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But I’d Get So Bored!

bored.jpgOne of the common protests people make about the idea of living forever is they say they will get bored going on and on forever.

What is boredom? A description I’ve heard, that rings true for me, is that boredom is the “feeling” we get when we are suppressing our feelings more than at other times. Do we feel bored when we are feeling angry? Or sad? Nope.

Boredom is usually linked with having nothing to do, and the prescribed cure usually seems to be to get busy. But if boredom comes from suppressing feelings, the “getting busy” may quite likely be just a cover-up, and the feelings get even more buried. And we all know what suppressed, buried feelings do, don’t we! Read illness, addiction, depression, accidents…
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Moments Revisited 1

momentsR1200.jpgI was starting to worry I would not be able to think of anything to put in my next “Moments” installment… now THAT’S not exactly “living in the present moment”, is it?! (he he)

So I did some homework and…

When I really allow myself to just exist in the present moment—whether I am doing something or doing nothing—a feeling of ecstasy wells up inside me.
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