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An Unusual Experiment

ExpMantis.jpgFor the past 3 weeks, Darren of ProBlogger has had a video interview on his blog of Steve Pavlina and two others bloggers, giving some tips for being successful bloggers. The post is 3 Successful Bloggers Share their Blog Tips [VIDEO].

Steve’s tip is to do “wild, whacky and unusual” experiments on yourself, and report how things are going—this will keep the readers hooked. He talks about how he did a polyphasic sleep experiment, where he slept for 20 minutes at a time around the clock, and about how he ate nothing but raw food last January.

As it happens, Steve was in the middle of his raw food experiment when I discovered him. He kept putting up photos of his meals on his blog… endless photos of raw food on dinner plates.
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The Fountain of Youth

image by al-hayat

Here’s a short story – I wrote the main part in the mid 90s and added the epilogue in 2009:

Melvyn found the Fountain of Youth in his backyard. He wasn’t even looking for it—he had just intended to do some weeding. The little trickle of water was dribbling out from between some rocks underneath some unremarkable low plants. He was quite surprised—he had not noticed it before.

Melvyn was feeling rather thirsty on that hot afternoon, and he thought about having a drink from the little stream. He was not normally given to drinking water he found in the backyard, but this time he thought “what the hell”, and scooped a couple of handfuls into his mouth. The water was cool, and perhaps a little salty, and it did the job… Melvyn didn’t think much about it and went on with his weeding.

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Staying Young

seedling.jpgNone of us would want to stay alive forever if we were old and sick and in pain and lonely and depressed and all that. I would assume.

So how can we stay young and healthy indefinitely? I’m 54 myself, so I haven’t exactly proved one can live indefinitely, but I’ll have a go at putting together some thoughts about staying young that I have picked up from my own life and around the place. Here are some things we can do:

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