Blogger Meet-Up!

I met Kelly from SHE-POWER! She and MusicMan and Bunny came all the way down to Melbourne from Sydney for a wintry holiday, and we actually got to MEET each other!


Kelly is on a blogging break at the moment, but we have been reading each other’s blogs for some time now, and I must say that when we met it felt to me like we already knew each other. Which we did, of course, because when you meet online, you get to know someone from the inside – out, whereas in the outside world you get to know them from the outside – in (I hope that makes sense).

They came to our place and we all walked down the street for coffee, and then we wandered to another cafe for lunch, and then we hung around our place for a while before they were off to take Bunny to the pictures.

Frank and I loved meeting Kelly and family—I wish we could have had a little longer… we didn’t even hardly get to talk about blogging! Hopefully we can do it again some time.

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Jeanne.jpgJust this morning a wonderful comment came in on my post: Wanting To Look Young. It was from Jeanne (on the right), and she put in a great poem she had previously written about aging. I KNOW many of you would like it, but it’s a little long to repeat right now—if you would like to read it, click here: Jeanne’s comment.

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Cheers – Robin

33 thoughts on “Blogger Meet-Up!

  1. Lance

    Hi Robin,
    This is so, so awesome that you and Kelly (and families) had the opportunity to meet! how fun!! And I know exactly what you mean about knowing people from the inside out, and there’s something so connecting about that.

    And what a great picture of all of you!
    .-= Lance´s last blog ..Sunday Thought For The Day =-.

  2. Dot

    How great that you all got to meet! Getting to know people from the inside out seems like a much better way than from the outside in, so it must have been nice spending time together. And Bunny is just adorable.
    .-= Dot´s last blog ..Comment on Loss by Dot =-.

  3. Tess The Bold Life

    “you get to know someone from the inside – out, whereas in the outside world you get to know them from the outside – in”

    I never thought of it that way but it’s so true! No wonder we love our blogging buddies whom we’ve never physically met as much as our friends!

    Great photo!
    .-= Tess The Bold Life´s last blog ..Do You Dare Be More Loving? =-.

  4. Lisa (mommymystic)

    Robin, good to see a post from you, and like the other commenters, I LOVE what you said about getting to know someone from the inside out online, as opposed to outside in in so-called ‘real life.’ That is so true. It’s taken me awhile to really accept the reality of it – that I could feel such a strong connection to certain people I have never met in person, and in some cases don’t even know what they look like..
    .-= Lisa (mommymystic)´s last blog ..An Interview with Gangaji =-.

  5. Kelly@SHE-POWER

    Can I be a total girl and say “Ugh, that’s a horrible picture of me”, though the rest of you look lovely. It was a great few hours and both MusicMan and I left that day saying it was a shame Melbourne is so far away. It’d be nice to be able to get together more often.

    I like how you phrase the nature of our online relationships as getting to know each other from the outside – in. I guess that explains in a nutshell why I compared blogging to backpacking awhile ago. In both cases your communication is deeper and much more authentic than if you chatted regularly in a work situation, for example.

    I also think people don’t feel the need to wear their social ‘masks’ online; they are free to express themselves in a way that may be difficult within their families or community. So when bloggers do have the chance to meet like we did, you’ve already broken through to the person within and there is that sense that we know each other, even though we’ve never actually met. Quite trippy really, but very cool.

    I should post some pics from my trip; I have a beautiful shot of you and Frank. Take care and hope the weather is warming up for you down there. I bloody froze in Melbourne, but the upside is when I returned home I found our weather quite mild. I guess my wintry holiday gave me some perspective on what real cold is and how little us Sydney-siders have to complain about!

    Kelly x
    .-= Kelly@SHE-POWER´s last blog ..Taking a Break =-.

