this family and this body for a reason and so I look a certain way and have a predisposition to certain dis-eases in theory. But these are not absolute. I think what genes will “kick in” and dominate is entirely up to me. If I see my family get cancer and accept that it runs in the genes, then there is a good chance I WILL be effectively bringing those genes into physical manifestation. But if I work on wellness, focus on wellness and don’t give any thought to all this hereditary stuff (I don’t) then I can stay healthy, or in a worst case scenario, reverse any dis-ease that comes my way.

    My mum and I disagree on this a lot. She’s very into genes, and thinks it’s irresponsible not to acknowledge “facts” or your family history. I say that as long as I don’t ignore my health I am being responsible.

    And this movie seems very intriguing, thanks for sharing it.

    Merry Christmas Rob, and to Frank too. I think we’ll have to get together in person next year!

    Kelly xxx

    Kelly@SHE-POWERs last blog post..Slow Down. Breathe. Enjoy the Moment

  6. Robin

    @Tom – yes it is! Ha ha – could you image my mid-section shrinking, while you’re at it?
    @Kelly – I’ve certainly not got to the point where I can do that sort of thing, but I like the idea that other people have (apparently). I think like you about my body – I must have chosen to have my slightly odd body shape, but nice eyes (heheh) for a reason! I also have the same outlook about the diseases that could be running in my family. We WILL do coffee (and more) next year! x

  7. Cath Lawson

    Hi Robin – I’ve probably said this before but I love how you’re open minded to possibilities, compared to many other scientists. I’ve been thinking a lot recently about the possibility of controlling physical illness with the mind.

    It’s early days yet but I’ve been experimenting and last month – I managed to more or less stop the physical and emotional effects of PMS last month. And believe me – those effects are usually severe.

    I’m going to experiment for a few more months before I write about it though. But it’s exciting. If we control things like PMT, who knows what other illnesses we could control with our minds.

    Cath Lawsons last blog post..Time Is Running Out

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