Is The World Getting Better Or Worse?


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I’d like to suggest that for some people “the world” is getting better and better, and for others it is getting worse and worse. And that we get to choose which group we are in.

I’d imagine that anyone dropping by here would be firmly in the “getting better” camp, as far as their own personal life goes, anyway, but I thought I’d still like to write about this.

Choosing between love and fear

In The Starseed Transmissions (1982), by Ken Carey, it says there is a “new vibrational pattern descending upon your planet” and people’s experiences are becoming more polarized. This is a channelled book, authored by an angel. Our angel puts it this way:

You are being offered an opportunity to enter a new reality. It is already here for those with eyes to see. Soon it will be the only reality to be seen. Those who tune into the new frequencies will find life growing more wondrous every day. Those who tune into fear will find things falling apart. The worlds of consciousness will begin to form ever more distinctly: the world of Love and Life, and the world of fear and death. There will continue to be some overlap of these worlds for several years to come, some going back and forth for certain individuals, but as the century draws to a close, the polarization will continue to intensify.

There will be better times for some and worse times for others, depending on their orientation and involvement. Fortunately, the natural tendency of your species is to gravitate toward Love and Life. For the vast majority, the times ahead will be better than they expect.

But it’s all going downhill

Many people comment on how the world is getting worse. It’s certainly not hard to find evidence to support this perspective—there’s a plethora of issues to choose from. We can always find evidence to support our outlook.

When we are upset by world issues that are basically outside our own experience, we can observe ourselves and see things that may need healing. For example, if we are especially upset by child poverty, is there something in our own background that leads us to relate to this? If we are especially upset by the government not listening to us, are we still upset our parents didn’t listen to us?

I’m not suggesting we should all be happy about child poverty or that governments don’t listen. I’m saying we can get clues about ourselves from the emotional charges we get from thinking about particular issues. Maybe we can even heal the world “out there” by acknowledging and working with our own wounds in these areas. At the very least a healthier person is going to be more effective should they take up working directly on fixing any of these world problems.

What is real?

I know my life is becoming “more wondrous every day”—things are working out amazingly well. (It hasn’t always been like that… it has taken quite a while.)

Should I be worried about the problems of the world out there? I think it’s a matter of focus. I’m actually a bit of a news junkie, I used to teach kids about recycling and other kinds of environmental stuff, and I recently wrote a book about climate change (I was just dealing with an email request from my editor last night). I get upset by things in the news. But I don’t see the world as going downhill… I see people’s experiences polarizing and becoming more extreme perhaps, but I find myself focusing on ways in which the world is getting better.

I don’t think I am being callous—I know my intuition will lead me in the path of being the most service to other people, and I think we can best help other people raise their energy by raising our own. Funnily enough (if you read my last post), Marelisa has recently written something much like this last bit too—it’s right here.

What to you think? How do you see the world? If you, my wondrous reader, would like to leave a comment, that would be great!

19 thoughts on “Is The World Getting Better Or Worse?

  1. Evelyn Lim

    Hi Robin, I like what you said about each of us taking the responsibility to heal our wounds. It’s so easy to want to “save” the world by telling others what to do. But when it comes to our own internal problems like fear, anger or worry, we have a hard time facing up to them! I’m definitely in agreement with what you and Marelisa said about raising our own energy vibrations first.


    Evelyn Lims last blog post..Think Simple Now and Grow Rich

  2. Andrea Hess | Empowe

    I really like this article, Robin! The polarization is SO true – some of us are moving into really high vibratory patterns. And, as Marelisa said, that DOES come with quicker manifestation and a lot of spiritual assistance, but of course also greater responsibility. It seems that others can react to this pattern in one of two ways: they raise their own vibration or actually step into polarity and become very, very negative. I’ve witnessed this in quite a few relationships, especially, where one person is on a spiritual path and the other is not.

    It’s an exciting time on our planet, that’s for sure!


    Andrea Hess | Empowes last blog post..The Answer to Our Prayers

  3. Urban Panther

    Hmmm…is the world getting worse, or are we just more aware of it because of all the global communications we can now access? From what I’ve read about it, I wouldn’t have wanted to live in the Middle Ages!