  6. Robin

    @Lance – thanks about the pic – Kelly looks awesome, don’t you think?
    @Marelisa – ha ha – are there many bloggers in Panama? Bear in mind that Sydney is about 12 hours drive from Melbourne!
    @Miguel – Miguel you crack me up – I’m sure his secret is to have parents like Kelly and MM.
    @Dot – isn’t he?!!
    @Betsy – That’s intersting you found it that way with Pete – yes we had a good day!
    @Tess – I actually got that thought from my publisher – she said it one day when we were having lunch (I like saying “my publisher” – heh)
    @Vered – Do come! Autumn is the best time for visiting Melbourne.
    @Lisa – yes – I think with online connections we get to find out people’s inner thoughts, and better avoid jumping to conclusions about them from outside appearances.
    @Ribbon – I’ve been missing my blogging buddies! (eg. you)
    @Kelly – C’mon Kelly you look stunning in the photo (I’d change it for you, but I don’t know to which one, because you look equally stunning in all of them). We felt we would have liked to spend longer with you, too – oh well – next time. I like what you say about getting to know people online – very trippy! It is POURING here at the moment!
    @Stacey – you are next-door neighbours compared to Kelly and me! (we are 10-12 hours drive apart) I’m sure you’d have fun if you get to do it!

  7. Jenny Mannion

    Hi Robin,

    Thanks for posting! Whenever I have met fellow bloggers in person it does feel like we have known each other forever. I LOVE the picture and boy do I feel called to Australia. There are so many lovely people there that I have met online and long to meet in person — you, Kelly, Suzie…..! Someday…. just getting my traveling shoes on – I am heading to LA the end of next month for my first away writing assignment — hopefully soon my path will take me to Australia!

    Lots of Love, xo
    .-= Jenny Mannion´s last blog ..Chakra Golf — Chakras for Everyday Lives – Guest Post by Cyndi Dale =-.

  8. Evelyn Lim

    Hey…how wonderful for all of you!!! It’s great that you folks had the opportunity to meet up.

    I have met up two of my fellow bloggers from Singapore too. Singapore is so small that it will be insane not to actually meet. It’s nice when you can actually meet an online friend in the flesh.
    .-= Evelyn Lim´s last blog ..Align with Abundance =-.

  9. XUP

    Cool! I love meeting bloggers. They’re the most interesting people. And that kid in your photo! He is going to be something extraordinary. I can tell by his ears. No one ordinary has fabulous ears like that

  10. Paul Maurice Martin

    Looks like a blast! I’ve only gotten to do that once and it’s funny – meeting the blogger in person wasn’t that much of a surprise – you know, the way that sometimes if you talk to someone over the phone and then meet them, they can be very different from how you imagined?

    I guess it was either luck or maybe people who visit each other’s comments threads often enough can get a pretty good sense of the other person.

  11. Robin

    @Jenny – it would be great to see you here, Jenny – have fun in LA.
    @Jannie – THREE! – Do you mean 3 that you blog-along with?
    @Evelyn – It was – I expect you had a lovely time.
    @Mama Zen – yes!
    @Christina – I guess it depends on whether you live near any, and whether you have got to know them personally.
    @Chris – what a great thought!
    @Amy – hi there Amy and welcome to this blog! Do you live near any?
    @Mark – thanks Mark
    @XUP – Ha – just a little secret – he is already extraordinary
    @Paul – you do get a good idea after a while – it doesn’t happen overnight but it does happen.
    @Davina – Well from the sound of it there are going to be quite a few bloggers visiting Australia, so there may well be more photos like this.

  12. Robin

    @Mike – ha Mike – you had better plan your blogger get-togethers carefully!
    @Giovanna – it would be great to see you here, Giovanna
    @Natural – start saving those pennies!

  13. Robin

    Ricardo – I haven’t seen you in AGES! You are lucky being in the US where there are lots of bloggers (in our circle, anyway) – so you can have meet-ups. There are bloggers in Melbourne, but I haven’t crossed paths with any in the blogosphere.

  14. Jannie Funster

    Yep, 3 that I blog along with. Wade Porter of Mills of The Gods, Lisa of Journal Of Random Tangents and Cindy from Nesting Crafts. They all have ponies tho so I can’t go to their homes, must meet in coffee shops. Or better yet, beer halls.
    .-= Jannie Funster´s last blog ..Post-Vacation Contemplation =-.

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