    However, I am personally in total agreement with your comment on creating/tuning into positive vibes. As a Wiccan, my belief system certainly puts a lot of emphasis on this. Interestingly, I am piloting an online course in eliminating the word Someday from your life, being developed by my brother. I have finished the course, and am now sending him the edits, which means re-reading what I wrote 2 months ago. I am overwhelmed at the positive changes in my life in that short period of time. All the Someday’s I was dreaming about 2 months ago have all come to be.

    We all have the power to change the world one thought at a time. Along with that power comes an awesome responsibility to pay the strictest attention to our thoughts.

    Huh, okay, that’s my philosophizing for today *smile*

    Urban Panthers last blog post..Santagati and the Great Canadian Beaver

  4. rainer

    Well I will tell you my secret opinion. …. The world changes without getting better or worse. Better and worse is a valuation existing only in the minds of human beings….. Openly I would say.. The world becomes better and better 😉

    rainers last blog post..4X4X4X

  5. Robin

    @Marelisa – yes I found it interesting too – the polarization thing is an idea that helps me make sense of things. (We’ll have to stop meeting like this! No! – not really!)
    @Evelyn – yes I think it’s important. I personally got those perspectives mainly from Shakti Gawain – I love the way she writes about our mirrors and world issues. Thanks for the stumble!
    @Andrea – yes I think it is an exciting time! And I think you are right about relationships – when we heal ourselves relationships that are not life-enhancing will drop away (though when people swing into the polar opposite it may be they are acting out the other person’s unconscious?) And thanks for the stumbly-review!
    @Urban Panther – I shudder to think about the Middle Ages (etc) – who knows what went on for all the different people?! Looking forward to seeing your course – and thanks for your philosophicalizationalism-ing.
    @rainer – you are telling us your secrets! I’m glad your world is getting better and better.

  6. Lance

    Just being called one of your many wondrous readers makes me feel better!

    I feel my world is getting better and better. It’s not to say I don’t see problems out there. And that leads to the question of what can I do about (insert favorite cause here). I am only one.

    And then I think – yes, but I AM one. And if I start where I can have influence and then work on growing my circle of influence, pretty soon I have the power to make bigger change. I believe I read about this in Stephen Covey’s Seven Habits book. I couldn’t really get my arms around the idea at first, but now I really see the power in what he is saying. Coupled with what you have said — I see this as loving life and looking to make positive change by working within my circle of influence.

  7. Vered

    I agree with rainer. I think that the world is pretty much the same: some things are getting better while others are getting worse. Bottom line, it’s changing… but it’s essentially the same. My grandfather would disagree, of course: he sees the past through rose-colored glasses and thinks things are much worse now. But does he miss the “better” world of the past, or his health and youth?

    Vereds last blog post..Google Search Terms: The Funny, The Sad, And The CREEPY

  8. Davina

    Hi Robin. Very thought-provoking post here. A good read. I feel that it “seems” the world is getting worse, only because we are getting so much better. The higher you climb, the farther you can fall.

  9. Cath Lawson

    Hi Robin – This is a thought provoking post. I suppose when people are always expecting the bad – they usually find it.

    It’s interesting that you mentioned that injustices we feel strongly about may be linked to our own experiences. I hadn’t thought about that before, but I will be.

  10. Natural

    I’m VERY discouraged by what I see going on in the world, under very little circumstances will I say it’s getting better. We have made some progress, but really, I can’t even watch the news like I used to and when I read the paper, I usually end up crying over some horrific story. The things people do, IMHO, is truly demonic! I don’t understand it…we all want peace, but life is of no value today. It means absolutely nothing!! I’m disgusted and I won’t type anymore because I’m getting upset just thinking about the debased things that happen.

    Naturals last blog post..Paper or Plastic?

  11. Robin

    @Lance – oh wondrous Lance – that’s great – I do think it’s possible to have influence on making things better – and the more people who feel that way, the easier it will be to influence things, I imagine.
    @Vered – yeah – I’ve had some elderly relatives who thought “the world” was much better in the 1930s and 1940s – which was when they were young.
    @Davina – thanks for the compliment! – I suppose the thing is that it’s subjective.
    @Cath – yes I thought it was an interesting idea when I came across it. Thanks for your comment!
    @Natural – hi Natural Wondrous Woman (NWW) – was a bit worried about you here till you replied to that email I just sent you – I know… Frank and I don’t watch any TV at all (I look at news on the internet), – it’s not always very pretty out there. (What does IMHO mean?)

  12. Ricardo Bueno

    The way I see it, there are people who think, “this is life. This is it. This is as good as it gets.” (A life of mediocrity). In fact, there might even be people who have a perception of you (whether they express it directly or not) that says you won’t amount to anything.
    Well, we have two choices: 1.) let other peoples’ perception manifest itself into reality for you, -OR-, 2.) you can choose (because we all have the ability to choose) to make life what you say it will be.
    Can you tell I’m an optimist? I want to make the world a better place by being all that I can be.

    Ricardo Buenos last blog post..Be Consistently Interesting

  13. Ari Herzog

    Adding to the above comments, my perception of your use of “the world” is actually “society,” and like the progression from calculating arithmetic from counting on fingers to balancing rocks to inventing an abacus to using electricity to invent a calculator, and everything getting smaller and faster in 50% the time for each iteration… how can this be a bad thing?

    For detractors of progression and scientific change, I ask you if you prefer to live in rural Africa or Asia with no running water and squatting toilets? I visited such a village in China two years ago and I was amazed by their simple lives. For me, I’d be willing to live alongside them for some months but would get fed up real quick and want to take a shower without pouring buckets on my back.

    Ari Herzogs last blog post..It’s OK to Laugh at Barack and John

  14. dcr

    Good post. In many ways, we live in the world of our own choosing. Much of our own life is determined not only by our choices, but also our thoughts and feelings toward it. And, while you may not always be able to change the physical world by wishing something to be so, you can always change your attitude toward it and towards others.

    dcrs last blog post..Success Saturday: Triskaidekapalooza

  15. Simon

    I agree about the polarization of things. I don’t think there has ever been such a widespread genuine desire to ‘fix’ the world – and yet at the same time, so many people seem to be acting in such extreme negative ways: sometimes even killing each other over arguments at the supermarket checkout! I tend to subscribe to the theory that such extreme behavior is due to stored negativity being released, just as the puss which is released when a boil is lanced is part of the healing process. This healing of humanity is vital now, given the precarious state of world, which is the main reason why I believe the healing will happen.

    Simons last blog post..Is There Someone Standing Behind You?

  16. Robin

    @Ricardo – Hi there (fellow RB) – thanks for your insightful comment – I think you are quite right. (And thanks for helping to expand the optimistosphere!)
    @Ari – thanks for your comments! Like I said on your blog – I think the technology advances of our times are exciting, and it feels right to me to embrace them.
    I would not like to see us go without our technology. (I think that some groups without “advances” may have things we don’t have e.g. a richer oral culture – I think it’s fascinating how humans have such varied life-paths.)
    @dcr – hi there and thanks for your comment! I think you are quite right – I think it’s interesting that we have a choice about our attitude to something.
    @Simon – hi there! – thanks so much for your insights here – I totally agree with you. This is great!… “I don’t think there has ever been such a widespread genuine desire to ‘fix’ the world – and yet at the same time, so many people seem to be acting in such extreme negative ways.”

  17. Tom Volkar / Delightful Work

    It depends on what you look at most of the time. Doesn’t it? The world is getting so much better than it was. More of us used to be in survival mode and now so many of us are doing our own thing and earning a living just by being who we are. How could that not be better? Thanks for the nudge to be even more grateful than I was before I read this. I’d sing around your fire circle any time.

    Tom Volkar / Delightful Works last blog post..Wildness

  18. Grace Kleppin

    Robin, I was prowling about in your archives and came across this post. How prescient you were–the stock market hadn’t even started to tank yet! In many ways I believe our experience of life is self-fulfilling. The exact same events can happen to two people, and one takes it as a challenge and the other gives up. I hope that I’m in the second camp! G.

    Grace Kleppins last blog post..150 ways to be mindful in the next 24 hours

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